Retro Gore – Hungarian Biker Cut in Half After Hitting Pole

Retro Gore - Hungarian Biker Cut in Half After Hitting Pole

Good evening, fellow sociopaths. Here I present a kind of quasi series called “Retro Gore”. You see, as a very new gore site, we have no doubt missed a lot of the momentous gore occasions. What I aim to do here is gradually add those famous, old school, golden gores to our own database. It only makes sense, does it not?

First up is the famous images of the Hungarian biker who got cut in half after hitting a pole at a high rate of speed along the Danube River. He not only came out of his footwear and spilled his guts, but he also ended up with some bizarre, white marks over his eyes. Interesting. If anyone could explain that it would be greatly appreciated.

Props to RGM member, @elmaspison for the submission.

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  1. dang you know i ride my bike and i fear cars,trucks,suv’s and semi trucks. i often go on interstate 80 to 85 mph not to speed but to keep others from cutting in front of me as they do that alot. my son will ride with me but he dont like going over 70mph we get almost hit alot so with him we use old highway speed is 55. ive exceeded 145mph several times and met the wobbel so slow down or whipe out. i guess wrecking you dont think about god when i see stuff like this i drive slow a couple days. i hate to see fellow bikers meet there end, i all most met undertaker 10 years ago i was riding with two of my brothers and i got way ahead of them so i sat on shoulder of interstate 5 min or so then they flew past me. i punched it and was going over 100 and not far ahead traffic stopped i hit brakes but at my speed i was using back brakes fish tailing and skiding behind me a semi hit his horn he was skiding tword me i couldnt stop i went between cars and slightly hit sides of 2 cars then pulled to shoulder as semi plowed into a car who hit others. i took my helmit off i was shaking all over my body trembling even while getting a ticket. in this case or accident poor guy probly died on impact, he must of been really moving the way he was ripped apart. the eye thing i cant tell if eyes are gone or the white over them. to my brother biker have a peaceful after life in many,many years we may meet to share your journey rest in peace.

  2. Damn it @obli, now that song, The Danube River is stuck in my head. That’s what I get for watching old movies from the silver screen era.

    Do you recall that day in June,
    upon the Danube River?
    You listened to a siren’s tune
    As you watched your legs and intestines quiver
    You wondered what went wrong
    and how half of you became severed
    You hit a pole, the sign rang like a gong
    Upon the Danube River…..

  3. I do believe those white spots are evidence of an alien parasite vacating it’s host. I’m like 99.9% sure that’s what it is @obli

    I always wished there’d been video of this one. I’m really excited about the retro gore series 🙂

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  5. It’s a perfect idea. The old gore for me never really gets old.

    As for the guy above, I wonder if he lived long enough to realize he was separated? Or even if he somehow, miraculously pulled threw??

    One things for certain, his Yo-Yo playing days are over!!

      I guess its meant to be said
      that the two timers always own a scrooged up clock

      where the time just stops to say
      tick toc
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      hell the dial says dont just dial me out
      keep playing out o —- o and never ever lemme stop

  6. A while back I did a search on for “cut in half” and I was amazed at how many bikers were split in half after hitting poles or being run over by trucks. I need to see shit like that every time I think about getting another motorcycle.

  7. Looking at the ‘Activity’ page here, it looks like RGM is under a troll attack. In one 2 minute period, 12 new troll memberships were opened. I come back to it 5 minutes later and there’s 20 more. Weird. I thought there were things to block this kinda shite from happening. Someones gonna be busy deleting trolls.

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