Biker Chick Gets Embedded in Truck

Biker Chick Gets Embedded in Truck
Good morning boys and gores. No info on this one other than the obvious. A biker chick became embedded in the grill of a truck. My guess is she was attempting to pass at a high rate of speed in a no passing zone and this was the result. Looks like she died pretty quick. Too bad there was no interview with her mangled ass hanging out of the truck like that. Oh well, maybe the next biker will.

Props to @elmaspison for this road safety reminder.

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32 thoughts on “Biker Chick Gets Embedded in Truck

  1. “Wholy shit we mist of just hit a big ass bug!”

    “Mike, bugs dont ride bikes.”

    “Shhhhh, just act like we were never hear, nobody will ever know we hit em.”

    Also i believ a female on the hood/grill of a vehicle is known as a redneck hood ornamint.

  2. Damn, she’s really wedged in there. You know those big ass old trucks with the huge radiators, when I was little I would look at the bugs stuck in it and couldn’t figure out how a bug could get stuck in-between the lines and bend then metal, now I understand. Those bugs must have been going hella fast too.

  3. YES!! SPLATTER! THANK YOU!.. Peligro=danger in Spanish…and she’s kinda olivey in skin color! No matter the stories, pictures say a 1000 WORDS, no? This one SCREAMS..STAY IN THE KITCHEN LADY!…REAL biker chicks KNOW not to become bumperpaste!! I need a sandwich smashley!! Or squashley!……lolz.. whatever her,ITS name was!..

    Many thank yous! @elmaspison and @obli!!

    All HAILS! ❤

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