Brazilian Mangled in Road Accident

Brazilian Mangled in Road Accident

Wooo Come and get it! We got dinner fresh for you Gorriors so line up and grab a slice of some minced Brazilian! Man here was involved in a bad wreck, he was most likely on a motorcycle and went flying off of it. He ripped his leg open and the bone is just sticking out like a true boner. That hand is awol and leaving a bloody stump, we see some meat just slide right off of it towards the end. Dude is all kinds of dazed and confused and can you blame him? While alive in the video, he reportedly died en route to the hospital. Aside from that, no further information is avaiable.

Many thanks to @mrspink for the hookup!

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34 thoughts on “Brazilian Mangled in Road Accident

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  1. Bro was still alive. Thats so fucked up. Its like he knew he was fucked up then his mangled left hand rolled of his split gut and he looked up and saw death itself stearing back at him. You could tell just by looking at his face he wasnt ready. He didnt get a silent or even moderatly painful death. Nope. He looks like one of those dead bodies that glich out in call of duty. A writhing, mangled, bloody, sac. A death that apart from humanity, would never have been felt nor suffered. No time, no bye, or regret, no time to feel anything but a painful slipping of conscious into a frightningly deep ocean he wasnt ready to meet.

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