Man Crushed and Turned to Mush by Excavator

Man Crushed and Turned to Mush by Excavator

Here we have an older set of a man who was crushed by an excavator while on the job. Unlike the previous poor bastard, this one was not a murder but a legitimate accident. No info on the circumstances but the dude was probably alive long enough to feel himself being crushed. Horrific death all around.

Props to RGM member, @karmen40 for the images.

Well boys and gores, we are back. Bring on the gore. Didn’t your pal Obli tell you there’d be more gore on the way? You know I wouldn’t lie to you. I love you little bastards. That’s right, even you!

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89 thoughts on “Man Crushed and Turned to Mush by Excavator

    • @thedreman
      His deathwish was to get tomatopureed .
      Prominent amongst his 5th dimensional face is his stuck out tongue which is the most noticeble like a lizard when it happened
      i think he was teasing the driver when he himself got excavated and got neatly ironed out
      They say never to come drunk when moving around these beasts cause they are merciless .

      Hello and Thanks @karmen40 for rattling my bones with a gore like that .It would have been a sheer joy to watch if it had to be a video……. hey but I am not complaining

  1. Someone here was disappointed that the “other” one didn’t have much gore. Looks like that someone got what they were wishing for with this one. Chorizo, Menudo and some brains for texture.

  2. Great to have our gore up again, great post @obli, I sure did miss your post.
    Could someone tell me how to get to my messages, I’m not sure how to get to them so I can reply the last week. Any ways that guy in the pic sure does have a pancake head no worries about headaches for him any more,,, lucky guy.

  3. HOLY SHIT!! This is fucking amazingly awesome, not for this dude,but for US to view…thank you @karmen40 for bestowing this fucking bitchin story, so that our @obli could give us this awesome article… you guys ROCK!..

    WE LOVE YOU TOO @obli! && @yournextexgirl @staciejaxx @deadohiosky @hunter1031 AND WHOEVER ELSE I MIGHT HAVE FORGOTTEN!!

    THANK YOU,YOU GUYS ARE REAL HERO’S!! Seriously, I owe my presents still to quite a few of you!…I love you ALL!

    ALL HAILS!! ❀

  4. I knew everything would eventually work out although when the site temporarily shuts down I do start getting anxious…puts a bit of fear in my chest. I can’t believe how much impact the last situation had on me. I know it’s hard for anyone to understand and makes me look soft but I had a lot of emotion invested in it….

        • @broken I guess. Maybe I should start hoarding content until then. BTW do your feet hurt a lot like in the morn and evening? Mine have been and since you and I are kind of the same I thought I’d ask…..they sometimes hurt so bad I can’t walk for an hour after waking up. It just started happening a month or so ago

          • Oh yeah it has been going from hot to cold….just really fucking hurts. I see the doc next month but they’re going to try sending me to the rheumatologist again and once again I won’t fucking go because I refuse to go in once a week to get a fucking shot or GASP do it at home. The dumbasses took ten years to diagnose me and amongst their other fucks up I’m not going to listen to shit they have to say. Just give me my script, don’t speak, don’t ask me when my last period was because they dont need to know that and let me leave! Bingo fucking Bangkok! That’s why I’m asking you because I’ll trust your opinion before theirs any damn day

          • I hear ya. Most doc’s just don’t know how to treat the shit so they treat it like they would with arthritis. Hang in there, the ups and downs really suck…but I don’t need to tell you that.

          • @broken yeah I do completely but when new things arise I get concerned…with the auto immune disease attached to the ankylosing anything can happen and turn really really fast. It seems things are because of stuff that’s happened so far recently. Anyway I ask you because I wonder what you go through too ?

          • Yes,they suck SOOO BAD!!. I just wishmy head would give me a break every once in awhile, sigh…. I’ve been shot,stabbed, beat,and so on,and can take it better than most dudes,but anything from my neck up, imma bitch,I cry, moan, vomit…fml…6 more years. .only HAVE TO DO 6 more, afterwards, tiz because I chose to…sigh. ..only 6 more….???

  5. How the fuck does a person get himself squashed by one of the slowest moving pieces of equipment in the construction business?
    It’s not like it was speeding along the ditch and this dumb ass fucktard didn’t have enough time to jump out of the way.
    I know it didn’t sneak up on him either.

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