School Teacher Nearly Decapitated

School Teacher Nearly Decapitated

Chularat Towanna, a 26 year old school teacher from Saraburi, Thailand was found murdered and nearly decapitated in her apartment on July 1, 2016. Her killer and neighbor, 27 year old Chatri Ruamsoonnern was arrested for the murder. Chatri confessed to police that he broke into the woman’s apartment to rape her but when she resisted and screamed for help he grabbed a knife and slit her throat. I’m not sure what exactly this moron thought she was going to do when he tried to rape her, whisper “Please don’t do that.”? Chatri also told police that he had been in love with the elementary school teacher for quite a long time because she was good looking. And we all know trying to rape a girl you’re secretly in love with is the best way to have a chance with her. The killer was previously convicted of the rape of another woman and served two years in prison but was released last year.

Thanks to @MrsPink for the pictures, because she’s fucking awesome.

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110 thoughts on “School Teacher Nearly Decapitated

    • You know if bitch face from the other site would have posted this it would have headed like this, bitch whore slut dressed to impress poor male who she took advantage of, typical females expecting everything from man. When in fact all she did was move to the wrong apartment, poor girl hope the guy gets death by firing squad also with a butt plug up his Harris at the time would be nice

      • Uggghh you’re so right. The headline would be something like “Thai slut asks to be raped because she dared live next door to a man. She’s a whore for even thinking she’s on the same level as a man.” That shit got old real quick. Just because I’m a female doesn’t mean I’m a whore or that I magically can’t drive. That broad needs a reality check.

        • Yep it’s all about respecting women, I tell my bitch wife she don’t need a watch there’s a clock on the oven ha !!
          But agreed queen koopa, she obviously has deep rooted hate of women in general and yep it got Boring reading her shit on a daily basis. Thanks Allah for this amazing website freedom of speech rocks !! But seriously women should be seen and not heard ha !!

          • @trainwreck, yeah I have grown to love her also she’s part of the furniture now so why change ! She don’t get my love for this gore though do you find that with your other half ?

          • @gezza I haven’t had anyone in years. No, there isn’t anything wrong with me because it’s not me. I moved to a state that has less than desirable people. Car thiefs, robberies etc. I wish better for myself and my son. I don’t have a criminal record and I’d like to keep it that way. Last guy I was in a serious relationship with ended up in prison. He couldn’t tell me why because the trial was going to be a long one. I wrote him for two years and still had no idea. I then just stopped writing to him. My son was young and attached so I had to nip it in the bud. I was heartbroken but he was going to be there for a very long time. He asked me if I’d wait him for him. I’m not fucking stupid or weak or desperate and as much as I loved him and he me there was no way. I’m still not in a relationship. But long story short, he definitely liked the gore

          • @trainwreck, could you not have looked on professor google and typed in his name to see if anything came up, you seem bang tidy and straight forward who knows what’s best for you and your little one, I suppose it’s hard at birthdays Christmas new year when you haven’t got that someone to share moments with, I always believe life has a path for everyone you just have to wait and see what comes up and to make the gut decision at the time if that makes sense, amongst all the gore pics I always get the feeling of everyone being kind and showing a lot of respect to others on here I know we take the piss and say things we don’t mean there is something we all share which is unique it not facebook or any shit like that just good people sharing there life stories from around the globe, that my dear mate is fucking awesome ☺

          • @gezza Honestly, in the beginning I did want to know, but after time went on I decided I didnt. I just want my perfect image of him. I still love him so much and his picture is always near. I know what he did was bad, very bad and it was a group effort. I also had no idea, and he also, that he was being investigated silently for more than a year. I know what group he belonged to and never would have given him the time of day but he was different. He worshipped the ground I walked on. His respect and love for me was off the charts. My mother even loved him and she doesn’t like anyone. We are all very disappointed still to this day. I can look people in the eyes when I talk to them now and I don’t stare at the ground when I walk all because of him. His intelligence was really superior and we could talk about everything. Oh shoot see I need to stop talking about him. I really do. But I know I can look up his charges most certainly now but I don’t want a negative image of him because he was the one.

            I’ve been through so much but now after all this time I don’t know how to move on

          • Sorry trainwreck our timezone are far out! I go to sleep and you all wake up ha! Well not far harping on about it but life is what it is your a great girl it comes across and shines over the water here in the UK!

          • @trainwreck I’m sure, when the time is right, you will find someone. I tell myself that too. It’s been years and no one understands why I won’t get back into a serious relationship. It’s too hard for me. I can’t relive the hurt and betrayal of my past love. So I stay single. But late at night and on my birthdays and holidays I find myself wishing for a souls mate to share with. But it will never happen and I’ve come to accept it. You should look him up though. He might be out by now. Even manalaughter and the like are getting out in 4-8 years. Sometime less depending on the state.

          • @hunter1031 this was a group effort. FBI were involved and I know they were building a case against him and this org for over a year as well as monitoring or whatever it is that they do. I’m lucky I didn’t get and wasn’t asked to be involved legally. Funny I love him so much but can’t be a part of what he was doing. I still have my integrity and won’t give that up for anyone. But I will always love him…always. and this will be the last time I mention him. I got into a depressive stupor over this. Everyone cares and I really appreciate it.

            @gezza oh yeah I watch and try and be aware of the time differences amongst the members. It’s not easy. Mamason (Kristy) works the midnight shift always, Amour is working swing shift sort of but long hours. And then some others. Thank you 🙂 my son thinks I’m pretty great too. He’s the true love of my life.

          • @trainwreck I’m glad you weren’t involved. Typically any serious partner is brought into an investigation, if for nothing else then to interview and interrogate then Issued a supoenaed to testify. So thank god you were able to avoid all of that! I understand completely your wanting to move forward. Just don’t be so quick to not give anyone a chance baby girl! I’m sure you have a ton to offer. 😉
            Haven’t talked to you for a bit. Hope everything is going good. Call me if you want to talk pretty lady. ❤️?❤️

          • @hunter1031 I thought about that but briefly because he and his case and his group, gang whatever you call it were in California. He came stayed with me off and on going back and forth. They’d have to do something if I was to be involved but even then I didn’t know much of anything. I know he had one asshole that told me later that he was a snake. They were bffs at one point. Scandalous. Then before that when everything was transpiring he told him that “he’ll take care of his wife” while he’s gone. That guy was a fucking scumbag. That’s the one thing that irked me about all of this is why was this guy not with him there? Dude was a real piece of shit that’s for sure. But I genuinely had nothing to tell them anyway. I had have no criminal record. I mean they could’ve pulled me into whatever it was but why? That scandalous motherfucker still has me questioning. I thought about writing him…a long while back I did look him up to see if he was still incarcerated and he had changed prisons. He was in the San Luis Opisbo Men’s Colony State Prison but he moved. If he isn’t still incarcerated I have no way of knowing where he is because like an asshole I tore up and threw away his letters. I regret that immensely ?. But this is the last time I’m going to talk about him. It’s really, really bummed me out and its no ones fault. I just can’t for a while

      • @gezza with the way she writes, I think she calls girls hookers and Sluts because no one wants to fuck her. So she’s mad that everyone looks better and gets some sex. If you look at the members that have been banned, some bad ass looking Bitches with some awesome ass personalitys. She will never have people who actually want to have a conversation and happy to see her. Jealously is a ugly monster.

  1. Shouldn’t Chatri be executed now? The dumb fuck seems stuck in a groove – if he’s already been convicted and (only) served 2 years in prison for that rape. Time to just eliminate this piece of shit from the planet.

  2. He was a ugly lowlife, that set eyes on the pretty lady, and succumbed to her beauty, wanted a piece of her but ended up killing her. Sad fucker hope he gets messed up like in the Brazilian prisons, ie totally messed up, maybe chopping up his fingers and feeding them to him, and other fucked up stuff would be great to watch on him.

  3. Damn shame so young and a bright future until that pos glanced her way,hopefully well get to view a new vid soon of him being murdered,maybe cut hundreds of small squares on his body and pull each one off slowly while applying a bath salt to each open wound,and then peak into puncturing him like hell raiser face…just a thought

  4. She was so pretty and looked like a nice girl that had her shit together. What a waste. The people in this world suck ass. What a terrifying way to be murdered. I can’t imagine what was going through her head when she woke up to him in her room.

  5. There’s nothing lower than a sex offender of any kind. The retards who keep letting these putrid, subhuman vermin out are just as guilty as if they held the victims down and did the raping themselves.
    They don’t deserve rehabilitation, because they will never change. They definitely don’t need prison, or protection from vigilantes. They sure as fuck don’t need sympathy from ignorant, bleeding heart human rights pussies. They don’t have a right to live. These lowlife shitbags gave up all of their rights when they refused to control their sick urges and stole their victims rights.
    They need to die a slow, excruciating and humiliating death for all to see. If anybody is against my way, they are also guilty.
    These fuckwads deserve torture, degradation and experimentation as death penalties. Let’s see what makes them tick.
    People like me were born to be the Judges, Jury and Executioners. Kill them all.

  6. Some nights I keep wishing wanting myself getting raped atleast by a few of the dames on here who show up on and off but that’s all hard luck

    Remember I leave the key to my doors right under wraps to the door mat ……………….find me shamming to be asleep

    Hey but this chick seemed good for a one night stand
    shrug shrug hey its not me but my my oh my ……… an another mate who said so.

  7. You never know, this could be another false rape accusation. I have a graph I made that shows 99% of all rape charges are false, 0.9% are the victims fault and the remainder are accidents.

    Bibliography: hAcneska’s Big Book of Feminazi Circle-Jerker Fun Facts

    • I’m pretty sure I’m banned too. When I read the post Termination I made my backdrop and avatar the Rigoremortis logo. There are several names from the other site I hope to see here eventually and a few I hope don’t throw their shoulders out while patting themselves on the back for being the only ones to see the “truth”. @hunter1031

      • Agree completely. I was reading through some of the comments the other day on a few posts and the shot still continues. There was a guy pissed off that his comment have been deleted because he called them out on some bullshot and has a difference of opinion. He was pissed. Of course there are still the obvious women haters. Which is getting to the point of obsession. We ALL hate feminazi’s , but we don’t see every female as one. I’m starting to think maybe they are just all obese virgins that are pissed at the opposite sex for calling them out on their retarded skewed views. Because it’s not normal.

  8. God damn ugly small dicked piece of shit. I hope he gets a glass bottle shoved up his ass in prison and then someone kicks his stomach so it shatters inside him. I fucking hate rapists. They need to all be tortured to the brink of death.

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