Brazilian Inmates Play Soccer with Severed Head

Brazilian Inmates Play Soccer with Severed Head

Video captures Brazilian animals in a prison kicking around the severed head of another inmate who had been freshly decapitated. No info on who the victim was or the circumstances surrounding the beheading. Only thing certain is that American prisons ain’t got shit on Brazil. More gore coming soon! Call 1-800-rigore for our news letter and buy our album in stores now! $$$

Mad props to @mrspink for the hookup.

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40 thoughts on “Brazilian Inmates Play Soccer with Severed Head

  1. The guy filming it said quite a wise thing, he was talking about the implementation of human rights defense for inmates, and how its unfortunate that this video cant reach the Human Rights defenders, he quoted from someone that once said “Why giving them “human rights” if they arent even human?”

  2. These gutter rats should have been let off for a day atleast to be in a stadia to entetain . The commentator came about quite vividly though and he may land a job soon

    Fuck this beastial play should have been aired LIVE at the prime time .Next time they should have a referee and some ball boys

  3. The Rigoremortis album is definitely something I would buy. Is it music composed by the RGM crew? Is it a compilation of existing tunes extolling the virtues of the macabre and deranged? Are the songs chosen yet or are you beauties taking suggestions? I am interested regardless. Possible suggestion, Last Caress by the Misfits.

    Love you folks.

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