Woman Wearing Pink Pants Shot in the Head, Sidewalk Wears Red

Woman Wearing Pink Pants Shot in the Head, Sidewalk Wears Red

Good morning Gorriors! Lets start the day off right with some bloodshed courtesy of Brazil. Not much info on this one but a woman wearing pink pants and a matching bra in the Pedregal neighborhood in the city of Campina Grande, state of ParaΓ­ba, Brazil, was murdered with a single head shot fired by a single man on a motorcycle. The unidentified woman died instantly on the sidewalk… well, looks more like the idea of a sidewalk, but I digress. Witnesses report no confrontation or seeming motive for the murder, he simply drove up to her, shot her in the head and went on his merry way.

Mad props to @mrspink for sending the woman in pink.

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96 thoughts on “Woman Wearing Pink Pants Shot in the Head, Sidewalk Wears Red

          • @alliegrace my last comment to you bothered me. Things were going on. Here’s what my first thought was. Husband/BF killed her over something. I see that often

            @gezza o don’t know about all women but I love cute clothes. Except clothes with giant numbers on them like “88” and branded clothing. I’m not paying a ton of money to give an already wealthy company free advertisement. Louis Vuitton etc. Won’t do it

          • That’s OK @trainwreck, no worries. It was actually a rhetorical question. I was just thinking out loud. When someone gets killed like that, you have to wonder why. I wasn’t trying to imply that the victim was a bad person. How would I know anyway? Poor woman, is all.

          • @alliegrace I only seen your comment partially. It’s been one of those days. I’m helping my son build a robot and I put a piece on upside down…of course in the very beginning. Didn’t have to start over but it was a pain in the ass. No you could be right it being about drugs….she could’ve been a secondary casualty. Stray bullet, wrong target, right target? I always want to know how and why things like this happened. Even if I did find some news source regarding it I don’t speak Portugese nor do I trust Google translate to make sense.

          • @trainwreck, no problem at all. Oh yeah, I know how you feel putting toys together like that. I’ve done so much lego with my son, and they can be so complicated. You have to take it all apart and start again if you get it wrong in the beginning. Hope your sons robot is done now? πŸ˜€

          • Hellllllll no it’s not. This is the Meccano robot, a log of screws etc..tiny areas. Then I put one complete part together and realized I had either put it in upside down…or something else really ridiculous. I’ll have it done tomorrow hopefully. I thought it was a cool idea at the time and still will be once it’s done but until then its a fucking pain in my ass. It was also really expensive at over $100. But it’s worth it and always is when it concerns my kid.

            Legos are also a pain. My son never got into them hardcore. We had a few and I actually cut my foot on a yellow one in the middle of the night. That hurt so much omg. Building with the kids fun fun fun! ?

  1. Aww she’s wearing braces. I always thought braces on a girl were kinda cute but she looks fuckin creepy… Well I guess that’s because she’s dead but still… She’s fuckin creepy looking. Meh, doubt she looked much better when she was alive anyway.

    • so ….we compile the stretchmarks with the braces and the fact she was killed in brazil and we come up with a dope dealing chica who either spoke too loudly or forgot to pay her supplier …we know all the former info because nobody in brazil can both afford braces and look so skanky at the same time …just sayin”

        • @synlover Maybe they’re not keeping up with their monthly quota, so the driver lets his partner off somewhere to take care of one kill, while the driver takes care of another kill, and then meet back later at the corner or something. That saves time and they can get more kills in just 1 day without rushing too much. Ultimately we’ll all be satisfied with this new strategy of theirs.
          Wait, did I really just say all that? 😯

          • Looks like you’re taking book writing lessons from me @re-pete LOL. Your rationalization makes perfect sense though.Maybe after seeing how efficient it is the “powers that be” will field another set of killers.

  2. I don’t think she died instantly. She had to be standing a couple moments, or possibly even walked for a few feet, before she dropped for the blood to run out of her nose and drip the droplets on her neck, chest, arm and by her armpit.
    Gravity contradicts the eye witness’ story.

  3. Unmistakbly its the killer duo or a single marksman that sturck again
    More like the way she is I think she was some sorta drug mule and the rival cartle found it sore to their eyes when she unawaringly got marked for peddling .
    As for a special mention about colorful pairs of flip-flops they are there already caught by the camera eye .

    She is brandishing out a cell phone right there next to her body
    Hello ! Hello !! is someone around ??
    Look what have they done to me ……. I am a one eyed dead junkie already
    Not a moment of surprise when its Brazil appearing umpteenth times over !!

      • my family has the iPhone 7 and Samsung up to date in Latin America,
        in a country that is “20” years behind lol
        do we know if this was a throw away phone used to sell drugs? do you know how a “dial a dope” phone network works? why would I use a fancy phone to sell drugs?
        maybe this is all she could afford from a super corrupt country that doesn’t give a fuck about its people.
        they don’t give away Obama phones in Latin America.
        don’t confuse corruption and poverty with whatever way “you” live. not everyone needs to keep updating their snapchat or instagram. Don’t generalize “us” either. not everyone has the fancy phones you have in your city, that alone your country.
        “Mexico is 15 to 20 years behind us”
        lol dumbest comment on rigormortis so far.
        What’s with the ignorant facts? lol
        carlos slim is the second richest man in the world, has made his money from high tech and owning the largest phone company in Latin America to name a couple.
        not bad for someone who sells 20 year old technology and cellphones lol
        imagine if we were up to-date, we would be doing teleportation and moving back and forth in time!

      • Gotta agree with Elma on this one but definitely not on the presentation of the argument lol

        No we are a few months behind, actually. We got the Note 7 and the iPhone 7 about a few weeks to months later.

        I knew because youngsters on Facebook cling to their sugar daddies harder when it came out. ????

        • I don’t own a cellphone so I wouldn’t know. My apologies @elmaspison I really didn’t mean to be insulting but I live in a neighborhood full of people from Mexico and they’re the ones who said that in Mexico they’re behind the times especially by way of style and american tv. Never mentioned ANYTHING about drugs and never mentioned all of Latin America or any other fucking country. I don’t use Twitter, I don’t use Snapchat either or update any status or have a small Chihuahua I keep in a Gucci bag

          • I love them…all of them. I watched a tiny dog being walked and he or she was struggling to get up onto the sidewalk. They had to pick him or her up…..it was a super tiny dog with a huge amount of hair. Miniature Pomeranian? Is there even such a thing???

          • They have some interesting Pom’s Beautiful dogs, Big bucks though. I got my scruffy Chi in the parking lot of a Burger King for 300 bucks. He is my security alarm. He lets me know if anyone comes near the house. Then I will scare them away. πŸ™‚

          • Wow what an expensive dog! He’s lucky you came along. I rescued my cat. He came to my glass back door and meowing ..i know the cats and dogs living in my neighborhood anr never seen this guy before. Anyway after searching for his owner with no luck I ended up keeping him…but I think he knew what he was doing lol. He was very sick and it took me a long time to get him better. He has environmental asthma and was full of parasites. He also had severe PTSD. Took me a long time to get him to a normal state. Anyway

        • All I mentioned was an old cellphone and said 15_20 years behind because all of the people living in my apts are migrant farm workers from Mexico and they said how much different it was and that’s what they said to me. Ignorant I’m not. It was a small comment and all of a sudden I’m bombarded. Like I said I didn’t mention the entire world or how much better i thought I was because in all of the two years on BG and now here I never once said anything that would have made anyone feel lesser than I. Nuts

          • @trainwreck My ex lives in an area where there’s a lot of migrants and has hear from them the same thing you mentioned. Very hard to get new technology unless you have a connection/relatives in the states.

            BTW, I must say you don’t look how I pictured you’d be in my head. The tattoos, yes, but the rest, I was way off. ?

          • @kitterz you must think we live like people do in North Korea lol segregated in mud huts lol
            when they say things like that, it means they live in the dessert or middle of nowhere. I’ve been to places in the USA and Canada where I couldn’t get service on my phone. and when they say that they can’t get new technology unless you have relatives outside the country means that they are really poor. so they earn more money here, thus making it easier to send a fancy phone back home. they are ignorant. it’s not their fault. they probably assume everyone in their country has to fly out to buy an iPhone. my family buys their up to date technology in house. you know how much it would cost to ship a 60 inch tv from the USA to a relative down south? more then the TV costs it self. we have stores. our malls are pretty damn fancy. whatever you have, we have. but not just anyone can afford to shop at the malls on a $150 a month salary.

  4. Girl ………are we looking out for the bullet marks or the stretch marks
    as for being not that fat in those areas where your beautiful eyes roved her bulge to the groin is telling me she was a hitch hiker and she was helluva day and night tripper .

  5. No confortation??.. So she robbed him after she probably drugged him with her nipples…tiz an old hoe trick….visene or ghb rubbed on your nips,and your john will pass out on you,rob him, and dip…
    Unless you’re this unlucky bitch,then you are dead….
    Thank you @mrspink for the story,and many thank you so @obli for bringing us this GREAT gift! You’re both sooo awesome! ❀

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