Bull Rider Killed After Being Thrown and Trampled

Bull Rider Killed After Being Thrown and Trampled

A 17-year-old bull rider identified as Fabio Quirino was killed after being thrown and trampled by the bull he was riding in celebration of Feast of Cosmorama Pawn last Friday night in the city of Cosmorama, São Paulo, Brazil. The young man suffered severe injuries to the neck, chest and lungs and despite getting right back up after falling, he was far more damaged than he appeared. Medical help arrived to take him to the hospital but Fabio died en route.

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47 thoughts on “Bull Rider Killed After Being Thrown and Trampled

  1. I’m sure the bull was killed but at least he got some revenge first. I absolutely loathe this sport. I know there are many who are very passionate about this event but it’s barbaric. I could never support the suffering of animals, especially for someone’s entertainment.

        • Uh –@littlefoot @queeg0909 , @yournextexgirl -they kill the bulls in bullFIGHTING, not bullRIDING. 2 totally different things. And the bulls they are attempting to ride are not stabbed, but are jabbed by the cowboy’s spurs – & at professional, sanctioned rodeos the rowels (pointy wheel that turns on the back of the spur) must now be ground down/dulled so the bull is not harmed. The rope tied around the bull’s flank encourages the bull to buck more using his hind legs. This rope, called a flank strap, is NOWHERE near his testicles & penis. Bulls actually lead a pretty idyllic life. They run in grass filled pastures @ the stock contractor’s ranch and have the occasional dalliance with a heifer. Every so often they get loaded & hauled off to a rodeo, where they’re inspected for good health & well-being before becoming part of the bull pool. When their name &number (they generally have both) is drawn they do a maximum 8 seconds work, trying to unseat the guy who’s foolish enough to try riding him. A top deck bucking bull is often worth $100,000 USD +, and he spends his retirement having his way with females selected for him as part of a selective breeding program. Straws of his semen are also frozen & sold for big bucks to other contractors who wish to have some of the traits emulated in their own herd (the bulls are “milked” by hand). Above applies Canada & U, S. – professional & sanctioned amateur level (high school, college, etc). An old, country girl who, (many years ago), used to date a pro bull rider. Yeehaw! Lol

          • thanks for the info. i didn’t even know that wheel thing on the spur had a name lol.

            i currently am a blue collar factory worker but now i’m considering a career as a professional bull. All i gotta do is throw cowboys? sounds good to me. as for the retirement plan i must admit, i’m a one cow kind of bull, if you get my meaning lol

          • @synlover
            Bulls have been killed or seriously injured during bull riding as well. And some methods to agitate them have been cattle prods. The US and some other countries may have more regulations for the treatment of the bulls but since this is Brazil and the bull killed a rider I wouldn’t be surprised if it was killed. I know bull riding isn’t the same as bullfighting but I don’t support it either. Agitating animals so they try to buck you off isn’t my idea of entertainment.

          • Hahaha @obli. That’s funny, “career as a professional bull” -but tbh, from what I’ve read by & about you for the last year, [when in a location with internet] I REALLY don’t think having cowboys on your back holding on for dear life is your style – but perhaps I missed something and you go both ways? Each to his own when it comes to that.
            Props to you for being a one cow kind of bull. Maybe they’ll make an exception for you,allow you to have your exclusionary cow, and just do the hand milking/artificial insemination (referred to in the animal husbandry business as AI – and they do it for all types of domesticated animals, including of course, the 2 legged ones – lol) thing for all the other cows!
            Thanks much to you & @mrspink for all the great content! Have a great weekend

          • @littlefoot Silly me – of course this is Brazil – they probably took the bull out back & either had him on the barbie or being pit roasted by the time the rodeo was over. I’m just aware of the Canadian & U.S.standards, and believe it or not, Mexico is getting on board as well when it comes to the humane treatment of their rodeo bulls.
            These bulls are wild, and bucking is in their nature, though not to the same extent as horses. The sport is somewhat akin to riding a bronc (bucking horse) which is often the scenario when one is trying to break a horse for riding. And – like all other sports, accidents happen, though it’s extremely rare for a bull to be hurt, even less to be hurt so seriously that it has to be destroyed.
            And I’m guessing that you’re not a meat eater? Beef are treated far less humanely unloading/penning/running into the slaughterhouse (would be an overall elapsed time of less than 5 minutes done consecutively & immediately)
            than a bull endures his entire LIFE as a rodeo bull. Being raised rurally I spent the first 17 years of my life, and then many, many weekends & vacay time right back there. I’m acquainted with several large rodeo stock contractors, and they treat their animals almost as well, if not better than their children; it is their source of income. Farming as an independant is a hard way of life – if you live on a dairy & mixed farm as I did, the work is never done – you have to be there 7 days a week as cows don’t milk themselves (yet). BUT – the majority of the time it instills rock solid values & a real work ethic that is carried forward to wherever you go & whatever you choose to do with your life, if you leave it. Another definite bennie is that most farm/ranch raised folk come from 2 parent homes. Holy – sidetracked again – lol. You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl.
            We’re each entitled to our own opinion, of course, and while yours is a tiny bit skewed for my mindset, and the way I was raised, I certainly respect both you & your opinion; hopefully it can be reciprocated.

          • @synlover
            Considering in Brazil a man can be lynched for being accused of rape and the standard living conditions aren’t that great for humans I think the chances of this bull being treated humanely and living after this incident are pretty slim. I hope I’m wrong for the bull’s sake. There are plenty of incidents of bulls being injured: broken ribs, legs, back injuries as well as ones that have had to be euthanized. And of course a rodeo bull has a better life than an animal in a slaughterhouse but the fact that it’s a better life and injuries/death are rare doesn’t justify putting an animal in that state for someone’s entertainment…in my opinion. The difference between this sport and other sports is that other sports involve humans alone who know the risks they are taking and willingly do so. The bull has no choice in the activity. I don’t believe my views are skewed because for me it comes down to the simple fact that this sport serves no purpose other than to agitate an animal for the entertainment of people. And I think growing up on a farm is definitely hard work and does instill many good values just like other lifestyles do too. We may just have to agree to disagree on this one.

          • Exactly agree to disagree @littlefoot, with respect. I’ve been away from the whole scenario for many years & honestly had no idea of the injuries the bulls were sustaining – guess I’ll have to check for some stats. Had never heard of injuries before excepting some sprain type leg injuries from throwing themselves around in the chute, but that occasionally happens to non rodeo stock as well when being run into a squeeze chute for loading, or vet checks, or being, ahem, milked of their semen for AI.
            And yes, I concur about this bull being done for; in my 1:36pm comment I said he was probably on the barbie or being pit roasted before the rodeo was over.
            So. . Entertainment. What say you about “working dog” shows, cutting horse competitions, cattle penning competitions, canine endurance competitions, and all other competitions of their ilk? Just curious!

          • @synlover Well, seeing firsthand how the bulls are treated in Mexico.. they are no closer to treating them any more humanely than they were 15 years ago. And the bulls in the US ain’t treated much better.

          • @yournextexgirl. So I understand from conversing with LF. Understand Mexico & S.America treat them inhumanely, but the fact it happens @ sanctioned (pro) rodeos in the US is very surprising to me. Ours usually have SPCA reps hovering to ensure humane treatment – at least @ the larger ones, and the association members agree to abide by the same tightly drawn rules, so somebody’s dropping the ball as far as policing goes. Self policing SHOULD be sufficient, but you get bad apples in every barrel. I personally never saw any animal mistreatment, except for the occasional asshole “tuning up”, as they phrase it, his own horse, but a shout for help always brought others running, and often HE ended up being “tuned”. Has certainly been an eye opener, and not in a positive manner, I’m sad to say. Waaay past time I cooked supper, so…take care & have a great weekend.

  2. It looked the bull was in heat . I liked the way the RODEO got fucked while the huge beast just kept bucking off at him for sometime
    I wanted the beast to have sat and shat on him
    The RODEO got ridden by paying with his sick fucking life for those not so very smart dangerous eight seconds in trying to fasten up with one hand .
    The bull got him mounted to a casket 😫

    Good Bull

    • Oh @blucon – It’s the females of the species that go into heat, not the males – they just respond to it, so sorry, no bull in heat my friend.
      And just to clarify, the RODEO is the name of the overall event, like the Grand Prix is a car race, and it’s contestants are race car drivers. In a RODEO, the contestants in this particular event are called bull riders, and yes, the bull certainly had his way with THAT bull (not) rider.

  3. I feel bad for the guy, but he was playing redneck roulette. The animals used for bull riding are actually treated pretty humanely. Normally they’d be castrated and eaten before they reach a year, so that the meat is tender. These guys are kept alive, keep their balls, and are left to themselves until showtime. They’re territorial animals and don’t like anyone to get too close to them, even those who see them everyday. They especially don’t like when someone tries to ride them, so they buck them off and maybe try to get a little revenge. It only lasts a few minutes, then they’re back out by themselves. These bulls are prized and revered, people even use these guys for stud services a lot of the time, too. I’d say they don’t really have such a bad life. They’re really just doing what comes naturally to them, and they’re not being hurt in the process. It’s not like with toreros and matadors who torture and kill the bulls like it’s something to be proud of.

  4. Too bad the bull didn’t come back at him like a bulldozer and grind this useless beanie baby into the dirt. At least the rider is dead, that’s the good news to me. These Neanderthal fuck wads need to learn not to fuck with Mother Nature. He got exactly what he deserved. I have no pity for this scum ball, or empathy for his fucking family. These are the kind of people I thoroughly enjoy seeing die.

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