Vaginal Worms or Convenient Rice Server?

Vaginal Worms or Convenient Rice Server?

Happy Friday. To start things off tonight, how about a stomach-churning porn from what appears to be India or some such place. The woman is displaying her nasty vagina complete with maggots. Either that or it’s a make-shift rice server. There’s no back story on the vid, just a conversation starter for this Friday night. Dig in, Gorrirors.

Props to @theluvmuscle for getting me in the mood for date night.

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173 thoughts on “Vaginal Worms or Convenient Rice Server?

  1. With the film director’s name being Farai “Yung F. K.” Kaumba, I’m leaning towards somewhere in Africa as the location. If so, this is why you shouldn’t use chicken blood on your wooden dildo, or stuff snakes up there for fertility reasons.
    Unless you want to be fertile with wiggling maggots.

    • ? her joy button ? that’s good stuff.

      I wondered too on the smell….and the pain. My god how much pain she could be in? She has not only what looks to be a case of ulceration? Herpes? Vaginitis? Shit vaginismus? She’s fucked internally probably all the way up to her cervix lining. The maggots are in there like swim wear. I’m also wondering if the maggots got into her urethra? Fuck I can not imagine wth happened to her. This has gone far past hygiene. Blegh.

    • Please tell me you’re NOT going to eat those clitty critters @sumtingwong2016? And a waffle iron for Mrs Wong for Christmas when she wants a black cock to keep (well, sometimes anyways, wink, wink) in the bedside table? Life is just full of injustices. My friend’s fiance asked her what she wanted for a wedding present. She told him his brother. He gave her a new Harley Davidson instead. But hold on – I guess she DID get to put some power between her legs…just not QUITE the kind she’d asked for. lol

  2. The beginning cracked me up. 1950’s B horror film intro

    They came in the middle of the night….Be afraid but don’t look away! Because when you are least expecting it…… You too can have

    ————!!!!!!!!!! VAGINAL WORMS !!!!!!———–


    • hey @Trainwreck,
      I (think I) remember an old american black n white B horror movie i watched years ago, that paused, and showed a “countdown”, along with a message the likes of “if you are of nervous disposition, please look away now” before showing the..erm..’horrific’ climax to the film…
      do you (or anyone else) remember such a thing? it was like a countdown clock on the screen, along with (i think) the sound of a heartbeat…. ?
      “if your heart is beating faster than this…please lookaway…”

      if anyone knows what im talking about, im sure that @gorycory will?

        • Yeah, I seem to recall several of them actually, both he & she versions, but don’t EVER remember seeing one that really looked like it had teeth, until this one @trainwreck. Sorry for delay…just happened to be scrolling down to check for new comments and saw your reply! And yeah, that WAS gross, but this is RGM so no worries, and no apology necessary!

  3. I doubt whether the Doctor will be able to help her out from her misery .All she needs to do is to tuck in a wad of cotton dipped in vinegar and live it there overnight and a little of hot chilli sauce applied at the back .
    And she is gonna be alright the next day ..its that famous trick the grandmas have sworn by.
    but then again Sometimes grandmas know bestβ€”and sometimes not .

    • @eyez2die4 Did you like your surprise, Eyes? Did you squeeze your thighs?
      Yuck, huh? I know you’re the kind of girl who keeps herself clean, but how can someone let it go this far and not at least clean this shit off?

      • @theluvmuscle I actually did babe!! Lol once I got over the shock I showed it around lol. Twas a great time seeing reactions lol. Shit did make me want to take a brilow pad to myself to get extra clean though. I will never understand it either, how can someone wait so long or at least not try to clean it. Like really wtf I scab up my legs knowing theres a hair inside somewhere. Even if I have a pimp, It’s been attacked. Bothers me so much.

    • HaHa! In one of Richard Pryor’s stand up routines, he was talking about when he was loaded and shot his car in Long Beach, CA and the police showed up. Then he said “In Long Beach they don’t shoot cars, they shoot nig-gars!”. This was well before police beatings and shootings were big in the MSM.

  4. That’s nasty, she needs to get the SUMMERS EVE pack, the douch, the wash and deodorant spray to feel fresh all day, I use it everyday especially when my hubby goes down on me, no tuna here that’s a SUMMERS EVE promise.

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