Little Kid Gets “Turfed” by Bus

Little Kid Gets

Brutal accident occurred in Tereza Cristina, Brazil. We don’t see the impact here, but we do get to see the aftermath. A kid riding his bike too close to a bus got clipped and run down by it. Knocked from his bike, his head going under the back wheels and crushed. A brain and blood trail mix. Doesn’t look like he was wearing a helmet but it’s hard to tell… doubt it would have done any good amyway. When extreme pressures are involved, the helmet essentially just becomes a carrier for your liquified brain matter.

Thanks to @mrspink.

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26 thoughts on “Little Kid Gets “Turfed” by Bus

  1. Ouch. I dont think mom can put a bandaid on that one! Did anyone else notice that his legs/feet were a different color then his arm? Also that truck was full of bins, do they all have bodys? I wonder how many amazing posts were inside that truck? Also who wears their good cloths to go clean up dead bodys? Brazil is such a mysterious place!

    RIP flip flop jr. !!

  2. He really really really was a good TURFSTER
    I would imagine while it happend the kid ……..Da’Silva in the making to be one of the kids of that age; to be too frivolous, complacent who always liked being close to objects and images taller than him to stunt around .

    Well he got clipped well and his folks can have him instagramed
    He was a great pose maker though . and that’s one of the last selfie of his ………..
    if anyone wants it taken

    • @fatguy1366613

      Hi, shawn. Sure thing. You can share our pictures and videos on Facebook if you want. We only ask you to please do not crop out our watermark.

      You have to be careful on what you share on Facebook specifically because anything that involves nudity (ESPECIALLY boobs, butt, dick and vagina) might subject your account to a temporary suspension aka ‘Facebook jail’ plus you have to make sure that the people you don’t share it with are not pansies and would report your post which would eventually lead to account suspension. So if you do wanna share some stuff around Facebook, make sure there’s no nudity involved. They’re very strict around that now.

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