Kay here yet again with another one-word titled, semi-intelligent, opinionated post. Except that this isn’t opinionated and I am not gonna use colorful language and metaphor anymore to get to my point.

We are getting shut down.

Well, not totally. The combined IQ of this group is higher than Wiz Khalifa AND Snoop Dogg combined so I might as well rephrase that.

‘They’ are trying to shut us down.

Like, literally. Just literally hours ago, we a complaint from our host Siteground that our stuff ‘encourages violence.’ Of course, like any sane individual, the initial response would be ‘WHAT THE FLYING SHITPACKER?!’ I didn’t tell y’all fucking asses to go and kill someone. Actually, no one of us ever did. But, that isn’t the problem, unfortunately. The entire ‘GORE’ page section might be taken down in the next hours ahead. You may not see posts on that page anymore since they considered our stuff a violation of their terms of service. We had a good run Siteground however, we would basically be a useless gore site without the gore. We’ll just be a site and it would be boring as fuck. So Siteground and us must part ways to keep the gore ball rolling.

Now the good question that any reasonable person who happens to be reading this will ask ‘Why?’ Why else, do you think? I can’t explicitly say the details but, come on. Who fucking else is it? There are literally shitloads of gore sites out there that aren’t closed down. We are but an infant in this game and get reported and threatened to be taken down? Go figure.

Now, I might as well tell you guys that there’s no such thing as free lunch and I am not gonna ask for money but if you donate, that’s cool too. If not, that’s cool too. We found a neat-o package plan that would cost us less for three years worth of hosting (total cost is an estimated $200 for three years, by the way). This isn’t very expensive but this is going to cost us. We can’t tell you which host, though. Not sure if that’s best for public knowledge for security reasons. We wouldn’t accept huge donations and would most likely return it. We don’t need that kind of money unless you guys want to fund my coming to America. Pls gib monie to third world Asian. But to cut it straight, we accept anything in kind but we will not ask for it. We have been hearing some of our members here that are willing to donate so we might as well answer that.

Everything would pretty much be the same for now except that we intend to move over to a new host. We, however, would explicitly say that we refuse to be intimidated and that we aren’t going to be dragged down because of this issue. They have tried the worst and best card they have but look at us, still standing strong. I think they applied the businessman mentality of hitting us right where it hurts – in our pockets. Well, I don’t think they’re informed that Ice Cube is my sugar daddy and that I call him Sugar Cube. All kidding aside, remember what I said about strong foundations? No matter how many rocks thrown at us or even if they threated to burn us down, we will keep standing and we will do whatever we can to make things right and to continue the show going on.

P.S. We are going to have downtime because of the turn over of the site to hosts. Might be a day or two so if the site suddenly goes offline, magic is happening.


Well, what do you know? Sorry if you guys have some down time there. We technically were DDoS’ed. In case you guys aren’t familiar of DDoS, allow me to explain it. In simplest and shortest terms, it basically is overloading a website with request until it reaches the limit of the pageviews their site can handle. Figuratively, it’s pretty much slamming a 12 inch dick (preferrably mine) on a virgin asshole with no vaseline (another Ice Cube reference there). The butthole won’t stretch no more and it couldn’t take it. Our site isn’t an asshole, fortunately and we prevented it from getting ripped. I don’t know if that’s the end of the downtime but we are trying to sort things out right now. Working with me is @yournextexgirl and @deadohiosky.

You also won’t be seeing some gore. 🙁 We need to put them down or else we’ll get shut off tomorrow. We need to move to a new host but we are having troubles with the hosts’ terms of service. We’ll get it figured out though. We really just need the time. 🙂

“Goddamn, I’m glad y’all set it off.”

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242 thoughts on “Termination

  1. Awww! What WRONG CUNTSKA?!?!..OR CUNTSKA WORSHIPERS!?!…ARE YALL MAAAD?!..AHAHAHA!!.. Kay…Fuck them ok…make new sites if they get this one….SUCK A DICK YOU TROLL FUCKS..

    Im sorry. I know you decided to take the high road, I CANNOT HOWEVER WATCH MY LANGUAGE…FUCK EM ALL!

    HAILS! ❤❤

        • Just like the spoon made me fat?.. right??.MADE MY HAND PUT THE BURGER IN MY FAt FUCKING FACE? .. the gore here makes me homicidal…right?not the stupid fucks,trying to cause chaos in my life,BUT THE PICTURES AND VIDEOS HERE!?!.. YES?!?!..GTFOH!.. I’m sorry..

          • I…i…this is bullshit yo!… wtf kinda….i fucking swear common FUCKING sense evades people…what kinda FUCKING idiot believes….I cant…I’m sorry.. thank you dear sir!.. you are APPRECIATED!.. ❤💋

          • Don’t forget the music…..movies….hey while we are at it lets blame a violent dysfunctional childhood….ohhhhhhhhhhh wait that’s right that last part is never a thought it has to be all of the above that.

            People are fucking dumbasses. You here me you piece of shit stalkers?!?! You’re all a bunch of basement dwelling dumbasses.

            Whew ok I’m done….

            Those people can seriously go fuck themselves i have a lot to say but everyone already knows that

            @ladywicked666 as for your cat response I couldn’t read it all. But I am in Foreign…yes Dmitri is huge and wonderful and made my work very hard today with his headbutting my fucking face all of the time. She also has goats…

            I honestly can’t handle another rip away from everyone.

          • Oregon not foreign. I hate spell check of course it understands foreign well. No matter how many times I say love it still corrects me with live.

          • Meant I’d love to met,possibly adoptyour head bunting friend…we have a kitty named fatass or fat boy,bitchen 25+pound black cat…imma inspiring crazy cat woman…so maybe if you’d adopt to an outta state person?… idk…not trying to be creepy or anything, only trying to help..❤

          • @ladywicked666 no sadly she doesn’t adopt out of state a few have tried from what I’ve been told. Even just one state away less than a hundred miles. He gets all cat shit crazy and goes from an awesome cat to a cat needing anti anxiety drugs. I hope he finds somewhere soon though. She asked me I’d I’d take him before he went to the other lady’s house but I cant. Until then he’s going to continue to head bunt me. My rescued cat likes him…atleast how he smells and mines a male too. But I couldn’t take him because im risking my apt just having him here. It’ll be a year though December 12th. I could easily go and get a note from my doc because im on disability for PTSD and a physical disability but even then I could never afford the pet deposit. Stop saying creepy it’s not creepy it’s nice and I don’t care who knows what about me. Let them come find me that’ll be the last time they ever do something freaky like that again.

            Dmitri is happy in the huge outdoor cattery there are only 7 cats and most are ferals that have recently been trapped, more are coming tomorrow. She traps them, takes them to be spayed or neutered, gets them a checkup, gives them whatever help they need and they are either released onto their 40 something acre farm in the middle of nowhere or they’re evaluated by either myself or her and adopted after a month. I’m not trying to get involved too much with her cattery, I can’t but I also can’t say no to her

          • Lolz@trainwreck
            I say creepy, because I’m trying to cross a couple states to try to adopt your anxious older feline friend…crazy cat lady is a Lil creepy, yes?….Lolz… your friend us VERY lucky to have you as a friend,so is the cat! ❤
            US too!

  2. Just switched over from “elsewhere” and it is so good to read your words again Kay P.

    I read on another post’s comments somebody suggested we give ourselves a name as RGM members. In light of recent events I think ‘Gorriors’ might be appropriate. As in Best Gore may have won the Battle of the Cob but they lost the gore, or The Gorriors Code. Just a thought.

    In any event if they expected the site developed in response to their bullshit to surrender immediately they should have kicked out the bleating, victimized retards adrift in a sea of outdated ideals and circle-jerking while their raft implodes. The only people with opinions I gave a fuck about are here now and I would be happy to send some cash in to establish a new home for the site. Or to take you on a romantic tour of my rural hometown, Ms Jaxx.

    PS Fuck [mediocre hack]neska

    • A rifle club without guns and bullets. A motorcycle club without loud really cool bikes and riders. MMA without punches or kicks. Football without contact. And so on and so on. ♫ Let’s all be safe everybody . . . ♫. What a wiener world we’re living in.

      • @BornToRun

        with all the accusations flying It appears for sometime atleast we can have a jolly good time switching over to some funky jokes :
        Here goes:
        Do you have Facebook??
        How about Twitter??
        Do you have Whatsapp??
        Then what do you have??
        A life!!.. Great, I need it for candy crush!!

        Another one-

        I haven’t got a computer, but I was told about Facebook and Twitter and am trying to make friends outside Facebook and Twitter while applying the same principles.

        Every day, I walk down the street and tell passers by what I have eaten, how I feel, what I have done the night before and what I will do for the rest of the day. I give them pictures of my wife, my daughter, my dog and me gardening and on holiday, spending time by the pool. I also listen to their conversations, tell them I “like” them and give them my opinion on every subject that interests me… whether it interests them or not.

        And it works. I already have four people following me: two police officers, a social worker, and a psychiatrist.

  3. That’s a shame…I like the way site looks and works. Thought the server was good/cool service. Perhaps there really needs to be a strict 18 and over only entry/members. So to keep out immature trolls,and youth,and not look like the site is promoting violence.Idk if that would help,or how to exactly to enforce proof of age in a non Nazi way.
    Maybe lay out a donation split amount say amongst 50-100 members. Few bucks each,and how to send it.
    …and I’d rather fund to see you cum on America,than come here.🤓😉

  4. I’m really sorry Kay…this is an awesome thing,yet again! But I’m in REALLY REALLY BAD PLACE right now,sorry,caps…Imy trying to text through my tears…I swear, this may sound stupid, but it REALLY FEELS like I’m just NOT ALLOWED SHOT IN LIFE!..I finally get a new sanctuary, now this…I’m sorry not trying to be all poor me..but this is FUCKING BULLSHIT!! 😢😭😢😭😠😭💔😠

  5. Hey guys, they won’t say it themselves (but I will cuz I’m proud of them) but you have no idea how fast and how hard @yournextexgirl @staciejaxx and @deadohiosky are working they’re computer wizardry to make this transition as smooth as possible! They have my head spinning. @obli @littlefoot and myself are also working very hard…to appear as if we know what they are doing, and we are giving many nods of approval and warm pats on the back! As always, we appreciate your moral support and patience. I am VERY impressed with this RGM team, and YOU guys as well! Y’all are a HUGE part of why this site is going to succeed! Please stick around, it’s only gonna get better from here 🙂

  6. This just goes to show that the fuck faces find Rigoremortis a threat. Its a sign of desperation that they will try anything. How pitiful they have become. They smell of fear and their hypocrite disgusting site is no match for Rigoremortis. Rigoremortis is the site what BG used to stand for and why they see Rigoremortis as a threat.
    Imma see if I can find out if there is a way to report BG for child porn even thou he took it down. I’m sure they can go back thru the data and files and see he put that up.
    Rigoremortis will continue to stand no matter what. Our numbers grow as theirs falls. The topics here at Rigoremortis actually state facts and have discussion. We have become a family that will grow stronger everyday.

    BG is a site filled with cowards and false facts twisted to fit their needs. It has become a place for revenge porn, child porn, conspiracy theories and hypocritical rants. If they actually let people delete their accounts and got rid of the spammers, we would see their true numbers. Judging by the comments their topics get they have less than 100 actual members. Bye bye BG your time is done and you need to step aside because Rigoremortis is plowing through. So either move or get run over, the choice is yours. One thing though, Rigoremortis members would prefer you stand still so you can get hit and mangled. Dont worry we know how to hold cameras so it will be nothing but clear shots and quality videos put up of you on Rigoremortis for us to talk about.

    • @eyez2die4, Let’s not foget the animal cruelty photos and videos.
      I can’t believe they posted them to begin with, nor can I get over the ignorant and low-brow jokes I read on their fucking unimaginative posts.
      The only reason I ever went that other site was after I read about how some members helped catch Luka Magnotta after killing Lin Jun. I thought I’d give it a look.
      Then I would see some members attacking others on multiple occasions for their opinions, I didn’t see them get banned. I also noticed something’s on there looked fake as fuck, so I didn’t go back for about a year, I’m glad I did though, that’s obviously how I got my invitation here.
      bg is nothing more than a steaming pile of RGM’s shit. If that site had a smell, it would be that of a Brazilian sewer treatment plant on the hottest day.
      bg is nothing more than a meretricious shit pit and are just jealous that here, we have a real community feel, with members having intelligent conversations. Without the arguments like pre-schoolers throwing a temper tantrum.
      Long live riGOREmortis.com.

  7. Since there’s no solid proof I won’t claim it was those other people but it sure is coincidental. And if it is them then thank you for once again proving our point and you fail to realize this only makes us smarter and stronger. Good work! RGM will live on!

  8. That’s a shame. I can already see it taking effect – some of the posts aren’t working. I wonder what gave them that conclusion – that we are a bunch of homicidal manias preaching of vigilante justice. I stated before and will state again that killing amounts to no pleasure or satisfaction. If any of us were to kill, we wouldn’t be here. We’d be fulfilling our own primary needs to see that. Anyway, I hope this site doesn’t get aborted. That would force me to go back to BG which is a shame because I really like this community.

  9. I’m just curious what serious, scientific / psychological study the current host did which proves that the things posted here actually do cause people who see it become more inclined to act violently. They got scared by something without thinking rationally. The movies, video games, etc., I think, are much more violent causing. They are like cartoons where the outcomes don’t really show the reality of violence. The stuff posted here is real and shows the outcomes of such violence and to me, seems more of a deterrence to violence and also shows what happens when people don’t pay attention and makes us think of what could happen rather than the usually, cartoonish outcomes that are seen in video games and movies. Blah, blah. I wrote this too fast but you know what I mean. I’ve become more aware viewing things here and more averse to violence as well.

    • We did get reported for a violation of their terms of service, which is surprising since they said they host adult sites. I think they just got scared of whoever reported RGM and found it reasonable that it is within their terms to take us down.

      Aside from the account termination, we are currently experiencing some attacks which is happening on our backend using scripts. Don’t know necessarily what since I am a newbie on the site stuff and I don’t know much about what we can do about it but we are talking to Siteground devs for help.

  10. Hey Vasily… you little pussy whipped bitch. If you wanna play, we can play. You little Anon wannabe. Keep on fucking around, and tell your master that I saw his child porn and I ain’t talking about the shit he posted on BestGore either. Did you see it too? Is that what you have on him to make him hand over his site to a little pussy like you? Keep going motherfucker. I got all night to keep shutting you down.

  11. There’s been a lot of talk here since the site got started. A few new friendships made and some old ones that continue on. Many good ideas on how to make the site better and so on and so forth…
    But there is one thing that has not yet been said and to make this an official gore site I believe these words are of the upmost importance…

  12. Fucking bullshit. Its like fear and brainwashing is just so deeply embeded in our society that prevents people from understanding the deffinition of living. Something like gore, as dark as it may be, stirs deep emotion, which causes you to think and feel, which widens your concious. Not to mention it creats a group of like minded people. United we are strong. But poisen has so deeply seeped in to our society we are now afriad of this. Every day the freedom of speech, the right of pure expression, the right to deffend yourself or beliefs, is looked down upon. People who feel and think different are persicuted and perscribed drugs that fuck up their brain. They want you to stop questioning the system. Even something so basic, a website, cant speak freely. In a place that has no international borders, no physical borders, and we still cant have basic freedoms. What kind of world do we live in? How does this manage to happen on every level? Are we as the human race inately doomed? Are we driven by some invisible mechinisom to be the best, driving our own species to death trying to creat equality by exterminating obscurities? What is true equality? Or freedom?

    Also tonight i fed a stray cat a salt water cat fish, and a good size trout that i caught while fishing.

    …. im still going to check the site like once an hour….. i have faith 🙂

  13. Promoting violence my ASS…… Wasn’t just the other day when the post containing the rape and murder of the two young girls that it was discussed how refreshing it was to see sympathy for the girls with the way they were murdered and disgust towards not only the attackers but the generalized type of person that could commit such a crime. Where it was also discussed how this was a change from the way the content would have been presented at the other site. If anybody is promoting violence it’s a no-brainer and it sure as hell is not this site. This just seems like a last-ditch desperate attempt to prevent the inevitable. My little message to the pathetic piece of shit that is attacking this siye is go ahead and wallow in your cowardice you can attempt to shut this place down all you want. We are here to stay and continue to be amused with your fear in the fact that we will no longer be quiet and serve your agenda like sheep you claim the rest of the world to be. What you thought was your little following has crumbled around you and you will soon be left with nothing but the sticks up your asses. So go ahead continue your half ass pathetic attempts to shut the site down because bitches we have no fear and with truth we bond together ever stronge…… Hmmmm what’s the word I’m looking for… It’s a word you thought you had but turned your back on when you through such members off the other site like trash… oh yeah now I remember it’s loyalty…. when you turn your back on that rock bottom will be too high for you to reach.

  14. Just my two cents. For what it’s worth. I became a member on that other site after a year of lurking. What made me finally sign up was the comments and interactions between the people who are now on this site. I liked how you all poked good humor at each other and I really liked the idea of people being free to express themselves without being attacked. Over time I saw people being abused more and more. Without realizing it I stopped logging into that cesspool of a site as often because instead of making me feel part of something special I began to feel it was no longer sincere. Then out of the blue I received an email from one of you and was told about this site. Immediately, I became excited again about being among the good people who are here today. In fact, I believe I have actually made more of a connection with you all than even before. For me… that is a big deal. I truly don’t know what all the issues were at the other site but here’s my thinking… RGM has amazing people, great posts, user friendly site and collectively have the same feeling about acneska (what does that even fucking mean) and MM. Well, I figure RGM members can’t be wrong… so, I’m a solid fan and happy member of the RGM family and friends. Thank you for the honesty and hard, difficult work you do for the site and for all of us who log in everyday. When the donate button thing happens I’ll be glad to give when I can. And, for those of you, who have hard times and feel like life is not worth it. Please remember there are these remarkable people working hard to provide a site here to help give you an avenue to take to be among friends and even get some help from people here. That is a big deal! That’s all I can say. Been thinking this for some time now. Thanks for reading my words.

      • @theluvmuscle thank you. Yeah, I like the conversations as well. I especially love the many personalities here. People being real and not sheep. There are things that I have different opinions about… but it’s all good. Respect for each other is most important. The dynamics here is so interesting, it’s like a drug!

      • I’m actually doing well for the first time in a very long time. Thanks for asking! I was wondering where you went. I knew there was some shit going down and I said my goodbyes to obli, but I didn’t know what happened. It’s really good to hear from you again. How are things going with you?

        • Working myself into exhaustion, you know the usual ? been here at work since noon and just now getting outta here at 2:30am which is not an isolated occurrence….. But other than that I’ve been doing good sugar, not ready for the cooler air that’s moving in though I want my 100° temps back?

          • Oh I can’t handle the 100 degree weather, well the humidity anyway. Since my crippled ass is on disability the only extra income I get is from bailing and delivering hay on my farm. So being that I sweat when it’s 60 degrees out, and my meds make it worse I’m in a constant state of dehydration lmao. I envy the ability to work a full time job but I can’t say I agree with you on the heat.

          • *sigh* I beginning to think I’m the only weird ass in this valley who loves the heat and humidity…. I understand why you don’t like the extreme heat we can get here as I said I think I’m the only one who does! Hell it’s in the 70s here tonight and I have a late fall jacket on. Love working with hay we’ve had a good year for it, and Sunday I get to spend all day in the combine lol I prefer the hay actually.

          • @amour I don’t mind a combine, those fuckers have a/c and music most of the time. I’m either on our old farmall/international raking or on the newer case (at least it’s got a roof on it) beating the hell out of myself in the rough ass fields with a square bailer. Sitting hurts me because I have an 8 in screw through my pelvis and sacrum that’s fusing my s.i. joints. Not to mention since my pelvis/sacrum were shattered they didn’t set correctly, and it’s like having gravel IN my ass ha ha.

          • Ok the gravel in ass made me cringe a bit…. I know it wouldn’t be a big difference but have you heavily padded the tractor seat at the very least. Maybe get a custom shock absorber installed under it as well…

  15. A gore site without the gore??? Supermarket with no food… a dope man with no dope… a carjacker who is really nice and has no gun….. an English teacher who never failed anyone ever ever… a terrorist who brings flowers and is really nice that Love’s Christians…an unbiased news broadcast??? An honest politician who was really in it for the people !!! Okay there you go I’ve gone too far… somebody stop me… but but but we only just got started this isn’t fair WTF somebody get this shit straightened up fuck BG

  16. Looking back now, i think if we would have made less noise concerning B-G, maybe, just maybe,,, all of this could have been avoided. Ah well, we cannot dwell on the past, now can we.I might be able to help out in a couple of weeks when my finances will be in a little better shape. I will contact you,s then.

    • its ok Irish i love you man,your cool,and hot and sexy and tall and you have a big dick,your like the man i always wanted,fuck the haters bro you are the man.

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