DOS here, stopping by to tell you the good news: We have secured a new host for RGM!!!

The bad news is that in this time of pubescent transition for our young site, we will unfortunately have some down time. We definitely appreciate everyones continued support and will continue to give all of our “gorriors” updates as they come in. In the meantime everyone can hang out, relax, maybe partake in some fine wine/hash, and just chill a bit.

Also, on the topic of money (I want my $0.45 cents @littlefoot!!), we are going to be putting some mechanisms in place for the people who have offered to or want to donate to our cause. We actually don’t expect anything but we also recognize the fact that some of you fine human specimens would like to contribute. As those opportunities for you guys to donate are instituted we will update the site accordingly.

So like a cheap whore, who doesn’t quite fulfill all of your needs, I’m going to leave it at that but just know this: All of you guys fucking rock and we are happy to have you around as our friends. We wouldn’t even be fighting this fight if it wasn’t for all of you showing up. After all, a website with no members is like a bukkake show with no money shots.



Well, that was quick… Link to donate is below.

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37 thoughts on “Migration

  1. good man DOS,im not the smartest on the site but i no an honest person when i read him or hear him,ill put some money in the pot for this site to keep running,i like ye all man,fuck all them fuckers.

  2. love the picture lol so funny. people from that site coming here, sneaking across the online Web borders. mark is acting like trump and we have to pay to build the big wall lol

  3. I’m happy to help. get it done guys! ❀️ Take this as a compliment! He is so worried about you guys and we’ve only been up and running a short time! Lol. Mark, if you are reading this… I hope you know everyone is laughing at how butt hurt you are… Fag.

  4. Your coming back with a bang
    Is a crushing blow to the rival
    This arrival has brought about nice things out here,
    Oh dear Oh Dear
    They are gonna steer clear ; away with fear
    They haven’t got no clues
    out here we ain’t feel no blues.
    Whoa, cuz ya guys are just doin’ fine,
    we can revel and rhyme.
    I know you are doing your part.
    The other smart arse is gonna get outsmart
    Looks like everyone has got a Caribbean soul
    They can barely control

  5. Lets hope that this charge of corrupting morals is destroyed because there are far too many rules and laws used to undermine free speech nowadays, every time you open your mouth there is an ?ism? ready to close it. Fuck MM!! may i donate with blood?? πŸ‘Ώ

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