Man Stabbed in Eye and Makes Nice Pool of Blood

Man Stabbed in Eye and Makes Nice Pool of Blood

A man was attacked with a knife after stepping off of a bus. The knife appears to have penetrated the eye and produced quite a flow of blood. It appears that he’s still alive despite the massive blood loss. No real info is available about it. Video shows what must be a bystander taking some cell phone video of the parmedics treating the wounded man. At least he wasn’t forced away by police and was able to give us some nice blood this evening.

Props to @mrspink for the video and images.

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111 thoughts on “Man Stabbed in Eye and Makes Nice Pool of Blood

      • @borntorun ah yeah I remember hearing that in the documentary. She said her hand cramped up as she laughed. I hate how Manson is looked up to like he was the epitome of evil. Motherfucker was a con man and never laid a hand on anyone, let alone killed them. Yet he is placed alongside with real murdering psychopaths in history. He’s seriously a dumb fucking crazy hippy. The girls would’ve done anything because they thought he was the Antichrist incarnate. Druggggs maaaan lol. Acid to be precise

        • Watched a couple good docu’ s on Manson…such a crazy time. But there was something powerfully diffrent with the LSD in 60s-early 70s. Very mind controlling/had to be government issue. These wackos were really dedicated. President Ford was nearly executed by Lynette “Squeeky” Fromme. Imagine the course of history would be quite different had she succeeded. Jim Jones also another nut who was worshipped cuz of the acid.

          • Jim Jones was something else. I have book after book on Jim and many others throughout the course of history. Always the sponge. Jim Jones never had acid or give it to his followers. He did however use cyanide in the end to kill over 900 of his followers. He had everyone convinced he was the voice of God and the apocalypse was coming. He moved his followers out of America to Guyana to isolate them even further to anything and anyone they know.

            They literally gave their lives and their children’s lives over to him. He’s a douche too

          • @trainwreck The thing that always got me with the Jim Jones and the Jonestown Massacre, after listening to the recordings, is you would think that if god were to send someone to deliver his word that he would at least send someone who didn’t have a speech impediment.

          • Actually @deathbyduck87, God HAS used a man with a speech impediment to “deliver” His word before. It is widely accepted that Moses had a stuttering problem. Others believe it could have been some other linguistic issue, but a speech impediment none the less. That is of course IF you believe in God and the Bible. If not, then obviously just kindly disregard my reply. But in NO WAY, SHAPE, FORM, OR FASHION am I suggesting that Jim Jones was some sort of prophet or messiah. Anyway, just a tid bit of info to do with as you please.

          • @gorycory I had actually read that somewhere before, although I can’t remember exactly where. I’m not religious anymore, although I am still an agnostic. Jim Jones just had that creepy off putting type of vibe. He had a few psychological issues that someone with the slightest bit of common sense could see. That last recording, after he had the people on the plane killed and right before they drank the kool-aid, you can hear the apprehension in the crowd. I’m not arguing against your point about the speech impediments, I’m just saying that was the first thing that jumped out at me. Being that I find it fascinating that human beings can be so brain washed by someone like Jones, who’s appearance, speech, and demeanor scream I’m a creepy fuck. I’m not religious, but I couldn’t imagine a god that would send a prophet who would be that so off putting to the masses, and if so it’s almost cruel. The bible is full of that type of crazy though so who knows.

          • I saw a really good documentary on it recently and another movie about it on Netflix (i think) I was only 5 when it happened so can’t say I remember much about it, but I definitely remember David Koresh and his cult in Waco Texas in ’93 and Marshall Applewhite’s Heaven’s Gate cult in San Diego in ’97. I was actually living in San Diego at that time when I was in the military. It seems desperation can cause people to put their trust in just about anyone. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if another one of these “religious” cult mass suicide type things were to happen in the very near future.
            Uh oh, am I making a prophetic claim? 😆 @deathbyduck87
            Anyway….I went way off topic :/

          • @nocuntryforoldpervertedman The acid we dropped in 70’s was so good I don’t think I could ever take it again, even in the most controlled environment. I would freak out and roll in the dirt like the others we would laugh at. Plus with all filters off, I just may hurt the feelings of family when they know what I really think about them 😉

          • @borntorun yea acid ain’t no joke! “Once your in you can’t get out”….took it for 1st time at 21 y/o…white blotter. I too don’t think I could handle tripping for 8 hours!? Shit, At my age,and life now, I’d prolly end up killing myself or someone + walking into neighbors house naked trying to fuck his wife,or playing hide n seek with myself and employees at grocery store. I’m sure going to Phish show might be fun …but I’d still pass.
            Still, it had to be amazing in 60s with all the free love…

          • @gorycory I’ve seen a few documentaries on the cults myself. I read Helter Skelter in high school, and it always amazed me how some people can just be lead blindly by another human being. I’ve done some good acid in my time, and aside from acting a little goofy (I sat in my yard putting grass in my mouth just because it felt good, I also stockpiled a shit load of grass in different places in my house, like under the couch, in the fridge, and in my silverware drawer, just in case I ran out later) I mainly just felt more open minded and at peace. I could see how it could be used against people though. Honestly I really think that the next cult to fear is the Nation of Islam. The Nation of Islam is somewhere around 50,000 strong and those niggers are ready to kill them some white folks. That Mormon cult in Utah, fuck I can
            can’t think of the name of it right now, with the leader who is in jail for fucking his 12 and 14 year old wives. It something like Fundamentalist Church or something like that. There’s an HBO documentary on the cult, and he’s still playing leader from prison. It’s a big enough deal they’re afraid of another, much much larger, Waco type situation.

          • @deathbyduck87 We only had good experiences on acid as well. Whether Orange Sunshine, Window Pane or Purple Haze, mostly laughing at shit and tripping. There seemed to be almost telepathy with others on it, as if we knew what the other was saying with out speaking. Maybe it was just the drugs. 😉 I once heard an interview with Timothy Leary. He said the government considered LSD so dangerous because nobody wanted to fight when under its influence. Not good when they were drafting soldiers for Viet Nam.

        • @trainwreck Well train wreck darling,don’t wanna get your Calvin Klein panties in bunch,but Jim himself was throwing quaaludes,Valium,morphine,Thorazine down his gullet.he had all these “meds” on premises,and many members were ex drug addicts… Also when your viewed as a god,you instantly become corrupt. He was having sex,molesting members (male and female) of church. In one doc’ he asked male member if he wanted to be fucked in ass…Had another woman strip down totally naked in front of ministry.once he knew he had the power over them weak minded fools he took full advantage.

          • @nocuntryforoldpervertedman no no I just couldn’t remember. I have a few books but they’re long asf and I haven’t read them since my mid 20’s. No I’m not an asshole I can actually handle ideas that aren’t my own lol. I still have no idea because my memory fucking sucks now. The book is huge though.

          • @nocuntryforoldpervertedman I’ve watched two different documentaries on him and they both were different..but the same if that makes sense. Then I read the book and it was in its entirety but I wish people would’ve kept it straight and hadn’t removed pertinent information for TV. Give me a break why air it in the first place because this story was appalling from start to finish and with most documentaries on TV their more filled with dramatizations than the truth.

          • Btw Calvin Klein underwear are ridiculously expensive…. It’s been a few times now people referred to me having expensive items. I like $1.49 a lb thrift stores and for free stuff on the side of roads. I’m super cheap because I got to be ? even if I had money I’d still go cheap

          • @nocuntryforoldpervertedman you’d really like this book. It’s straight to the point on all 100. It’s a softback with pictures and description. All points given. Some i looked into much further just because I wasn’t satisfied with what I read and they were from the early 1900’s.

          • @trainwreck I’m not very materialistic at all,glad to hear your not a slave to bullshit society trend/fashions/brands, but sometimes we all need something that makes us feel comfortable or feel /look good. Agreed tho it’s amazing how much money is wasted on crap…ya can basically find on side of road/things for free.
            Just don’t use underwears ya find.?

          • @nocuntryforoldpervertedman the black Dahlia was very creepy. But in that day and age forensic science was still sub par and they didn’t really know what they were doing it really saddened me how she died and if the murders thereafter were committed by the same person over the years. The likely hood of her being his only kill is slim to none considering they thought this was a stranger killing. I don’t know how you feel about it or your thoughts

      • I’m only speaking truth!…I learned in my criminal law classes, that acts of crime like these ARE USUALLY OF PASSION..And whatelse are bitches,and bitchboys passionate about….C.O.C.K… Lolz!…Dude should be happy that he left with the butchers knife in his forehead, and not in his sack, or holding his severed shit! @gorycory

          • Lol @re-pete
            I’m just saying…. right now the poor fuck isn’t thinking like that, dead or alive…well..if he was dead…I’m sorry..I’m fucking stoned af,he wouldn’t think if he was dead…good job ajay…dumb dumb….lolz…
            If living still,dude will one day have a wicked ass scar and and even sickening story to tell..lucky friends of his..and a new appreciation for his cock,crazy bitches,and just life in general…I’m sleepy..holy shit…sleep before 5am…ugh..I’ll be up by 4 then..sigh..nights! ❤

          • @ladywicked666 Don’t be sorry if he’s dead! If a dude gets stabbed in the eye with a knife that big, then he definitely deserved it. Actually, that made no sense at all and I’m sure there’s no truth to that, but it sounded good for a second there 🙂
            This is early for you, but it can’t hurt to rest your skeleton a little earlier, so good night 😉

          • Many thank yous dear sir, but just to be honest about things…ummm…I believe you get what you give in life…so maybe he did do something to deserve this I dont judge, do what you do, but do no harm. .oops!.. lolz

  1. Lol…the Ambulance chick had her work cut out ( no pun intended) to support the knife with padding as per first aid procedure…holy fuck if he survived his stab story is a good one…yer man stabbed in the eye by some fucktard & boy did that make me see red!

    • Let’s ask our medical professionals on staff here. All the pics I see of someone getting wheeled into the ER have the knife sticking out. One video of a knife in the chest showed it vibrating from the heartbeat, cool. That knife acts like a nice plug 😉

      • Kind of like what happened to Steve Irwin with the sting ray barb… I guess natural reaction is to yank it out as quick as you can if you’re coherent but I think this guys past that point and probably doesn’t even know he has a knife sticking out of his face… Kinda like pulling a nail out of your tire, it acts like a plug and you’re good to go until you yank it out then you’re fucked

        • CORRECT! @nursewretched!

          Never&& I do mean NEEEVER PULL OUT ANYTHING THAT’S BEEN LODGED OR STABBED DEEPLY IN YOU. ..Wrap the affected area and try to keep the object in place, AND HAVE SOMEONE ELSE RUSH YOU TO AN ER…And please remember boys and girls..DON’T PANIC! That only causes the pressures to go up, which in the long run causes EXTRA BLOOD LOSS!!… Anybody else though, other than any of us gorriors,tell em to run to the nearest hospital, screaming,or tell em to remove it at the er,for a FANTASTIC DISPLAY OF WATERWORKS! ??❤

          If the object does dislodge,for whatever reason pressure, pressure pressure!!.. If you knicked or punctured a vein,artery,and or body part, you’re going to bleed out,somewhat quicker when panicked…best wishes! ❤

    • @deathbyduck87 Yeah it was his fart that’s making my monitor emanate bad odour ……….lol

      He would be a goner as he already has bled profusely .Ya can see about a litre of blood already
      Talk about notoriety the knife is Butcher’s Knife and its sitting right within his eyesocket dug in deep .
      Any guesses from where the story may have landed
      can ya pinpoint looking at the locale or any of the clue hinting at one of those countries where incidents such as these happen every so often.

  2. A pool, red and thick in consistancy,
    spewed and gushing
    Rushing out a gaping hole,
    Begift by an angry somebody,
    A utensil of the kitchen
    Begift in a place
    So industructible in a unique way,
    Its twin may live on
    Atleast its an eye
    And not a testicle long gone

    Also, why were there multiple flip flops laying around?

  3. I knew a young girl once when I was in fifth grade who’s younger brother had stabbed her in the eye with a steak knife. She was a new student that year (1984). She was very pretty with long wavy caramel color like hair, and would comb it in a way that would cover that particular eye. Kinda like the infamous little foot avi. There was something very mysterious and attractive about the way she held her eye closed and kept it hidden. She was also quite shy, quiet, yet very sweet. One day at recess I asked her if I could see it. To my surprise she took me by the hand and led me behind a tree. Then she pulled back her hair and opened her eye. This was shocking because everyone would always ask to see it only to be denied. But when she showed me, my jaw dropped I’m sure. It was the most beautiful blueish-grey color I’d ever seen. Then she gave me a kiss on the cheek and and ran away………..I fell in love with her that day. Unfortunately she moved away the next year. That was 32 years ago, but I can still remember her hair, her face, and her beautiful eye. Her name was Diana.

    • @gorycory That was quite a story, very moving indeed. I have always found something mysterious and attractive about women with some handicap or deformity. Like a woman on crutches or in a wheelchair. Weird I know, but it must be that instinct to rescue and protect a lady in distress. My first GF in Jr. High had pronounced acne, but she had the cutest laugh and sparkly hazel eyes, I saw her inner beauty. We parted ways, I wonder about her to this day and if she ever got some dermabrasion.

        • @elmaspison Ha-ha! And for hair care, like in the movie Something About Mary. Yup, that would be cheaper than that anti-wrinkle shit they sell in Sephora and other expensive cosmetics shops, the ol’ Jizz has the same skin tightening characteristics. And there is plenty in supply. I was never good at selling stuff and at 15 years old we were kind of shy talking about sex and safe sex practices, we weren’t very careful. 😉

        • @nocuntryforoldpervertedman I “hear” you on that. My wife’s friend has a deaf daughter now in her 20’s. Very strange, you could almost hear the silence as she went about her day. She is very beautiful. I don’t think she tried to speak because her brothers made fun of her. Sad, but the deaf don’t want any sympathy. I’ve heard it said that of all the senses to lose, most people would treasure their hearing, listening to music.

          • Yea if had to choose which one to lose between sight and hearing I’d prolly choose hearing,BUT it would still suck equally bad as ya never will enjoy music,the sounds of nature everyday life,voices of loved ones/ whispers ever again. Even being born deaf, and not knowing what your missing still sucks cuz you can be easily injured or killed,not hearing warnings,yells,alarms.

          • @borntorun @nocuntryforoldpervertedman I’ve asked that question before and was amazed on how many people chose to be blind very being deaf. Life becomes complicated once you’re blind.
            You can’t drive, look at your own woman *ahem* naked 🙁 , you’d have to carry all dollar bills, probably get the jitters crossing the street, can’t see the dangers coming towards you, I mean you’d have to rely on other people for the rest of your life. I’d take being deaf over being blind. Throw sense of smell/taste in there, different ball game.

      • @nocuntryforoldpervertedman Ha! The evil FB, tool of tracking down old girlfriends/boyfriends or getting tracked down by people in your past that you would normally avoid. And the evil Facebook corporation tracks our every click, sending us shitty ads, they scour our email accounts and THEY know what ads to send as they sit in their Raccoon City like fortress. Filthy whores! But then again, it puts old school chums in touch and connects family. Like I want that to happen 😉

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