Brazilians Strung Up in Prison

Brazilians Strung Up in Prison

No idea what’s going on here aside from the obvious. Two men have been subjected to a lynching in a Brazilian prison (No Way!), circumstnces are unknown and could range from anything to rival gang conflict to snitching to the victims being child molesters, you know the score by now, we’ve all seen Oz, which I swear is nothing but a gay porn with way too much plot. What the actual fuck. Couldn’t get too into that show. As you can probably tell, I have very little to go on with this video so I’m just rambling. Alright guys, lets get things moving down below in the comments…

And if one of our Portuguese-speaking friends would like to translate, it would be greatly appreciated.

Props to @mrspink for the video and images.

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31 thoughts on “Brazilians Strung Up in Prison

  1. They look kinda peaceful just hanging there don’t they, like they don’t have a care in the world. Well I guess now they don’t since they’re dead and all. And that shirt “music and life” lol that was pretty funny given where they were and what just happened to ’em.

  2. I wish all ISIS videos to have the best of prison commentators flown over from Brazil to have us not muting their annoying chants ………..those voices are magical and they got me masturbating just about ten spoons jizz load.
    NO WORRIES SIR I do know
    This day was a gallow day but we may expect to have another match tomorrow but I would prefer that to be played out with half cut arses with painted dicks .
    There was an ocean of spit on that scumbag lips
    all the whores of ISIS may love licking it ………..

  3. I cant make any sense of what they are saying… the main guy speaking looks like it has a potato in his mouth… 😐 But from what i couldnt understand they didnt said anything relevant… something about “large family” and “burned a thousand, gonna get burned there” or something.

  4. String beans. That’s the first thing that popped in my head. How they call Latin or Mexicans people beanners and they strung them up. Yea…..I’mma stop now….I won’t lie and say I didn’t laugh at my joke cuz I did. Gotta be able to laugh at yourself.

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