Man Caught and Dismembered by Rival Gang

Man Caught and Dismembered by Rival Gang

Only info I have on this is that the dismembered man was a member of a gang called Amigos Dos Amigos or “ADA”, he was caught and abducted by members of rival gang, Comando Vermelho. The head is severed along with his limbs. The fingers are cut off of the hands and formed into a C and V. This man was alive when they began dismembering him and it’s safe to say they really wanted him to suffer badly before death.

Killers also uploaded images of the murder on Facebook because not even hardcore killers and drug traffickers can resist the urge to show the whole world what they’re doing. Seriously, how many criminals have been caught just because they broadcast their shit openly? I don’t know, guys, call me old fashioned but I don’t really need everyone knowing every time I time I take a shit. I just don’t get it, but maybe it’s just me. Anyway, I’m rambling now so let me just shut up and let you guys enjoy the brutality on display.

Courtesy of @mrspink.

And video of when he was first abducted:

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  1. He should consider himself lucky. He was spared the unimaginable pain of having his face skinned. I seriously doubt any other kind of physical suffering tops that.

    Still, the dude knows his fate is sealed as his nemesis brag about how he’s gonna die while he waits in the car.

    Now, as long as those dying horrific deaths inflicted pain on others, I don’t bother much. Common sense dictates that one shall die by the sword if one lived by it. When these things happen to innocent people though, or people who committed petty crimes, its when you realize that there are true monsters out there, walking the streets, passing by you, probably even rubbing their shoulder against yours. However, it is fear that makes us vulnerable and feeds their insatiable and sadistic thirst for blood. Courage and defiance of evil is what keeps us alive. If only such courage and defiance was disseminated to all of society, instead of being a virtue of a few, a lot of evil would be eradicated from our midst. Most people become apathetic and complicit instead of fighting. They are afraid and thus do nothing. Sooner or later those who remained complicit will suffer the consequences of their inaction.

    And these types of things are not a recent phenomena. They have been happening for thousands of years. The founder of Manichaeism, Mani, was also skinned alive and put into a cage in the middle of Gundeshapur’s main square, while he bled to death. What about the dozens, if not hundreds, that were displayed at the entrances of towns and city, crucified by the Romans? Such things had, and have, a purpose: to condition people through fear. People who fear, obey. It’s just that modern technology granted us with images and videos of such barbaric acts, things we were only used to reading about, but never seeing. How about that for a reality check.

  2. I am clueless as to how this guy could be so calm after having had both his arms hacked off and dangled in front of his face like that. No grimace, no fear, nothing.

  3. So CV instead of using a red shirt for their logo… they used a pink one? πŸ˜† And they want people to take them seriously? Ahahah!!

    But hey, at least they saved the head and said it was a “gift”… πŸ˜€ They remembered me… awwwww…. when am i gonna recieve that on my mail post?

  4. That guy im the car was saying his last prayers and wishing himself farewell in his head… he had that look of “fuck I am totally fucked! This is it this is how I’m going!”

      • @jack but everything I do is a ‘masterpiece’. I am very good at what I do and when I do them. I have very high standards for my art work so just not anyone would do. like for 1. you have to bleed a lot, the more blood the better.. 2, you have to scream a lot too, this way I know I am doing a good job when I am working, 3. have to have long limbs, better to pose long limbs then short ones, and last 4, you have to be willing to volunteer, I hate have to fight someone just to make a masterpiece then they go and chicken out on me after seeing my tools.

        @re-pete see my rules above I think the person you are talking about will not pass 3 and 4. because when I think of her, I think of someone that is short and stubby and would not be appreciative of my art skills. so she would not pass.

        • @ladybug
          1. For you my dear I’ll bleed to the very last drop.
          2. I’ll scream as loud as you want.
          3. I actually have no idea if I have long limbs but I’m pretty sure their not short…
          4. Never fret my dear, I’m pretty sure no ones gonna fight you for me and I’m sure your tools are lovely to… and I would love for you to cut me up with them…

          So… do I qualify? πŸ˜‰

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