Little Girl Burned With Hot Spoons By Her Mother

Little Girl Burned With Hot Spoons By Her Mother

A woman was arrested in Buritis, located in the Brazilian state of Rondรดnia on August 19, 2016 after burning the hands of her six year old daughter with hot spoons. The woman suspected the little girl of taking $4 from her purse without permission, so this crazy bitch heats up some hot spoons on the stove and places them on the child’s palms to punish her.

Luckily, the neighbors heard the little girl’s screams and alerted police. When the police arrived, the woman was still blaming the child for stealing her $4 and explained to police that she was only punishing the child for being a thief. Exactly what any rational, sane, loving mother would do, right? The child then begged police not to leave her alone with her mother because she had threatened to kill her.

The mother confessed to burning her daughter and was charged with ill-treatment of a child. The little girl was found to have bruises and burns all over her body, so I’m betting this was not the first or second time this happened. She and her siblings were taken to a shelter. Women like this bitch don’t deserve to have the title of “mother”. A mother protects her children. Hopefully the women’s prisons in Brazil are just as bad as the men’s and this piece of shit gets what she deserves.

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92 thoughts on “Little Girl Burned With Hot Spoons By Her Mother

      • @obli Me, too (except it was my mom ironing).

        That poor girl needs some ibuprofen immediately. I haven’t seen bruises like that since my teen years. All those look like 2nd degree burns. Pobre sita. I hope that woman gets an ass beating and burns to her face in jail!

    • Yes, Pete I totally agree. I remember burning my hand as a kid from picking up a piece of wood from a bonfire the night before. It’s extremely painful, I had to keep that hand in cold water all day to keep the pain away. The physical pain is bad enough, but the emotional trauma from knowing her own mother did this to her will scar this little kid for life mentally. I just want to scoop her up, take her home with me and make her feel better. Why isn’t someone cuddling her? They all seem to be so dispassionate. Poor little girl, this makes me very sad. ๐Ÿ™

  1. We just need Der or one of the other Portuguese speakers to give us a translation. It’s a shame that much of the time that abusive behavior by parents is because they, themselves, were also abused as children and unless stopped by some sort of intervention, keeps getting passed along. Hopefully, the mother gets some good help and learns to manage herself in more rational way with her beautiful daughter and the other kids. I bet, when that mother has grandchildren, if she saw her own daughter abusing them just like she had done, it would break her heart.

    • I hope that bitch gets help alright… I hope she gets help falling off something tall! No excuse for that I don’t care what you went through as a child! If you did get abused as a child then you should know how bad it hurts not just the physical but the emotional knowing that the person who brought you into this world doesn’t give a fuck about you! That should be enough to make you want to break that cycle and if you continue it you should be dealt with accordingly!

      • @Fukitolโ€ฆIt’s too bad there’s not more people out there like you who understand enough to be able to break these cycles. They do happen a lot and it can go for generations because it just becomes “normal” to them. In my family my Dad was aware enough to stop the belt whoppings he got from his father and his father before that. That was just the way it was done and in our ‘new’, more aware generation, things like this are being stopped. In some less enlightened places, they are not.

        • I’m one that has broken the cycle. I have never laid a hand on my children. All it does is teach then how to fear their parent. My life was like that from age 3 until age 20 (the last time my mother slapped me in the face over my wedding invitations!!)

          When my then-husband grabbed our child’s arm and left bruises, I kicked his ass out and divorced him. I don’t care about how depressed he was–you NEVER lay a hand on a child. My teens still has PTSD every time someone raises their voice. He’s been out of the house and has learned the hard way that his relationship with them is tarnished and may never be repairable.

          • @kitterz. Even though my Dad never used a belt on me, he still scared the crap out of me and my step sister with his yelling and stuff. I think that’s why I always speak with a soft voice that people always complain about my not talking loud enough to hear. Everything a child sees and hears becomes a part of their personalityโ€ฆIt is survival. People who believe that simply becoming an adult makes someone “normal” after adapting to life as a child is clueless to the realities of the formative years. “Normal’ is what we experienced as a child growing up, when all of our senses were tuned to survival and learning as much as we can as fast as we can in order to learn to survive in this place.

          • @theluvmuscle My children hear me yell, but only when I’m outside cheering during their competitions. I think it’s because I don’t yell that they are even more startled when an adult/teacher/someone raises their voice in class/public. I still see my 16 yr old son freeze when anyone in authority raises their voice. Once, my ex shouted to get my attention in a large crowd and my 14 yr old daughter visibly flinched.

            Unless the house is on fire or there’s an unsafe situation, my kiddos never hear me raise my voice. If you talk normally, they listen more.

  2. Man this is sad, hopefully the little girl will become something great when she’s older and maybe this bitch of a parent would have done her a favour in a weird turn of events. Hope the scum parent dies a slow painful death oh and we see it on here !

    • @hunter1031 No shit. As a full time daddy to a 3 year old I can say, with absolute certainty, this would be the type of thing that would land me in prison. I don’t care if you’re Jesus Christ himself, you do not fuck with my child or step children. Period. I don’t hit women, just as a general principal, but my kids are the one thing that I would definitely make an exception for. How could a mother do something like this? Evil cunt.

        • Thank you. It’s a tough job and I have a lot of respect for anyone who does it. I’ve raised my son since he was 9 days old, and although he isn’t biologically mine I love him the same. It’s by far the most stressful thing I’ve ever done. It would be easier if I weren’t disabled, but it is rewarding seeing a child grow and into a great kid.

          • @deathbyduck87 I just filed for SSD. I haven’t worked since 97. I had to wait for my divorce to be final since my ex was fired a year ago.

            It only gets crazier once middle school hits, but for a totally different reason. It will pay off when you see your child grow more emotionally mature from 8th on. I have two teens, 17 mos. apart (planned that way) and they really have made me so proud to be their mom full-time. It has been worth the daily physical pain.

            Since my car accident, being without a car has made him realize how much I shuttle kids and run errands all week. He hurriedly got 85% of the car fixed just so he wouldn’t have to take me to the store tomorrow. It needs an alignment, rear brakes, and body repair, but I’m told it’s drivable.

  3. @h-t If a six year old sees loose money at that age, I’m pretty sure most kids want to do something with it, I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily a bad sign, that’s just what young children do, get their hands into everything.

  4. fuckin bitch.if my women done that to our child id stick the iron to her face,probably on the rag when she done it,them bitches go off there heads on that sometimes.they do be clucking around the house like a hen laying eggs.

  5. Ive never hit a woman before, but the first thing i noticed was how skinny she is. Fuxk that stupid cunt. Somebody needs to brand her ass with some red hot spoons.

    ~also yall did an amazing job transferring/managing the sight in what was one of its first major walls. Everything looks perfect and is running great ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. That child would be in so much pain…her hands will blister & fluid bubbles will cause infection..the only sorta good thing in this is the child has been removed…but to a better place? Who the fuck knows..
    I work in the child/youth industry were youngsters & teens are removed from poor parenting homes..this is world wide the lack off saftey for the young..its what the government want…people not caring for their own & people being paid to raise them..tryn to rehabilitated the parents is a waist of time…they good while you there..when funding runs out they back to same as before….where is the LOVE?

  7. That mother – nay – egg donor, should be shot and publicly pissed upon. Poor babe. No transgrression deserves this kind of trreatment.

    Question to the med folk – that would be you @yournextexgirl, or @amour, or….what’s with putting cream on the burns? Looks like the ER folk smeared it on pretty thick. Does it have numbing qualities/analgesic properties? Thought that was the LAST thing you did, or does that just apply to severe burns?

  8. Such a pretty little girl. Whether she’s guilty or not, this breaks my heart. She seems so perplexed as to why her mother would intentionally cause her pain :'(

  9. This fucking cunt whore bag needs to have melting rubber dripped all over her naked body, then thrown into a tub of boiling hot water and beat down with a leather strap to bust the blisters. Then have some salted lemon juice poured on her. She should also be sterilized so she can’t have anymore kids to abuse.

      • @theluvmuscle, It’s just Jehovah’s spelling in reverse, as an evil scheme to trick people into saying his name backwards to undo “creation”.
        I know a lot of people have to say Havohej out loud to try to pronounce it. That’s wherein my treachery lies.
        A majority of religious people believe that if it’s said backwards, creation will come undone.
        So, that’s the reason I chose this name. To me, it’s nothing more than the ultimate form of blasphemy.

  10. @fightingirish,
    I KNOW it’s not real. There’s no thinking about it. All it is, is a form of mental slavery and a fraudulent money making scheme perpetrated by lazy child rapists who want control over every aspect of our lives. I mean, what kind of god allows children to be physically, emotionally and sexually abused? I don’t want to hear about the free will bullshit. What about their free will being stripped from them to not have to live through that? Is this part of it’s so called master plan?
    How about the countless Christians, Muslims and Jews (and the other religions) killing each other in one name, or another for thousands of years, without intervening, or even lifting a single “perfect” fucking finger to help any of them? What about all of the suffering going on in the world and all of the people starving, being homeless and fighting wars out of pure greed? How about the Pope and the Vatican changing this omnipotent and infallible god’s laws to suit their greedy whims to get more money?
    I can keep going if you like.

    • @havohej
      I was brought up Catholic and did the whole Catholic school thing all the way through high school and from a very young age I questioned my religion. I eventually gave up on it because I saw sooooo much hypocrisy like some of the things you described. Or the family running a church and using the donations to build TWO million dollar mansions. I couldn’t take that shit anymore. And you’re right, religion has been the cause of a tremendous amount of wars…makes no sense. I don’t have a problem with people believing what they want to believe as long as they respect my beliefs (or lack of). It’s the ones that try to shove their beliefs down your throat that I can’t stand and I’ve found that those who preach the loudest have the most to hide. Btw I’m so sorry what happened to you as a child. I can’t imagine the shit you’ve been through ๐Ÿ™

      • @littlefoot, I sincerely thank you for the apology for what I went through growing up and your understanding.
        Looking back, I know I shouldn’t have went off the deep end like that and I even seemed preachy too. But his comment about the little girl in the video crying in pain (what kind of godly person does that?) opened a torrent of memories and emotions I try to keep locked up deep inside.

        • @havohej
          I think you’re a survivor and it’s made you a stronger person. It sucks that some of the worst things that happen to you shape you into a better person. That’s obviously not the case for everyone but it sounds like you’ve managed to overcome it and you have a lot of compassion and sympathy for others. That’s what I see at least. And I don’t think you went off the deep end or sounded preachy. I actually think you presented your argument really well ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Thank you again, @littlefoot. I honestly appreciate your kind words. You are absolutely right, it sucks we have to go through hell to become a better person in life than the ones that hurt others. I also think the final decision of who we become in life as adults is ours alone and we chose to not hurt others because we know exeactly how it feels. Especially when it involves defenseless children.

          • @havohej
            I absolutely agree with everything you said. I’ve always said that people either break the cycle or repeat it. I think our experiences in life absolutely mold us into the people we are but we are also in control of how we let it effect us. Are we gonna make it something positive or something negative? And going along with what you said I do believe at a certain point in your life you have to make the decision and your past can’t always be used as an excuse or crutch. Like people who choose to abuse a child after they experienced it themselves for example. I’m glad to see you’ve broken the cycle, it’s something to be proud of ๐Ÿ™‚

          • @littlefoot, I just wish more people who have lived through that life would understand this concept. It really bothers me they don’t, but still get to have kids and know they can change every thing into a strong foundation for parenting skills.
            I, on the other hand cannot have children, but I know how not to treat them like a burden, or to take my aggressions and past experiences out on them. That’s another cruel lesson I have learned in life.

          • @havohej
            It’s really sad knowing someone who experienced that same fear and pain would want to do it to another person. I guess some people have so much built up rage and justify it in their heads that they went through it so someone else can too. It’s a fucked up mindset. I think people like that need serious therapy and find ways of coping with that anger. Easier said than done though because not all therapists are helpful and it takes time to find the right one. It’s sad that these people go on to have children and keep that cycle going. I’m sorry to hear that you can’t have children ๐Ÿ™

          • @littlefoot, I appreciate that. I look on the bright side of it as, I didn’t make the mistake of having them with the wrong woman for me. I stuck around with her for so many years, for the wrong reasons. I know that would affect kids in a negative way. Then we would all be in a bad situation. 10 years was long enough for me, I could only imagine how they would have felt.

  11. And for crying like a little girl, as you so eloquently put it, I haven’t cried over that fucking piece of shit since I was 8 years old, to be exact, when it refused to answer my prayers and pleas for mercy and for all the pain and misery to stop. That’s when I realized it was all a useless lie.
    Are you going to cry when you find out the truth after you die and when you see there isn’t a heaven, or hell for that matter? Just know when you do, I’ll be there laughing at all religious people for believing this perpetual lie.
    Also as I stated above in response to @muscle’s question and made it quite clear, I do the blasphemy and spelling it’s name backwards shit to fuck with people’s minds, also in hope to open their eyes to the lies they’ve been brainwashed into thinking is real, to question what’s real, or fantasy fairytales. I want to wake people up to finally put an end to all misery created by this meretricious idea. That’s why I do these things.

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