Man Tortured by Syrian Rebels for Being an Alawite

Man Tortured by Syrian Rebels for Being an Alawite

Video from Homs, Syria depicts what is being promoted as “US-backed Syrian Rebels” torturing a man simply for being of a different faith. Namely, the man is an Alawite instead of Sunni as the soldiers in the video. Video is rather long with no real pay off in the end, he just swings around in his underwear being hit with various objects. I lack any translation skills so if someone in the audience can make it out, it would be greatly appreciated. He does come away with some wicked fucking bruises though… his ultimate fate is unknown.

Thanks, @mrspink!

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37 thoughts on “Man Tortured by Syrian Rebels for Being an Alawite

    • what don’t they hate? according to some folks I know who are former U.S. military,that were stationed in Afghanistan, they were told in no uncertain terms that they were to ignore the night time screams and pleas of young Afghan boys that were the object of Afghan men’s sexual desire. Or as I like to call it “Mohammad’ s Man-meat-mambo” . my way of paying homage to what the Qur’an describes as the embodiment of the prophet Mohammeds sexual prowess. Their words,NOT MINE!!! So to answer your question of “What DON’T they hate?” It’s looking like they DON’T hate a lil late-night pedophillic sodomy

  1. So imma beat the shit out of you because your religion is different from mine. Hmmm. This is why there is so much bs over there. I was hoping when that one dude fell on the chair top that he would have fallen harder and torn his gooch. But when they were putting his legs on the chair that guy got close to his dick so imma call him gay. What do they do to gays again?

    • @eyez2die4 gays are
      defenestrated as a sacrifice to Koranosaurus Rex like that scene in Return of the Jedi.

      The only difference between this shit and a cartel video is the cartels are killing for money or power and these tards are doing it for brownie points with one fictitious cunt or another. Which seems worse for several reasons. Can’t argue with Voltaire, “When we believe absurdities we will commit atrocities.”

  2. Fucking amatures. The fat guy in your group fell off n broke a chair. Couldnt even properly torture the poor man. ……. although i think he would disagree. But ya know what? I kinda felt bad for the little fella, bbuuttt if im not mistakn, alawites are a crazy sect of islam that believe woman have no souls or some shit. I could be wrong though.

    ( isnt Asaad an alawite too??)

  3. Typical fuckin muslims. They all do this type of shit in the name of their religion no matter what kind of muslim they are. It’s happening in non muslim places like Europe, the U.S and Australia thanks to mass imigration, they’ll try to talk you into converting to their “peaceful” religion and if that fails they’ll use force. Fucking parasites.

  4. Mmmm…fucking a hole religious fuck wits…beat a man/woman for rape, thievery, pedophiler & for beging a bad cook..but for fuck sake leave a person to their own beliefs..mind you I think we would all like a word to this ALLAH come shia law come Islamic culture that only breeds death & hate of all other cultures than their own..dumb fucks they do all this for how many virgins when they pass over..they so fucking dumb that it would only take a couple of days in their presence & the virgins will be all used up & they then have to spend an eternity spreading gonorrhea & aids from mouth to arse..

  5. Way to the gore gallery is when someone dons undies like that . He got Tortured because his testes are bigger than theirs .

    It just ain’t gonna change as its in every rebel to feel jealous when sizes go unmatched …………. but what the fuck those dudes hitting him were supposed to be all naked and screaming ALLAHU FUCKBAR with thier lungs out … least for goat sake .

  6. Holy Whack-A-Molie, that was kind of brutal. But not brutal enough for my taste, there wasn’t any blood flowing. At least they dumped water on him for maximum effect.
    I know being whipped with a strap when wet feels special, it intensifies the pain ten fold and even burns like hell.

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