Life, Death and Decay in the Ganges River

Life, Death and Decay in the Ganges River

What gore site would be complete without a tip of the hat to the Ganges River? Well, hold on to your lunch because we’re about to visit one of the dirtiest places on Earth. In India, one of the poorest places imaginable, death is an undeniable part of life. It is an everyday event that is not hidden as it is in the first world. All men, women and children are exposed to sickness and death and decay. Uncensored hardships and the faith in some ultimate meaning to it all. The people here are driven not from an obsession with the dark and disturbing nature of reality, but out of a respect for death that many of us cannot fathom. This is evident in the fact that bodies are dumped into this supposedly holy river as a way of paying tribute by returning in death to nature. Animals like birds and fishes feed on the carcasses while nearby children play, monks pray, the sick come to bath and people gather drinking water for their homes.

The living and the dead, the sick and the healthy all come here as one. I can’t imagine bathing in that water, let alone drink it but there is a power here that one cannot deny. I can’t help but repsect a people who have no fear of death, who in fact, wait for it with open arms. As that is the ultimate fate of us all, regardless of location or pedigree. We attempt to cover up death in my country, whereas these people have completely embraced the fact that life is death.

And what are your thoughts on this, Gorriors? Would you visit this place? Bath in or even drink the water? It is recommened that you never drink water here as even the ice in your drink will be made from the water of this river. Indeed it seems if you have not been born here, immersing yourself completely in the lifestyle could mean immersing yourself permanently in the waters of the Ganges.

Mad props to RGM member, @theluvmuscle for the photo set.

17 thoughts on “Life, Death and Decay in the Ganges River

    • @queeg0909. Thanks Queeg. There are actually some of people drinking it. It would probably kill me with just a teaspoon or give me dysentery for life. That water might just make a good weight loss potion. Bottle it and sell it. “You will surely lose all your extra pounds with a simple sip of this Miraculous new formula”. Melts the flab right off your bones…;)

  1. “We swam in raw sewage!” – George Carlin

    I think I’ll pass on the flesh eating bacteria we have in our waters now! May as well go skinny dipping in the giant radioactive plastic island of trash in the Pacific or juggle unwashed Petri dishes while blindfolded at the CDC!

  2. I saw a documentary about this place before, but i didnt knew people would drink from that Charon’s river… 😐 I think i’d perfer to drink water straight from Chernobyl’s reactor coolants instead… looks safer anyways… πŸ˜†

    Some of the poor people in there earn some money by retrieving bodies from the river to be incenerated, hell… i wonder if i can get some cheap skulls from there… πŸ˜€

  3. Ya know if we the people,leaders of the world really believe in humanity, and really wanted to make the world somewhat better since its somewhat fucked already…we’d nuke this place and rebuild from scratch. “Deadicate” it to these poor fuckers for their future generations to remember. But hey ISIS is like the cancer herpes of the world and we do nothing to cure that terror so…(prolly cuz it’s totally fake)… but whatever. + the amount of OIL and pollution that gets dumped in oceans is astonishing. The air in this place prolly smells so foul,normal person visiting would most likely puke.

  4. I wonder since they live there and grew up drinking the water as babies into adult hood and had babies that maybe the water doesn’t affect them so much. Like they built up a tolerance or immunity to it. It really doesn’t seem to affect them so much, they have kids and are not all falling over dying. They do have their diseases, cancer and bacteria but that can be found even in the most cleanest of places. If someone was to visit and dipped a toe in the river they might have to get their whole leg cut off. Hell no I wouldn’t drink it. That’s to much going on there, way to much. The Ganges River connects to the ocean right? Does that mean the bodies go out to sea? I know the ocean isn’t the cleanest of places but will this pollution mix in with the ocean and dilute it or will it become so strong that it affects neighboring countries?

  5. Yeah, there’s a power alright, it’s called insanity. Those people are completely fucked in the head. I would be more understanding if we were still living in the Dark Ages, but we’re not. Everybody knows you don’t drink, bathe or swim in a sewer, no matter what it’s supposed to represent. They’re getting what they deserve.

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