Man Run Over by Train in Brazil

Man Run Over by Train in India

Good morning my fellow sociopaths. A man in Brazil had the misfortune of getting run over by a train. It’s unclear whether or not the man committed suicide or if this was a pure accident (falling onto the tracks). We hear a woman crying in the background, perhaps a family member or just a woman traumatized by seeing the horror take place. And it is indeed, horror, seeing what was once a man being reduced to component parts. Giblets and gristle. Chunks and hock. Guts and limbs…

Looks like this one didn’t get to live to see his body mangled to such a degree. We have seen people who have survived being run over by trains in the past and that must be a whole other kind of horror.

Thanks to @mrspink for the hookup.

UPDATE: I originally said India but this actually happened in Brazil. You’d figure yours truly would be able to recognize Brazilian Portuguese by now…

According to RGM member @theportuguesedude, the people in the video are commenting how the man has bullet holes in him. @theportuguesedude speculates the man was shot and then thrown on the tracks possibly as a coverup? So we are no longer in accident territory, this is a murder case (cue Law and Order dun dun music).

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61 thoughts on “Man Run Over by Train in Brazil

  1. Lol @obli…it night were I’m at & coming of shift from a long 18hr caffeine & I are never far away…my fav is a double shot latte?…
    Now back to the post..Indians seem to love kissing track when there’s a train self imposition or fate it seems to be their from rapping the shit out of school chidren & breeding like fuckers TRAINS & INDIANS aint a good mix..chuckle

  2. I seriously loved how the dude poked him. Twice. The first time I was had to stop and think about it…”did he just poke him??” but the second time just made me laugh. You go to every body part then come back and poke a dude, awesome in my book.

  3. To be fair, it was at night and those 200 ton machines going at 70 mph with lights and noise you can hear from about a mile are hard to see ha! Love the guy poking him do you think he said, hey Mr Singh you wake up and get back to the call centre !!

  4. Awesome carnage… And by the way, in here we have lots of sinistrical ads for funerary home arround, and i’ve seen on the internet one example that (although its not in here) its placed on the other side of the tracks saying “Come a little closer”… 😆 can we root that as one of the possible causes of death?

  5. Just couldn’t figure out about their spoken gibberish and with so many voices going tenor,bass. and baritoned at times with the constant wailing of someone who might have been a relative or someone close .
    With those flip-flops that showed up often I thought the story is trickled in thorugh Brazil …………
    Whoever it was ……the chopped up gore subjects are extreme ………..I think he was trying to measure up the gap from wheel to wheel when the disaster struck
    One of his meatloaf appears to be his half arse and his bull sized testes still wanting to wiggle.

  6. Courious minds want to know….! If you were kidnapped, given this list and told you must pick one out of the 10 provided or yu would have the most painful death known to man….what would it be? @ladywicked666 @trainwreck @re-pete
    Start with you guys.
    1. Thrown in front of a fast moving train (impact could cause several immediate fatal injuries… Or you could be “that guy” still alive,but severed in half. Personally seen 4/5 videos of this, I’m sure the posibility are higher then one would expect)
    2. Russian Roulette… with you and a dear family member, you are holding the gun.
    3. Shot numerous times to the body up to 4 shots and left. (hope they hit your heart)
    4. Lynched -Brazil style ( typical beaten with flip floped feet, sticks, jumped on, kicked and pounded. Could have some bricks thrown in the mix as well as tree limbs )
    5.Lynched- African style (beated, kicked, head crushed by boulders, bricks or anything available, set on fire.. Or a combo of all)
    6. Drowning – hands and feet tied and thrown into a water supply. Hopefully not a sewer… Ewww
    7. Beheaded – Mexican style (be careful on this one, most have a hard time really getting to it quickly, plus a lot have dull blades)
    8. Beheaded -Isis style (seem very efficient and have mastered this job skill…. For the most part)
    9. Thrown off a 10 story building
    10. Forced to ingest poison ( certain types can and will cause serious pain. I have heard of certain poisonous substances that people have commited suicide,or been murdered with have caused internal organs to turn black and have burned internally. Even cause organs and clothes to continue to smolder 3/4 days after death. Sounds pleasant. I also know there are certain poisonous substances h that let you slip away peacefully. But, unfortunately, You have no say on which substance would be used )

    Feel free to add any to the list! Let’s see if everyone wants to answer. I’ll start: it would be 3. I’ll take the chances of being filled with holes. Plus who knows, they might miss a vital organ or artery and I could be saved.

    Please let us know why you chose the number you did 🙂

  7. I always assume train videos are from India, it was like a pleasent suprise that a De Silva somebody met a fate that usualy smells of curry. Kind of like a cross over episode.

    Who else heard kurts voice after this video?? “Im half the man i used to beeee,”

  8. Wow…you gotta love Brazil. Not only do those folks love killing and maiming other people, but they like to get it on video. I’m not saying that we don’t have the same fucked up types of people in the U.S., our people just tend to scream and be dramatic bitches instead of viewing the carnage as a photo opportunity.

    • This guy was riding the Poo-Choo train cause he’s shit outta’ luck. I saw the update that he got shot, but still I have no sympathy for someone hit by a train. Fixed iron rails, huge machine vibrating the ground a mile away, bright lights, deafening horn, wake up!

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