RGM Member Involved in Car Accident Shares Her Pictures

RGM Member Involved in Car Accident Shares Her Pictures

RGM member @Kitterz was involved in a two vehicle accident on September 9th and was generous enough to send in pictures of the aftermath of her accident. I’ll let her explain in her own words what happened:

I was in a car accident today where a guy was looking elsewhere and crossed the double yellow into my lane. I honked, and swerved, but there was an embankment which prevented me from going far. He didn’t brake at all. Police think he was going 35 mph in a 25 mph construction zone.

As I swerved, his SUV clipped my SUV driver’s side mirror, sending it into my open window where it caught my left arm, and it shattered when it hit my jaw and face. What was left sailed into my rear seat, shattered the plastic, and glass was strewn everywhere. I was spitting out chunks of glass in my mouth. The full force hit my rear quarter panel where it snapped my spring (coil), ruptured the tire, severed my brake line, and severely bent my axle

@Kitterz received three stitches and lacerations to her face, neck, ear, lip, and arm. The other driver was unhurt and was ticketed. I’ve been in my fair share of car accidents and it’s always a very scary experience no matter how major or how minor it may be. We’re so glad you’re okay @Kitterz and we hope you feel better soon. You gotta pick a better way to die than that.

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  1. I hope your ok! Its a good thing that it wasnt worse. Living in florida i see awefull wrecks all the freakn time. I was in a tiny mitstubishi mirage (not sure its spelled that way) and some asshole in a mini van clipped the front end after running a red light. Totaled the car and ever since then my buddys young niece still doesnt like cars. The radiator wraped around the engine and filled that car full of black smoke, me n my other friend got poor little Carley out of her car seat so fast 🙁 do you have the drivers name @kitterz?? Lets go woop some ass!! RGM squad for life! Best wishes for a good recovery! 🙂

    • He didn’t brake and the side mirror shattered on my face. I had “glitter” everywhere on my face. Pulled at 2mm sized piece of glass out of my nostril that night as well. Oh, and my window was down, so it shattered after it hit my face, arm, and door.

      Face lacerations bleed like a SOB!

        • Unfortunately, I live in a no-fault state. He’ll pay the medical expenses, but as for my car? Nope. I only had the lowest coverage and didn’t know it since my ex was/is paying the car insurance. (Divorce was final 10 days ago)

          I can sue the guy with the limit being $1000 in small claims for repairs. Just found out my parking brake cable snapped along with my side mirror, control arm (bent all to hell), brake lines, frame, rim, and tire needing repairs. I’m glad he didn’t hit the front end.

  2. I watched a close friend of mine die in a car accident when I was a teen, some drunk guy hit us after all 2am on the freeway and I still have nightmares till this day.
    I am glad @kitterz you were not hurt too bad and got to walk away form this accident, I guess being in a SUV helped lots with your safety.

    • Swerving at the last second saved me an onside front crash. This guy never braked and was staring directly at his passenger side window. Don’t think he was on the phone.

      My ex said the police were trying to see if he was looking at his phone or something on his seat. The guy’s answer?
      “No, we’re all tired at times.”

      Uh WHAT?! We?

    • Yeah, agreed, most likely on their cellphone. You see so many rear end collisions with a lot of damage because people were looking at their phones. This distraction is equal to being at the legal point of intoxicated driving. So if they kill somebody while on their phone, it should be publically shoved up their ass.
      @kitterz Sorry you were injured, that must have hurt like hell. And happy to see you dodged a bullet.

      • Yup and actually had to take a driving safety test for work and the answer to a question was driving while playing with cell phone i.e. (texting,checking calls,games,pics etc) is actually doing more damage/deadlier than drunk driving!…cuz basically 75% of all the drivers I see on the road during day are on cell, it’s like driving amongst 100 drunk drivers a day.

  3. I had a similar accident a few years ago. I was driving to work one wet morning around 4:45 am, and this idiot on his cell phone decided to drift into my lane essentially pushing me onto incoming traffic. Luckily I had already gotten off the highway and we weren’t going very fast (maybe 45 mph) but it was enough to make me hydroplane and do a 360°, hit the curb and roll my truck on its side, crunching my side view mirror but saved my window. Every loose item fell on me lol. I had enough sense to cut my engine, climb UP through the passenger window and jump down. It took nearly 10 minutes for anyone to stop. Assholes. Fortunately I was completely unharmed. Can’t say the same for my truck. I’m glad you weren’t too badly injured @kitterz, hope you have a speedy recovery and thanks for sharing!

  4. My God, @kitterz2 i am happy to hear that your accident did not end up killing, or paralyzing you, girl. Although it did injure you, you will heal well, and live on to tell your story about this unfortunate accident, that injured you, and damaged your vehicle. But look on the bright side, you could have not been here with us to tell your story. Thanks for sharing your personal and tragic accident with us all. And as for the Idiot who was not paying attention to the others around him, he will end up paying big time, as i have talked to Ms. Karma, and she assured me that she will act accordingly in regards to this dumb ass! 😉

    • I’ve been on Morphine for years. Much like antidepressants, muscle relaxants, etc., drug tolerance allows for safe driving as long as you don’t increase the dosage. You shouldn’t drive when taking it for the first time/first few days when not sure how your body will react to the medication.

      My dosage has been unchanged for the last 10 years.

      • Sorry for cutting guys, but i have a similar medial thing going on. Since i was crushed by a heavy granite slab, 3 years ago resulting in 4 long & extensive surgeries, and in the fact that i also have khyphosis, D.D.D., discs damaged in my neck, and 3 lower back surgeries, i have been on 100 mgs. of Fentanyl, and Ativan, for a long time. And like @kitterz2 i myself have also built up a tolerance to it,s effects, and can drive, or operate heavy machinery with no safety concerns, whatsoever!

        • If you ever have to go off those strong opiates, by choice or not, make sure you get our doc to give you some Buprenorphine or suboxone strips. They take away the withdrawal right away and then you slowly, over a month or more, cut down a little every couple days. It works great. If you’re on Fentanyl and you can’t get it for some reason…You’re really fucked. Anything over Oxys and going cold is horror. for a couple weeks. Suboxone makes you feel normal right away and if you slowly reduce it, it is magic.

          • I was on 100 mgs of fentanyl over a decade ago and was forced off cold turkey while in the hospital having to strip off all my meds and start over (had daily migraines for years and needed a clean slate). Having physical dependence sucks. It was literally 3 weeks of hell. Prior to that I’d come off of morphine (pregnancy) but the withdrawal was endangering my baby (high blood pressure etc).

            I have lordosis DDD, extruded disk L5-S, among other medical fuckery going on, so I can totally relate. Your kyphosis in the T spine?

        • @thedreman Are you that dude that got his head crushed between the slabs? Danm Dre… I didn’t think you could have survived that. How did they shovel all your brain back in and reform your head? Were the surgeries to reattach the brain that was squeezed out. How’s your thinking after? lol

        • @thedreman I’m on the same thing. 100mcgs fentanyl and Xanax as needed. For me the fentanyl works great and my tolerance to it hasn’t shot through the roof, like it did with oxy and everything else, my only problem with it is it gives me anxiety/panic attacks. That’s all opioids though, in that respect I am lucky because I have never enjoyed the feeling of pain meds. My doses have been slowly increased over the years and I am not impaired when driving either. I’m allergic to morphine so it was straight to oxy for me, and oxy killed my tolerance. If I had started with fentanyl at a lower dose to begin with I’m almost positive I wouldn’t be on half of what I am now.

  5. Hi Kitterz. Glad it wasn’t worse and that you’re ok. I once was rear ended by a lady in a full leg cast. He car exploded on the back of my ’79 Chevy Silverado. Not even a dent in the bumper on my truck. Sure shook me and my daughter up though.

  6. driving anywhere has dangers many dont think about it at all, then boom confusion sets in taking a few to realize what happend. in accidents at low speeds one could die but its much safer than high speed wreck. at high speeds people die but if you can slow down before impact its a good thing to do its not always possible. if a vehicle is coming head on go into a field or hit something else few survive these head on accidents there gore. were all glad you lived to share your tragic tale, be safe and make them fix your vehicle.

  7. kitterz sweetheart here is a little of my heart for ya ❦
    I hope this get well wish brings a smile to your face.
    You are too beautiful to be feeling down.
    We want to hear ya laugh and giggle

    Take a minute and kiss this Heart of mine for me .❦
    Cheers !!

  8. Hi Kitterz, sorry I’m late to the discussion, hope you are on the mend and the face is healing up to make you beautiful again. I’ve not read all the comments but hope you get back on the bike again.. Other drivers are wankers esp asian (no offence Stacie) xx

  9. @kitterz I’m a bit late to the post but I hope you’re all better now! Regardless of what you are taking a car accident is going to leave you sore, especially with stitches and cuts like you have. I hope you are healing well, and if you haven’t already gotten your stitches out you should be due soon, and I hope insurance takes care of everything. Also, hopefully that moron’s insurance premiums go through the roof.

  10. Hey @kitterz …I’m REALLY late to the party. Hope you’ve healed & all is well with you. As the survivor of more accidents than I can count on both hands, it’s sometimes the stuff that isn’t visible that leaves the most damage – like the soft tissue neck (whiplash) type injuries. And give your ex a good swift kick in the ass for cheaping out on your coverage.

  11. Really????? That’s a paper cut compared to the harsh treatment that those poor people had to endure, with beheadings, face skinned, items being pushed up in there assholes, so really?? Go get a bandaid and you will be fine, I promise

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