Girl in Hospital After Scalping

Girl in Hospital After Scalping

Happy Sunday!! Well it’s probably not happy for everyone considering most of us have work tomorrow so what better way to cheer you all up than to post some fucked up shit? Today, we have a woman from Columbus, Ohio who had most of her scalp removed when her hair got caught in a sheet metal cutting machine. The incident occurred on June 8 when Stephanie Adkins, age 30, was rushed to the hospital after her hair got caught when she bent down to pick something up off of the floor. The skin around her head, neck and ear was torn off and she underwent a 7 hour operation to reattach the skin. On June 14, she had a skin graft and surgeons had to take blood vessels and veins from her leg to help repair the damage. Her journey still isn’t over as doctors are unsure if her sight will return and she will have to see an optical surgeon as well as more reconstructive surgery. I think I’m gonna keep my hair tied up for a while after seeing this.

Props to @mrspink for the gore and for the update on the information!!

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      • Omg. Poor thing. I thought this was the little girl who was scalped on the ride at a park. They look alike. That poor girl had her hair trapped in the gears of the ride and it ripped off the top half of her head! Eye lids and all. Eww! Looks like this little one had the same thing. I know from experience that there is no pain at first… But once the initial shock starts to subside, the pain hits you like a brick wall. I had the whole right side of my face completely kicked in by a horse with racing shoes on behind. Had most the bones in my face either shattered or fractured…. It sounded like a watermelon had exploded when the hoof hit my face. But I didn’t “feel” it…I just felt the hit and it knocked me down. It was just a weird intense throbbing and an immediate loss of vision in my right eye. Then the blood started to pour out. when I went to touch my face, because I knew I had serious problem (lol) , I felt my eyeball was protruding. The horse had steel shoes on behind and hit me square on my cheek bone and the other hoof landed under my collar bone. I was in shock trauma over a month. But I will NEVER forget the pain. it started as a wave and it just washes over you, you feel it come I’ve your body, starting at the top and it goes all the way to your toes… This intense heat/warmth. It is a scary feeling and i honestly thought that the warmth Spreading through my body meant I was dying. I had serious injuries, including brain swelling (TBI) I remember when I was experiencing the intense heat spreading and the pain was indescribable at this point, I really thought I was dying or that I was almost dead because my vision went completely white/bright. what I felt then, in that helicopter, I will never forget. I’m sure it was due to the trauma, but your brain doesn’t tell you that then. You just feel like you are going towards “the light” Since then, I always wonder about people who say they had a after death experience in the hospital or they saw “the light” when they go through trauma, I now understand how they feel they had an “experience” In reality it is probably just how the human body is able to handle serious trauma. But the pain is something that still haunts me. Not cool!!

          • @elmaspison No it wasn’t a door… I was in the helicopter already. What’s to believe? I said that I think it is the body’s way of reacting to the pain and trauma.
            I said specifically that other people believe they are having a life after death moment or they are seeing “the light”
            I said I don’t believe they are, that it is all from the bodies natural reactions.
            Definately not someone shining a light or opening a door. Since I’ve been clinically dead before… I think I should know.

          • @hunter1031 yeah you never said anything about believing you were going towards the light.. smfh. But you know what you’re a fucking champ because you literally got back on the horse and in this case it isn’t a euphemism

          • @hunter1031
            I was talking about the comment “I always wonder about people who say they had a after death experience in the hospital or they saw β€œthe light” when they go through trauma” like I said. it’s from the paramedics and the doctor checking vitals. it’s standard to check pupil dilation. but every case is different. specially when your body is going into shook. I didn’t mean “you” specifically. I should have worded that differently.
            @trainwreck take a step back. @hunter1031 can answer for her self. Don’t syfh too hard. you might get more mental injuries.

        • @hunter1031 I can’t even imagine the fear and horror you must have felt when that happened to you! I don’t know if I would have had the guts to touch my face when it happened, like I would want to know what the damage was but I would also be scared to know! How are you now? Has everything healed well? Thanks for sharing your own story of extreme pain with us.

          • @mistressofgore yes I’m doing better now. It was over two years ago. I definitely have some problems, but considering my injuries, I’m not complaining. The plastic surgeon was amazing!! My team did a phenomenal job and my vision came back slowly. I still have problems with it. I’m just happy they were able to match the other side of my face. I still have like 36 screws holding my jaw bone together and there is a screw that is actually shifting and is now protruding from my eye brow. Lol. Always did have a few loose ones! The biggest pain in the ass is the nerves are fucked and it can get quite painful sometimes.

  1. She looks to be happy in those pics…must be pumped full of morphine. Hopefully after seeing this not only Littlefoot but all the long haired ladies (and men) will keep their hair tied up when working on machinery. It takes months to grow it out but only a split second to have it ripped out at the scalp.

  2. Shit think thats a long haired person’s worst fear?..The scalping! would it be to feel ya skull open to the air & having some realization why…I wonder if the thought of ” what happens if it doesn’t attach properly” is going through her mind..Dam sham that’s all I can say…

  3. Damn I think work place accidents are fucked up. Their actually working getting through life then the next you have a bad day in less than a minute after something so innocent like picking something up. That’s a shit ton of staples. Poor thing I hope she didn’t lose her eye site.

  4. That was untoward for the lady to have gone egghead but the surgeons will have her get recovered in time and I hope she gets her hair and the looks back
    I especially liked the darling pup 🐩 in her last thumbnail
    and the lady herself looks to be pretty joyous and bubbly .
    Machines are unpredictable as they wanna chew at most times when brought to life

    Hope the dames who their let their hair down especially around places like these seriously need to pay heed

  5. “Why do you work for a living if you kill yourself working?” -Tuco

    I wish i could of seen pre surgery pics but its still kickass content! Seriously though, poor girl.

    Also, whomever can name the movie this quote ia from, i will totaly like wed you and buy you a house….

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