ISIS Cut Off the Hands of Alleged Thieves

ISIS Cut Off the Hands of Alleged Thieves

So I was cleaning out my files when I came across an old video that purports to be ISIS cutting the hands off of two alleged thieves in an undisclosed location in the Middle East. Video starts with the usual seemingly endless preaching followed by interviews with each of the two victims. Interestingly, the gore is a little censored in this. Not the usual style we’ve seen from these creatures who seem to revel in the spilling of blood. The gore and tendons and muscle of the hands separated from the arms blurred a bit. Still worth a look to see the process involved in removing the hands of the victims. You’re gonna have to skip to 3:42 to see anything worth seeing, though.

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21 thoughts on “ISIS Cut Off the Hands of Alleged Thieves

  1. Well….you know that shit had to hurt like hell. I was expecting a cleaver and a quick whack, but no…they used a goddamn scalpel. It was like outpatient surgery at the free clinic from hell. The first guy took it like you would expect, honestly if you are gonna cut a persons hand you kinda understand when said person flips the fuck out, if for no other reason than to convey sadness, anger, shock, or a combination of emotions at the same time. I have an incredible tolerance for pain, and I have evidence of the fact, that being said I can guarantee you that if you saw my hand off I’m not gonna be quiet during the process unless I pass the fuck out. I see no shame in screaming like a girl in a situation like this.

  2. @deathbyduck87 Yeah, and Doctor Sawbones was wearing latex gloves during the procedure. I can see the patient expressing some kind of emotion at the stupidity of their laws. I remember this video ’cause some genius was videoing the barbaric process on an iPad. So they hate the western culture, but sure they like our technology. Let them drink their oil and eat their sand.

  3. Most likely the use of something to chop those hands looked too primitive to me although the butcher wore gloves like a surgeon Makes me think these bunch of rogues weren’t evolved then if the video is that old because that’s not the way they do it
    The display begs for applauses though but those hands won’t be shagging again

    Hahaha Bro @borntorun .”Doctor sawbones ” a great name for keeps ……………Its certain that these bastard will happily choose to keep the name for one of the other Doctor who is queued up to entertain us next .. so stick aroung if ya please .

  4. Damn, he made it look so easy! Literally took only SECONDS to cut through all that connective tissue. It looks like they only lost one hand each. At least they can still wipe their ass and and have their “private” time haha! But they can also still steal…hopefully they learned their lesson.

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