Suicidal Man Torches Himself Like a Boss

Suicidal Man Torches Himself Like a Boss

Good evening, Gorriors. Fresh video of a suicide from what some sources say is from China. A man gets off of his scooter and steps into the street, pouring a liquid on himself. He then erupts into intense flame and falls to the ground. No second thoughts, no hesitation and he takes it like a champ. Sources say a recent divorce was the motivation for the suicide.

Mad props to @mrspink for the hookup.

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56 thoughts on “Suicidal Man Torches Himself Like a Boss

    • They are so self centred in China. I think it’s a consequence of the one child only law that they had – every person grew up as an only child, never having to share with a sibling or consider another person. Also being the centre of their parents world, could have made some Chinese think that they themselves are the centre of the universe, and nobody else matters.

      • @alliegrace I always thaught it was the result from years of oppresion. The side affect of having a hand in front of your face every moment of the day. Decades of censorship and fear. A country where police act as gangs and illecit common torture. Payed by a goverment that allows slave labor and a mass polution of its land so large scale its destroying entire ecosystems. A country where its economy is so flooded with foriegn and corrupt money, only billionares can pay enough to survive. Anyone who dares say different is killed and their familys silnced. And after generations of having so much bullshit crammed down the populations throat, i doubt they can even see whats literaly in front of them any more. Thats what happens when you cram 1.5 billion people in one place. But ya know, i suffer from “reefer madness,” lol i have a daily perscription 😉

  1. Damn dude just sat there. I love how no one saw or came to help the human torch. The guy on the bike just kept going too. That is a painfully slow way to commit suicide. In all honesty I don’t know what I’d do if I saw someone on fire, carrying a fire extinguisher with me at all time isn’t something I do and what if there’s no hose or something. Nothing much can be done unless that stuff is around. Patting him down could work but that was a ball of fire for a good min. Hmmmm.

  2. He definitely wanted to make sure his ex never forgets his suicide over the divorce, which is what I’m suspecting drove his choice of method. He wanted to show his emotional pain in a physical way and implant that in her mind.

  3. Now that’s dedication! Im over this rat race & who said that its bad for my health to burn the candel at both ends !! Just fucking watch me..I am the candel..wanna see me light my wick..
    Chuckle watching him fall over was a bit it smelt real nice…

  4. Possibly the most brutal suicide I’ve seen he had defitnley made up his mind he wanted out !! Some say your nerves go in to shock when on fire so you dont actually feel the pain after few seconds but fuk that hope I never find out

    All over a woman/ divorce bit of a over reaction

    Plenty more pebbles on the beach dude lol

  5. That’s best of the best self immolation VIDEO GRAB so far
    and this time ya @mrspink gotta be thanked for bringing in a lotta gore hereon the way you would do at Best Gore
    I loved the way that dude kept seated without flinching
    He was some ball of fire ………….gotta love that move when fire was all he wanted to eat .
    He was a guy from No Fear Factory …………….
    ‘The guy got me licking some flames …
    Gotta move my arse to the kitchen and listen to ELLIE GOULDING’s “Burn” ………….I am gonna be back in a while

  6. Supposedly you only feel the pain at first. The nerves get fried and no longer send pain messages to the brain. I’ve read that it’s actually not that terrible once the pain stops, and you die fairly quick and painless after that. It’s supposedly more peaceful than drowning… but who’s tried them both and lived to tell?

  7. Burn out the day
    Burn out the night
    I can’t see no reason to put up a fight
    I’m living for giving the devil his due

    And I’m burnin’, I’m burnin’, I’m burnin’ for you
    I’m burnin’, I’m burnin’, I’m burnin’ for you

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