Three People Electrocuted Walking Down Flooded Street

Three People Electrocuted Walking Down Flooded Street

Not sure exactly where this is from but it appears to be South East Asia. CCTV picks up the electrocution of at least three people as they are all walking through a flooded street. One man with his motorcycle appears to be killed instantly. We see a bright flash before he falls over with his bike. Others appear to be hit and shocked but manage to run away. No definitive answer as to what happened, but it seems likely a power line fell. Incident occurs early in the video, the rest is just the after effects of people dealing with it.

Bad ass props to RGM member @bannedanna for this shocking entry.

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47 thoughts on “Three People Electrocuted Walking Down Flooded Street

  1. Feel bad for them, but really….you see a couple people get toasted in the water so you decide to cross the SAME charged water? That one woman didn’t have to die. Looks like at least three didn’t survive.
    Thanks @bannedanna @obli

  2. Damn that’s a fucked way to die something you don’t even know is coming it’s raining like fuck your just trying to get to the Nike factory for you 13 cent an hour job and zing…your gone

  3. Ahh good old Asia, never short of random things wanting to kill you. Be it power lines, falling billboards or the ground opening up to swallow you. Never gets old, think I read something about a death by microwave in China once to… But that could just be my imagination.

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