Two Young Women Found Raped and Murdered in Rural Pernambuco, Brazil

Two Young Women Found Raped and Murdered in Rural Pernambuco, Brazil

Two 19-year-old women were found dead in a field in Petrolina, rural area in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil on Monday, September 5th, 2016. They were reported missing after both had left for work but never got there. The bodies were discovered by the uncle of one of the victims, Josivan Feitosa Torres, said he began searching with his brother and discovered tire tracks and footprints leading off into the brush and it lead him to the girls who had been bound naked and were shot to death. Military Police say the girls bear signs of suffering sexual assault before having been murdered and dumped.

Props to our girl, @mrspink for the hookup.

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84 thoughts on “Two Young Women Found Raped and Murdered in Rural Pernambuco, Brazil

    • Agreed just bound and discarded but what do you expect it’s Brazil. Some of the worse animal cruelty cases in the US, Brazilians are behind. It’s a horrid country and the ones who are innocent and just want to live decently sit back and watch it happen. I think some serious physical control is needed and fast.

        • @littlefoot I’d never go and can’t believe the Olympics were held there. All these kids running around, beating up and stealing from all of the tourists. There was also a whole lot of information that had been left out like murders, kidnappings etc of tourists. I have no idea who thought holding the Olympics there was a grand idea. There, Sudan, and North Korea are not jolly places to hold olympics

          • I know! When I heard it was gonna be held there I thought oh shit I hope nobody I know is going. I’m sure people thought they would enjoy going to a beautiful, exotic country…boy were they wrong 😆

        • Id still go to Brazil. Then i could bring yall live content! I just wont drink the water, drive a bike, wear flip flops, or change my name to De Silva. Also i will need a couple gallons of mesquito repellant, although living in florida im already at risk for fuckin zika….

          • @stonedrocks omg 😂😂😂😂😂. I know what you mean I grew up around there and of course visited everywhere in Florida. Fucking mosquitos the size of small birds and shit. Never mind the fucking swamps fucking leeches will suck out your life source. Gators aren’t anything compared to the parasites, bugs, and venomous snakes

          • @littlefoot i dont think anybody or any country could hurt that dog. EVERYONE loves that dog. People have offered to buy her lol.

            @trainwreck i live in the panhandle by the coast. But Florida is a planet of its own. This is one of the only places in the world where the odds of dying from some unknown flesh eating parasite are the same as being eatn by a 10ft gator, or sucked up in to a hurricane, or maybe you get stuck in some quicksand out in the jungle/woods/swamp, or the boa constrictors, mugged by a 80lb crackhead, sinkholes….. (i actualy have one at the end of my road that requires maintnance every time it storms) ummmm did i leave anything out? Crazy old drivers…. bloody 98….. drowning one of our many storm surges/flash floods…..

          • @stonedrocks the quicksand isn’t so bad. The movies make it seem worse than it is. I grew up on the border of Tallahassee in Georgia. We went to Florida every weekend. I lived in the edge of a swamp so the gators never bothered us. I had one visit on the daily and even as a super tiny kiddo she never even advanced towards me. The flesh eating bacteria is nasty. Also the fucking invasive snakes coming in on banana and other fruit shipments could especially our local and when I was there we never had to worry about anacondas and pythons now they do.

          • @trainwreck what parts of florida have you visited? And just the other day iwas reading about some woman who died of a brain eating parasite she caught while swimming in florida waters. Oh sharks! We get alot of freakn sharks. Like 10x more then officials will let you know. Its very common to see a large bullshark swimming in a place that it shouldnt be. Although lets face it. No body of water is 100% safe down heer. Also i have black bears that roam my neighborhood….

          • @stonedrocks I’ve been everywhere in Florida….everywhere. There are a lot of sharks and a lot of bears.I grew up with the wildlife. I’ve never been scared of any of them but I was also very very educated. I love fishing on Florida as well as the large amount of wildlife. Just love it and miss it so much. Warm water ugh. No I never heard about the flesh eating virus in the chicks brain but can understand. We never have true freezing temperaturest there, so nothing gets killed off ever. That’s why the subtropics are a perfect environment for everything to thrive. I miss the cougars, mountain lion, panther whichever name you prefer lol too

          • @trainwreck I only have to wory about the panthers (fuck i forgot about those) when im at my place in the country. But currently i live on that lovely stretch between Destin and Navarre. Its wierd thinking that lots of the filming for jaws took place a few miles from where i live. (Literaly in both directions)
            I love nature too. Ive been hunting and fishing as long as i can remember. Nature is badass and it tastes better then anything in a store! Speaking of florida not killing shit off, did you ever hear about the sinkhole thats full of wooly mamoth bones and hundreds of human skeletons? Its not far from orlando.

          • @stonedrocks NO!!!! I didn’t! Wtf? I mean now thinking about it makes sense because Florida is one earthquake away from being an island….sorry it’s true though..Ground is so saturated. But that’s odd I wonder if it was a mass burial. We’re the bones found beneath the skeletal remains of the Mammoth? Because if so then wow that’s a game changer. But if the mass grave was found on top then eh. I hope they’re carbon dating the bones. How fascinating!

          • @trainwreck when the hole caved in, it taed in to a one of a kind natural spring thats water was almost completly dwvoid of oxygen. Turns out the composition is oerfect for preserving bone. All of the bones were found at the bottom. Its something like 300ft deep i think. I need to look it back up.

      • @trainwreck.. Hi Wreck. you bring up a good point. I’ve always believed the “two guys on a motorcycle” were police or hired by the police. Seems they always take out the ex cons and bad guys. I can’t recall hearing that anyone they have taken out was an innocent. The police there probably get sick of all the BS and just go out and do it.

        • @theluvmuscle I don’t think their government has too much control over anything. And of course there are things they look away from, have their hand out for, and what they hide from their superiors. Drugs and cartels run rampant and kill, rape and pillage their own communities. If they want your money, they’ll take it. If they want your daughter’s, they’ll have them. If they don’t want to go to jail, theyll pay them etc

    • @blucon Bro, you made it over to this side! Everybody’s deserting the ship over “there” like flesh eating rats, just kidding! 😉 Good to see you around man.
      Yup, life expectancy is short in the 3rd world. Sorry for these girls to be dumped like garbage.

      • @BornToRun
        Yeah I had to make it to the place … wherever my Bros are .
        Aww ! I know , “they” have been trying hard to keep the crowd glued on but desertion is happening Suo motu. Actually it aches my heart to see the other site going to the dogs all because of some idiot who has been lambasted with words never heard before because of her idiocy.

        Yep! Its nice to have ya too around here , bro ……Its time we celebrated (っ^▿^)۶🍸🌟🍺٩(˘◡˘ )
        Hope Brazil wakes up to its Dirty stark realities and stop being in a state of limbo and tighten up the grip

        I liked the way Ellen [email protected] Trainwreck has said in a few words:
        “It’s a horrid country and the ones who are innocent and just want to live decently sit back and watch it happen. I think some serious physical control is needed and fast”.

        • @John
          “I cannot agree with you more.”
          I wouldn’t condemn Brazil as a whole but it has its sorry side to it mainly because favelas are places where everything from SEX , DRUGS AND INCEST is on display …… be it day or night AND THEN the never ending lust for money ,sex and murder but for the fear that if they may get caught in the act Police is gonna look in some other direction purportedly.
          Police is as corrupt as the word corruption goes and the perpetrators go scotfree cuz they can grease the police easily and from where the perpetrators get moneyed is a guess as good yours and mine .

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