Brazilian Chick Kills Herself and Turns Purple

Brazilian Chick Kills Herself and Turns Purple

A Brazilian woman who’s name has not been released was discovered dead in what appears to be a bathroom as the result of garoting. By the time she was discovered, her tongue had already swollen, giving us all “the raspberry” as is characteristic of bloating corpses. She has also begun to turn a nice shade of purple as opposed to the usual greenish-brown.

Thanks @mrspink!

I have also updated this post with a gnarly-ass picture of the smashed head kid. Definitely worth checking out. Did I just say gnarly?

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35 thoughts on “Brazilian Chick Kills Herself and Turns Purple

  1. At least she had proper sized legs to pull off those tight short shorts. The number of women I see trying to wear shit like that when they don’t have the body for it is enough to make me want to gouge my eyes out.

    • @littlefoot She was rockin’ them shorts until she went and offed herself, too bad.. When I see some women wear clothes that they muffin top out of, I think that is a gal that is sure of herself and doesn’t give a crap what we think. That’s sad when you see a more than middle age woman shopping in the girls clothing stores like Wet Seal or Forever 21, wifey included. I don’t mind going clothes shopping with her cause what do you see in women’s clothing stores? Other women!

    • @littlefoot While living in planet Florida i once saw a lady who was around the the age of 65-75 wearing short shorts n her roll tide cheerleading shirt. So old she walked with a hunch/limp but i guess in her mind she could still walk around with 50% of her rear end showing. Almost threw in the mall. It was even funnier when her even older husband walked up wearing shorts and his “bama,” football jersey and dark shades. Its like they didnt know they hade aged over 60 years since their roll tide days.

    • Nope @irisflower – impossible. A garrote is (or can be) the weapon of manual strangulation, and varies from scarves, belts, rope, chain, wire, fishing line, etc. The danger with using wire or fishing line is that (a) it’s hard on the hands, & (b) it tends to be bloody as both are so fine it’s like a hot knife through butter (think wire cheese slicer) and partial decapitation frequently occured . A common way of dealing with this was to attach a handle to each end. You then come up behind the person & drop it over their head, then cross your arms & pull in opposite directions. Impossible to do on your own – you’d lose consciousness, & as soon as you did so you’d release the garrote, thus defeating the purpose.

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