Entire Family Executed with Gunshots in Brazil

Entire Family Executed with Gunshots in Brazil

How do you put ‘fun’ in funerals? You gotta make it family-sized!

I know. That was a terrible joke but as worse as the terrible joker called ‘Life’, presented here is a family who lived on a farm that were shot were executed on the night of September 8th – pretty much the Virgin Mary’s ‘birthday’. I know you Catholics out there are familiar of that. Anyway, no one has been clearly identified – both the victims and the suspect/s – other than the moniker ‘Black’. His wife and son were murdered along with him in a rural area in Acrelandia, Brazil. The family were executed with gun shots.

I am not a firearms expert and I don’t see the wounds very well but what do you think was the type of gun used in here? I am gonna guess a Taurus pistol was used but that’s just a wild guess. Third world folks aren’t very fond of using shotguns so I am much inclined to think that a shotgun wasn’t used here but, what the hell do I know? Point blank range? Maybe. Sniper? I don’t think so. Not on a place like that.

Also, I am gonna stick to the name ‘Kay’ now for good. Just a few hours ago I learned that ‘Stacie Jaxx’ is a pornstar’s name. Don’t ask me how I found out. Process is important but results are importanter.

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25 thoughts on “Entire Family Executed with Gunshots in Brazil

  1. Considering almost every murder is introduced by the familiar sounds of their favorite transport, its a wonder they are even caught unprepared. They ought to all be trained to drop and hide when they hear a bike approaching by now. Thats if a bike was involved… O_o

  2. Thanks for the post @staciejaxx – & seeing as I’m REALLY late to this party – I’m glad you decided to keep your stacie jaxx persona for the site! And yes, the process is important, but results are MORE important. Unfortunately, my high school math teacher didn’t QUITE feel the same way. He was 50% about the process too. Sigh. Didn’t matter that the damn answer was correct! (Pssst…no such word as importanter – sorry for being a spelling/grammar nazi type person…it’s sort of a bugaboo of mine, & I certainly mean no disrespect. Your English is much better than many of those for whom it is a 1st language). Maybe you’ll have to try out a stacie jaxxx (note the 3rd x) persona impression on your fiance! lol

      • I sort of thought so, but….I too am guilty of making up nonsensical words. Hell, when younger we used to have entire conversations that were nonsensical. Most of the words made sense, just not how they were phrased. A little silliness is good for the soul – as Reader’s Digest says…Laughter is the Best Medicine. Take care Kay. Crap! Just lost RGM on my other tablet – was away 10 min & secure browser totally wipes everything including cookies, when you exit the site. Oh well…just that that one has keyboard also & bigger screen so is #1 choice!

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