Suicidal Man Jumps to His Death in Vietnam

Suicidal Man Jumps to His Death in Vietnam

A man identified as 22-year-old Huynh Quoc Trong, resident of Tu An Commune in Khe Town, Gia Lai Province, Vietnam, jumped from the fourth floor of the Medicine University Hospital Hoang Anh Gia Lai in Pleiku City. He had mentioned thoughts of suicide before climbing to the roof and creating a standoff where fire and rescue teams were called in to help him but to no avail as he jumped anyway. Impact is heard and seen at the 1:27 mark in the vid and continues on for several minutes more with doctors trying to resusitate the man using chest compressions. It was all futile as Huynh died at the scene.

Thanks to @mrspink for the hookup.

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  1. Holy shit kung-pao made a HUGE bang…I didn’t think the impact would be so hard, from that hight…Did anyone else hear dude in the beginning talk bout some bunghole?.. maybe that’s just their language, but all I heard was bung,bung,bang,bunghole….lolz!…
    Thank you for the great video @mrspink and the awesome article @obli… you guys are AWESOME!

  2. They really enjoy standing with their arms crossed don’t they? or with one hand on their lower back. Or like @sumtingwong2016 said, with arms folded behind their back. Then they do that “lean” to get a better view 😆
    Oh yeah, they also enjoy standing in the fucking way >:(

    • And what enthusiastic chest compressions. Totally ineffectual. ‘A little push here, to make it look good, a little push there, cause I’m looking like I know what the fuck I’m doing, I’m a hero” Push, push, push. Ya gotta almost break ribs if you’re gonna have an effect. But, sadly, this guy took a 100 g force shock to his body with stopping so fast, it ain’t gonna matter. Doc loses looking cool, jumper succeeds.

  3. wow !!! that was the most ill concieved suiside ive ever seen on a gore site !!! if they saved his life he will be a quadrapulegic … bad bad planning …stupid …but at least the students had some on hand training with a fresh courps…and whatever the site aggreement is now on our currant server this was definatly both medical related AND does not promote violence

  4. Ok, this is way off topic but I just found out that three of my co-workers were killed at the production plant in Tennessee today. I don’t live there but I know many of the people in that plant. A disgruntled employee went in with a gun and killed them. He may have killed himself also. Either way, four people dead. I don’t have pics or vids to share. Sorry. This is so surreal.

  5. I feel bad for this man, feeling that death was the only way to make the pain stop. But, maybe it is for the best sometimes. At least they’re only killing themselves instead being selfish and taking others out with them. I hope there is something after this life, I really do. And hopefully the people who die tragically do find peace there.

  6. That thud on impact just shook me up .

    I jumped cuz it felt like a bad medicine
    Bad medicines is what I needed, whoa
    Shook it up just liked those bad medicines
    There ain’t no doctor that can cure oh my my
    Bad medicines
    I never needed no needle to be givin’ me a thrill
    And I didn’t need no anesthesia or a nurse to bring me a pill

    The joy of jumping as always is an overkill

  7. This video was deffintly thought provoking. At first i felt sadness twards the young man as i wached the group of doctors try to dessperartly save his life, but then i thought that its a good thing that maybe some people actualy care enough to save what is most deffintly and most literaly, a bag of bones at that point. But who knows, maybe they were only there by force, maybe thats why they didnt even set up a net or cushion, maybe they just didnt have time. And why a guy so young decided his time was up? Did he have family or girl problems? Mental? Is Vietnam that shitty? They have great food and sticky weed….. is this death a standing(falling) metaphor about life? Maybe bro ate some bad drugs?

    And also this….

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