Man Suffers Grievous Groin Injury in Accident

Man Suffers Grievous Groin Injury in Accident

Oh you poor motherfucker. Brazilian man had an accident on his motorcycle and just to add insult to injury, he seems only to have nailed his dick and balls. His whole groin is a big, bleeding hole now. It’s making my junk hurt just watching this video. When the video starts it doesn’t look too bad, dude is just chilling in the grass, hands behind his head looking like he just smoked a fatty. But no, he’s in some sort of shock and the reality is gonna come back hard…

Thanks to @mrspink, for killing the erections tonight.

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59 thoughts on “Man Suffers Grievous Groin Injury in Accident

  1. It seems more like a self accident as the front tyre of the bike has some tell – tale marks . That gaping hole right in the middle bears enough testimony that his groin area assets are a goner and he might go bleeding to death .

    Those are the end results when the dick likes popping outta zip at odd times .

  2. I have a statement that I re posted here from somewhere else. It is for those who may chose to vote in the US election for the next President. I took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. This bitch, Hillary Clinton, is an enemy of all who believe in it. And fuck you @blucon, you slimy fucking piece of shite traitor…Sorry, my ass. Tell me why you’re fucking sorry.

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    • Unfortunately…. It is all true. I could add a few things, but I think you did a good job explaining what she is. I can’t believe anyone who actually educated themselves and looked into her history as a political figure would support her. But sadly people will just listen to google and CNN. Wake up people. She is so much worse then this post even portrays.

    • @theluvmuscle

      I honestly think we need to wipe our goverment with a clean slate. Hillary isnt even the worst. (A scary thought because i feel hatred for her too!) We have entire agencies that are responsible for death, imprisonment, and corruption, all just to line the pockets of the few.

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      • @stonedrocks @theluvmuscle @shortyshark She scares the hell out of me &I’m not even a Yank. I read an article last night/this morn (? – they all runtogether @ times) where she came unglued over the fact The Donald BROKE THE LAW by attempting to do business with the Cubans when they wer under U.S. sanction. Hello? What about her own egregious fuckups that could have jeopardized your national security? Guess it’s down to which has the better”sweep it under the carpet” crew. Wonder how much credence one should place on the story that Bill’s hitting on the females on Hillary’s campaign jet? Him not being able to keep it in his pants is a well recorded fact. Looks like just the thing a presidential wannabe needs to be dealing with,with only 5 weeks left till election day.But oh…wait…she’s been sweeping it under for this long…what’s one more time? The woman, and I use the term loosely, certainly has more greed for power, and avarice, than pride.

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  3. Is there no video to this? I haven’t been able to see the vids on quite a few of these gore stories, the backstory says there’s video, but I’m having no luck in being able to view them ? I WANT TO SEE GORE!!! ?⛏?????‍♀️ Pls help ☺️

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