Man Suffers Brutal Death After Having His Hands Cut Off and Face Skinned

Man Suffers Brutal Death After Having His Hands Cut Off and Face Skinned

Brutal video which as far as I know right now has come from Mexico. It depicts a man getting tortured and killed by what have been identified as rival gang members. It’s quite possibly Cartel related but it’s unknown at this point. What is known is that this is a video which surpasses the infamous “Three Men One Hammer”, not just with the sheer clarity of the video but also with the torture being inflicted upon this still living and breathing man. His hands have been cut off, his face skinned and the killers also try to cut his head off but fail and leave him bleeding out from his neck injuries. Brutal all around and presented here, on riGOREmortis, for the Gorriors.

Courtesy of @mrspink

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155 thoughts on “Man Suffers Brutal Death After Having His Hands Cut Off and Face Skinned

  1. Omg, i can barely watch this stuff, i hope the victim was more drugged than the ones who did this to him, so he wouldn’t have to feel through this ordeal. A cartel snuff video. Btw, “three men one hammer” , it never was “three men”, it was three dickheads unfit for human existence.

  2. Damn that was brutal! I still don’t get how everyone seems to have clean clothes without blood on them with all that blood flowing… hell the guy in white sandals and white socks still seemed to have pretty damn clean foot wear! And I just don’t get why they thought they could take a head clean off with a damn box cutter…

  3. “Savage amusement”
    I have stayed terrified from the time I have watched this video …………I swear these Mexican drug cartel are vicious and brutal as hell and I am already feeling the chills down my spine………
    In comparison this one is even more graphic than “Three Men One Hammer” and I am gonna give it a five star ratings
    This video serves as a grim reminder that the Drug lords running these cartles are violent unforgiving people who wont bestow no mercy if they get betrayed .

    Terrified ? my balls ………. I laughed the whole time watching it .

    • Fuck man,,, @blucon i agree. This has got to be the most brutal video that i have EVER SEEN, in my many sick years of looking at shit like this! I was sleeping for a couple of hours, and woke-up, so i decided to come out to the living room and have a smoke, and good ol Obli almost gave me a heart attack with this one, lol. Talk about a nightmare bro, that this poor guy had to endure. These sick Motherfuckers are pure Evil from the bowels of Hell. 🙁

          • Yep, Im with you guys on this one.
            Although this, as a “gore” video, is an undoubted masterpiece (mad props to @obli & the ever-&-increasingly prolific @mrspink ), after a few runs of this video – i REALLY started to feel for this guy.
            The shrieks of sheer fucking terror that this guy was letting out are just about as chilling a thing that i have ever heard in my life. I dont think “terror” is even a significant enough word to describe the emotion carried in those screams – i dont know what word is?
            Some images from these pictures & videos we see can linger in the mind for a good amount of time (even for “battle hardened” gorriors such as ourselves, you will all know what i mean?) And i think, that this barely fucking comprehensible image of that poor guys screeching skull…along with its momentary flash of ice-blue eyes amid the clinging gore and blood, is one that will linger with me for some time.
            Not for as long as i recently remember have i wanted to see someone just hurry up and DIE so much.
            Cannot begin to imagine what was happening in this guys head as he suffered this.

      • I can’t agree more to what ya have stated Dear bro @thedreman
        Did ya see what I saw ….Ah by the Demons of Death and Gore I think I did see something shoved right in through his gullets
        imagine getting fucked up this bad for betrayal ……. its the stuff of many nightmares for an unimaginable degree of torture the dude was subjected to .
        Mexico ya are another shit of a sickening place on earth like Brazil .

        and I am never holidaying whenever MEXICO or BRAZIL is talked .

        • True @blucon but you know what,s funny? The Wife & I were thinking of returning to Mexico since i have not been since the 90s when i visited Puerto Vallarta. It looked like things were slowing down with these Cartel dudes, and now i see this??? Like you stated bud,,, Fuck Mehico, for at least another 10 years. 🙁

          • Leave it at that bro @thedreman for the next 100 years
            I guarantee a decade long spell won’t set things right
            I want ya smoking your marlboros for the next 200 years
            To fuck with Mexico and Brazil …..two hell holes on earth
            Cheers Bro I want ya smoking your fag now atleast

          • @thedreman I went to Mexico right before 911 it was ok but there’s no fucking way I’d go back now,my friend just returned he got footage of burned out and shot the fuck up trucks in ditchs you could clearly tell this was a bad place to be,let alone die in…fuck Mexico ,they can send all there fine women and takillya keep all the rest lol

          • Yep, after hearing your story @queeg0909 I am most definitely staying the fuck outta Mexico, and will stick to my usual winter hide-out of Cuba in the Caribbean instead! Man, i would love nothing better than to get a bunch of us here on RGM to all head off to Cuba in February together. Could you imagine the blast, that we would have? Do any of you guys/gals know if our American friends can now go to Cuba for a Holiday, or is it still off limits to them 🙁

          • Yes @queeg0909 that would be an epic party, for sure. The beaches are very beautiful in Cuba. But the Florida Keys, Key West especially, also have amazing beautiful beaches too. But unlike Cuba, it is very commercial, but Cuba is much more secluded, and intimate. And the atmosphere is second to none. Everybody is always so cheerful, happy, and in the party mood. 🙂

          • @thedreman
            I go to Mexico ALL the time…I LOVE IT THERE! TJ is one of my fav places to visit in fact…the dope there is pretty good just keep to yourself and drive across,you’ll be FINE!
            I know people there, so I have NOTHING to worry about.. ❤

          • @ladywicked666 i,m sure that you are right 100% girl, as it would have to be a complete fluke, to run into these Bad-Ass Dudes in the flesh. I would probably go back there if it was again in an All Inclusive 4+ Resort, and stay on it. Your security is well looked after while at these nice places. Just not sure if i would rent a car, or scooter, like i do in Cuba, and tour the Countryside. 🙂

  4. The Mexicans know how to do it. But I’ve seen better as far as dragging out the victim’s misery. Like the ones where they hang the victim nude, by his ankles, then start slicing off pieces. First to be cut off are his ‘trophies’ – his penis and balls. Then the fingers and toes, then hands and feet, then arms and legs. To really make your victim suffer, they slice the head off last. That’s the good Mexican style.

    • I think @xizang is referring to this video back from 2011: (screenshot)
      This is the only cartel video that they cut the dick/balls off before the beheading. There is a better nude hanging upside down beheading video but the victim was quartered after the head came off so no prolong torturing there. Here is the description to the one he is referring to:
      “Basic music continues being played, while some hold the hands and feet of the man, another one brings a knife in his hands, one more wields a machete. One of them brings a white sock in hand, using it like glove, immediately the gagged man is castrated. In a matter of seconds another one sicario cuts the neck of its victim with the machete, leaves him bleeding, the rest of the men continue holding onto the stranger, and they begin to take photographs with their cellular phones, some laughter is heard. Later they begin to cut off the skin of his face, then immediately cut the head off and one of them displays it to the camera, to later be placed in a refrigerator. In the bloodthirsty scene you can see the man is quartered, his extremities are cut little by little, later to be placed with the rest in plastic bags.”

      There is another old cartel video where a chubby guy in white shirt was getting his fingers cut off then beheaded. But never seen all of these combined into one video to be honest ?

      • That’s one. There’s another over on Best Gore. It looks like it was filmed indoors in a shower or other tiled room. They cut off the victim’s penis and balls first, while he hung nude by the feet. And with that one they also cut off arms, then the head. After the head’s off, they then cut off the legs and his torso falls to the floor.

      • Maybe we will see more, like the ones filmed in the meat packing plant where they killed a bunch of guys by slicing off heads. But the head and death should come last, if you’re gonna torture for paybacks – and to make videos that will terrify your opposition.

        • @xizang
          Yes, I was very impressed with the slaughter house ISIS video. Reminds me of Rob Zombie movies. But I personally would like to see more female videos. My favorite was still the 17 year old pink shirt “cook” that pissed her pants during the decapitation. I know they hang a lot of people from bridges there in Mexico. I would love to see several nude women hanging by piano wire or barb wire.

          • I’m one of those old school guys who sees positive potential in women. I always see it as such a waste when women – especially younger, attractive women – die. I think maybe of all the enjoyment some guy could have had being with her. Old school.

          • That slaughter house ISIS video got to me, I don’t know why as I have seen plenty of torture and beheadings. Maybe it was because all of the victims looked so young.

  5. Yay ! Cartels are back ! You fluffy muthafuckers you. Made my day .
    I was getting tired of looking at pictures and watching people getting run over by stupid Asian drivers . Zetas we want more please. I find the human anatomy interesting… Great post you guys! 😛

  6. Yes up there with e men & hammer..
    That’s real life good..
    He fucked over someone good for sure..
    Loved his blood gurgle…pity the body twist was hard to see. Well his death is our gore…props to the excellent job to more tourcher posts..its interesting how the body sounds as it is put under greatly forced insane methods of tourcher…I always from a young girl wanted to cut breasts of & hang them on the wall….lol….boy id love to have been privy to Geoffrey Darmers tourcher & keeping nearly dead a body ..just fascinating…

    • And ever since a young boy, I’ve wanted to see more breasts – and enjoy them all soft and squishy, warm and suckable. I prefer my breasts still alive and on beautiful young women. But I’m strange that way.

      If I can’t have female breasts still alive and on the woman, maybe some up-close video of them being cut off, of the inside and cut surfaces, and what’s done with them. (Never let good titties go to waste!)

      I remember seeing something on 60 Minutes on TV many years ago. There was some Mexican along the border someplace, that was slicing off women’s nipples, and drying them. He was said to have a large necklace full of different women’s nipples, that he wore in public. That would be fascinating to see!

      (Reminds me of the human scrotum tobacco sacks I saw when I was a kid)

        • Cool! Good to know you remember the same sort of kinky and strange stuff we’ve seen over the years.

          It’s odd how customs and society have changed over a short time. Just a hundred or so years ago, it was okay for people to have human artifacts – like books bound in human leather, or shoes or belts made from human hides. I remember an antique collector who had two old tobacco sacks, made out of human scrotums cut off of Indians killed at the Sand Creek Massacre in 1865. They were awesome – just looking at some other guys’ scrotums, turned into everyday items as trophies owned by strangers.

  7. Fuck yeah! That is some brutal shit right there. I love how stumpy was trying to reach up like he wanted to grab the blade but sadly no hand or fingers to do the job! Bravo for the video, if I had an extra thumb I would give this one 3 thumbs up. Maybe I can borrow one of stumpy’s?

  8. So far, it’s unanimous: More Mexican torture videos por favor! And for us perverts – how about more of hanging the victims naked, upside-down, and cutting off his penis and balls for us male trophy fans! (It would be good to see who takes the penis and balls home, and if they have a collection)

    Camera work is important. We can’t all be there, so if they use a good quality camera, get up close where the cutting’s being done, and let us see the detail of the carving being done, we would really appreciate it. Gracias!

  9. There has only been a 1/2 videos that I have seen that I couldn’t watch… This is one of them. I can’t do it. I just don’t understand humans. What the hell is wrong with us? This video should be shown to all Hillary supporters. These are the people that you want to let into our borders on top of that add into the mix about 100k Somali immigrants and about 130k Muslims. These people have no respect for human life. It has been proven repeatedly through what we see on these sites on a daily basis. I’m actually scared to see what my child will have to grow up with.

    • You’re right. But if it’s muslim terrorists that are being disposed of, then I have no problem with it. And some followup videos of feeding scraps of dead muslims to the hogs should throw an extra dose of terror into every muslim’s soul. Allah is said to not be very pleased with muslims who have anything to do with swine. And muslims consumed by swine, and turned into pork and pigshit, are probably not gonna make it to their paradise. Whatever that is…

    • The chainsaw video was great, wasn’t it? I especially liked the chubby guy off to the left watching his buddy’s head get sawn off. And at one point, the tip of the chainsaw nicks him in the arm and he gets an extra dose of super-reality.

  10. @hunter1031 I too fear what my kids will grow up around and see,and since bammy just let a shit load of these bastards in I see in the near future some beheading vids that’ll be filmed right here in the good old USA,the thing i fear most is hearing there annoying ass voices screaming allasnackbar all over the place,ugghhh…and there god awful music too

    • Well, if it’s muslim terrorists in the USA, that could be an interesting game to play. Because there’s a whole lot more NON-muslims in the US, it’s a lot more likely we will be hanging their stinking carcasses upside down, nude, and carving their penises and balls off for opening ceremonies to cutting them up alive. Heads and death should be last. Screams can be subdued with gags in the mouth.

      • @xizang I’ve often thought of smoking a whole human in my bbq pit,it could actually hold two humans at once,only in an apocalyptic scenario of course ,I heard this dude describing the taste and texture of human flesh that had been dried like jerky and how once you taste it you know it’s not like anything you’ve ever had or will have again,i believe his name was general buttnaked

          • @yournextexgirl ya he was a crazy fucker talked about getting kids high as hell and sending them into combat naked and then capturing other boys from rival gangs and dismembering them for consumption with his child soldier army

        • I think there are many places around the world where cannibalism is perfectly legal – it’s the killing that’s prohibited. But if you can get the dead human without having any problem with the law, why not try experiencing human meat? I know I would love to try some.

          Not long ago there was a young Japanese chef who had his male genitals surgically removed and frozen. Later, after he healed, he put together a dinner party and invited guests who paid for the chance to sit and enjoy eating the guy’s cooked penis, testicles and scrotum. Local cops wanted to arrest him and charge him with something – but found there were no laws against it. So the fortunate few got to enjoy the cannibal’s favorite cut of all: human penis head.

  11. Ya there’s a shitload of giant wild hogs out here by me,i wouldn’t mind seeing them eat a few hundred Muslims,people in Texas would pay for the privilege to watch that,if more Americans actually watched that slaughter house video it would change there views about what needs to be done….

  12. Wow. This is totally up there with the Dagestan video in my book. Kind of rough to watch! I wonder what he did to get that punishment. Yikes and yikes again. I heard “Sweet Child O Mine” and “Funky Town” in the back and thought I was way too high but read through the comments and am so glad other people heard em too LOL wtf is that about, fire the DJ for your murder parties and find a new one

  13. I won’t watch, can’t stand to see suffering and torture. I just hope that his body went into shock and kept him from feeling every cut and slash. Maybe you go a bit numb, like when you’re plucking your eyebrows? These guys will probably never be caught, but they’ll most likely get theirs soon enough. Fucked up bastards.

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  15. Couldn’t see it all. The poor mans’s groans broke my heart.
    I have never been filled with so much impotent rage in my life .i am still trembling.
    It still angers me that we still have these satanic -types walking amongst us.
    Sometimes it is good to have one person be judge jury and executioner but not now. I would have these vermin doing hard labour the old way till they drop dead or the old punshment for infanticide in ancient greece.: the culprit mother was tied to her murdered baby all the while it was decomposing; ,all the smells ,fluids and ghastly sights were almost guaranteed to send the mother stark raving mad in three days!

  16. For some reason, this is the one and only video that haunts me. I literally can’t stop thinking about it, especially the part where the dude shoves like a box cutter or something in the other dudes mouth to hold his head still or shut him up. I can’t wait to send this video to someone that pisses me off!

  17. Guns n Roses was a song on the radio that someone couldn’t handle so they changed to “I gotta move on now.” Some people’s sensitivites. Likes and dislikes can be funny depending on ones current surroundings. Peel a mans face off is okay with him. Guns n Roses on the radio…can’t stand it.

  18. that was the WORST video I have seen and I’ve seen alot of brutal murders but that one takes the cake, I would have liked seeing he’s face getting peeled off, I know that’s bad but I love horror and gore.if anybody knows any videos of face peeling please post.

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