Dirt Biker Rider Crashes Hard and Goes Pale as Ghost

Dirt Biker Rider Crashes Hard and Goes Pale as Ghost

GoPro video from somewhere captures some dirt bikers doing their dirt bike thing when one man races along the dirt path and loses control. He bounces off the track and into the trees where he is dumped uncermoniously. By the time his buddies get to him to check him out, he is white as a sheet and clearly fucked up. Despite wearing a helmet, he no doubt suffered a neck injury but luckily his bros don’t panic and move him around too much. It’s the risk we take when engaging in recreational activities. Even in the bedroom…but that’s a story for another time.

Props to @mrspink. And btw, we are totally not advertising GoPro with this video. It’s just a coincidence.

UPDATE: The man in the video was 31-year-old Fabricio da Luz das Neves who was a resident in the Garden Angelica neighborhood, Criciuma, Brazil. Unfortunately, Neves died at the scene, suffering multiple internal injuries.

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57 thoughts on “Dirt Biker Rider Crashes Hard and Goes Pale as Ghost

    • My guess would be a not uncommon injury called a transection of the proximal descending aorta (basically, the very large artery coming from your heart is torn in half or severely damaged). Injuries to the thoracic aorta account for 15% of deaths in motor vehicle accidents, and the proximal descending aorta is the most common. This would account for the rapid draining of blood from his face (shock can also do this, but with him going over the handlebars, I lean more toward thoracic trauma), his death, and the speed of his decline. The fact that he sat up also made me think thoracic trauma because he was trying to ease the discomfort but would have been unable to stay upright do to massive blood loss. Obviously, this is just an amateur guess based on context clues in a video, but I have just as much chance as anyone of guessing correctly.

  1. You know I never understood how someone could injure themselves during sex… I mean seriously, how do people even manage that? I don’t think I’ve ever gotten “injured” during sex unless you count deliberate injuries.

    Oh and by the way if you guys ever happen to come across GoPro vids from combat zones, please post it, I fuckin love that shit.

  2. I dont think he suffered a neck injury, i think he just hit a nerve… It happened to me before a few times already. Its kinda painful and when the pain gets extreme the body shuts down, even if you maintain consciousness and try to move, you’re unable to for a few minutes untill it “restarts”. Your vision gets blurried untill you see only black and white shadows… Its scary at first, but you’ll get used to it. 😐

  3. Could be a number of issues… But yeah they could atleast pretend to give a fuck or that you learned the basics of what to in such a situation from school. Well to give them credit they do have the ‘don’t panic’ part down pat.

    • @amour

      Well you’d have to consider first if people in there even go to school. Most are lucky if they even went to high school which is the case for most folks. Second, that really isn’t taught in the educational systems in places like in Brazil or mine. You can’t really blame people for what they don’t know especially if they don’t have the resources to learn what they should know.

      Most people, in here, keep composure during accidents. It happens a lot and I don’t see why people should panic about it. Panicking doesn’t necessarily help and panicking and not knowing first aid most often results to bad consequences. You studied in med school and I think you know that better than I do.

  4. True the dude shouldn’t of over taken..but I guess adrenaline junkies can’t help themselves..but if he was to know that’s his last adrenaline shot he prob be back in line..
    As for sex injuries I’ve had a few weird one’s..
    ● I got dropped on my head as I was given a blow job. He had lifted me upside down so he could eat my Vag..he gave me a few fat licks & I squirted rght5down his throat & he gagged & dropped me on me head ouch!
    ● I had a discectomy on my S1 L5 vertebrae in 1999..some times I get a twingy back. Was getting pounded in MY fav position..DOGGY STYLE when he flipped me on my back & some how with the pressure set of my SYMPHATATIC nervous system..I went into shock & had extreme pain..took me 1/2 to flip on all 4 & crawl to bathroom..I went white & started to sweat & vomit everywere..took me 2hrs to totally recover..boy was I scared to let myself be ravished for a while.. I thought I was dying…

    • @devileena, I know about being an adrenaline junkie, it’s the best high I have ever experienced. That is one high I’ll keep chasing for the rest of my life, because it heightens all my senses to their peak.

      Three of my favorite songs are Kickstart My Heart, Fuel and I Can’t Drive 55. When I’m driving my car (which is barely street legal) I have to listen to them and push the accelerator to the floor. It’s an urge I just can’t resist. I even have a window sticker that says, “Brakes are for Pussies!”

      Speaking of, you squirt? (I’m not trying to be crude, or offensive.) Anyway. Damn, I’ve always wanted a woman that does, I imagine it would taste and feel so good. Especially in the 69 position. I’ve had a lust for it since my first girlfriend and we watched some porn with women that did. But no such luck for me.
      It sucks your back got messed up. I know how that feels, without the getting sick part.
      My ex pushed back really hard, which threw me off balance and I went off the bed onto corner of the nightstand. It hurt like a son of a bitch. I already had a back problem from when I was 21, I came off my dirt bike trying to do the Superman stunt and landed on my back from over 10 feet in the air. One of the prices to pay from being an adrenaline junkie.

      • @TheDudeAbides Reckless stunts always do fail not to mention this one wasn’t meant to fail . I believe These morons out on the dirt road with the terrain bikes were probably spoiled brats born to some rich parents

        Getting killed without excuses comes easy whenever its Brazil ………
        ah Brazil as ever ya wreck me up

        • @blucon Yeah man, I don’t know much about Brazil but it seems like these kids were definitely the offspring of some rich bitches to afford those fancy bikes the Go-pro guy was so concerned about. When I see an idiot inadvertently take himself out of the gene pool I have a hard time feeling sympathetic.

          • Rightly said Bro @thedudeabides .
            It would be in the best interest of all of us here on the RGN to leave Brazil to its own devices .
            What we generally do talk and comment about is based on inputs that we gather mostly from the gore sites .
            There is never a single day when Brazil is shy of satiating our lust for gore

  5. Just out having some fun with the guys, and then you’re dead. The accident didn’t seem that bad compared to so many we’ve seen, you never can tell. He was moving around and stuff at first and just seemed shaken up, he friends probably took that as meaning he was okay. They were probably in shock themselves once they got to him and saw how bad he actually was. I’m not a doctor, but my guess would be that he got hit in the liver and bleed out internally.

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