Young Brazilian Gunned Down, Sleeps in Thick Pool of Blood

Young Brazilian Gunned Down, Sleeps in Thick Pool of Blood

Obli knows that his little Gorriors need to wake up and get their morning blood, so Obli delivers the blood! Young Brazilian man was gunned down in public. He was shot in the head and you can see the blood leaking out of his ear (that’s never a good sign, boys and gores). But what the young man now lacks in a life, he more than makes up for with his offering of blood. No real info is available but I’m sure we, being well versed in the art of Brazil, can come up with the scenario. Perhaps even his name?

Props to the Pink! @mrspink that is.

68 thoughts on “Young Brazilian Gunned Down, Sleeps in Thick Pool of Blood

  1. Maybe this dude is part of the secret organisation that’s trying to wipe out all Da Silvas and the Da Silvas are finally fighting back?… Or maybe his name is something something Da Silva and he was killed over something to do with drugs, shit I dunno. Either way that’s some fine blood leakage! 🙂

  2. And what a coincidence to be lying in a pool of blood with shorts lettered “WAVE RED ” those big letters seem to be screaming out
    One of his hands is on his crotch ……….. I think he was caught jerking in public .
    I suppose In Brazil the same is punishable with death
    His haircut is neat but ….. and his Barber seems like a good guy giving crew cuts to young dudes who get gunned down when caught jerking .

          • I’m so happy to hear that @trainwreck! And I found out by sheer accident that it you don’t leave a space after the @name , before punctuation, it doesn’t highlight and no notification/email is sent to let you know someone replied to a comment. Sigh. Happened to catch this one by accident too. Thankfully. Nah…the fight is Pete & Blucon, or Blucon & Blucon lol, as expressed below lol Ooops. Just read further down & saw your “Just woke Up”comment. Good on you girl!

          • Holy moly. I’m trying to catch up. I have been helping my son build his Meccano Robot. So I’m a bit squinty eyed, tired and have a little headache. These people have lost their fucking minds

          • @synlover yeah no spacing sugar. As for those two I still have no idea what they’re yacking about but blucon said he’s scared and I find that very funny all because of @sumtingwong2016

            He either has no idea whats going on and why or he’s from the other place and knows us all already and is just seriously fucking with us

            @blucon you thought he was she? I can see why @re-pete why would he of assumed he wasn’t a female?

            And I’m catching up now?

          • Haysus (lol) ( seeing as it’s a post about Brazil) fucking Christ – this thing with sumtingwong got waaay outta control @re-pete. @trainwreck & I finally decided we’d share him, only to have @blucon & you get into the gender issue thing. Who’d have thought there’d be so much (jokingly) fighting & teasing & controversy over someone that rarely ever deigns to reply to comments directed his way (unless that’s changed in the 4 days I’ve been off site/line) And I figure we’re ALL silly. A laugh now & again is good for ya!
            But that blucon guy…he wanted to steal sumtingwong from me & trainwreck for you & he. Nope, nope, nope. Ain’t gonna happen. He’s ours!

          • @trainwreck – not to worry darlin’ – I have whole weeks like that! Hope all’s well & you finished helping your son with his Meccano Robot.
            @re-pete – been here & there, and quite a bit of time out & about being a social butterfly before the snow comes. Go into hibernation mode then! Spend a chunk of every day being sick too, and am having major connectivity problems; WiFi keeps cutting in & out. My luck my router’s crapping out & the weekend’s almost here so phone co won’t ship new one til Mon. Sigh. Have a lot of catching up to do. Our forecast is for snow on Sunday. Grrr

          • @synlover Unfortunately I should’ve laid out all of the parts first so this robots got one black leg and one grey leg. The black part was the neck but it didn’t look like that in the instructions. I’ve got wires protruding everywhere and shit poor directions about where the connect to. I’ve taken a break its almost finished. I just have the bottom legs, wires and its rollers.

          • Holy crap @trainwreck! Meccano, like most other things has certainly evolved over the years (Lego too, or did they stay strictly building blocks,despite having a whole town made of the stuff?) When I was younger & helped my bro with his, all it was was different colored metal bar thingys [love that word – it describes soooo many things! lol] and a little bag of nuts & bolts.
            Sounds like most other things that come with detailed instructions – the person writing them does a literal translation from their mother tongue, and you end up with something similar to how the Thai’s describe accident & crime scenes, though not as funny of course as you’re frustrated. Sounds like you’ll have to go trolling at the grocery store, or the park, or some other public place where you can see dads interact with their kids to “help” you with your problem (if you’re single, I mean lol). Your son have any friends with decent single dads that would perhaps be willing to help? Just call me Miss Matchmaker lol. Good luck getting it put together, and hunting (?) should you decide to accept this mission ; ) Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  3. LOOK AT ALL THAT PRETTY POOLING!.. Tiz sad, and I feel for this idiots loves, but I appreciate the display his death provided to us, the fact that there’s not too much information. I’ll stick with my gut, a shot like that is professional, or at least closer to. Also tiz a killshot, meaning whoever did this wanted immediate to semi immediate death….soooo,with that being all said,and done…my personal belief has always been, if you live by the gun, prepare to DIE by the gun!!…..Living a lifestylelike the one above, but in the USA, you grow to understand, that the above are the risks of living the fast life baby!! LIVE FAST,DIE YOUNG!¡!¡

    Many thank yous to you BOTH @obli&@mrspink you guys are awesome!

    ALL HAiLS! ❤

  4. I’m no medical expert, but I would argue there is a blood pooling “derp hand” present, in the midst of his return to a somewhat fetal position, during his bleed out, crumpled up out of his flip flops, however I will yield such definitions here to Obli and our resident medical professionals.

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