Feet Defeated by Frostbite

Feet Defeated by Frostbite

I live in a tropical country so I never really have to worry about frostbite. It’s a perk if you live somewhere with just two seasons – wet and dry. You might die in a flood or get droughts but hey, at least you don’t lose your toes.

I don’t have information about the feet but what I do know is that the feet might go bye-bye because of the frostbite. Do those feet have to go away? Can’t you just defrost it? Or let it warm under the sun? I’m gonna have to ask @yournextexgirl for that.

You gotta take care of those piggies, folks. ‘Winter is coming.’ Jeez, I wonder what people in Russia wear during winter.

I keep forgetting the credits now because, let’s be honest, when did I post a non-@mrspink stuff on RGM? Didn’t happen yet right? So if I forgot to put in the credits, it’s from her. We Asians gotta support each other ’cause we part of the Yellow brotherhood. Ya dig, gorriors?

Peace out, foo’s.

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62 thoughts on “Feet Defeated by Frostbite

  1. Lol KAY…I just hope we get the post of the amputation…cause they be pretty fuck them romper stompas..I still find it hard to get my head around people that leave shot to the last moment before seeking help.
    I bet if they were asked ” would you ever let youself go & not attend to medical issues?”
    They would of said ” No I look after my health..Im fine…I eat & keep warm or cool depending on season Im doing well!
    That would be mind blowing painfull never mind the toxins in their systems..

  2. Now why would ANYONE walk outside of your house barefooted when its snowing? I live in Texas where the heat is our winter – it’s only snowed here where I live once – we used to throw balls of ICE at each other. That’s right, it wasn’t snow. We used to leave each other with bruises and scars.

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