Man Gets Stabbed and Stoned

Man Stabbed and Stoned

Happy Fucking Saturday everyone…I have a treat for you.

I didn’t get any info on the video below, nor do I speak the language they are speaking but there are a couple things I can surmise without knowing either of those specifics. First, This had to of occurred Brazil because it’s one of the only shit-holes on this planet where almost everyone is just one flip-flop away from being a sociopathic killer. Second, even though I don’t actually speak the language, I’m guessing the fellow doing the stabbing and stoning is none to happy with the victim and is probably saying something like “Fuck you, die”.

Upon initially watching the video, I thought the victim was just a corpse being given the proper Brazilian death ritual but if you hang out till the end you will notice there is definitely some agonal breathing occurring (hence the geyser of death foam coming from the mouth). Also, anyone who wants to translate what we are hearing (I’m looking at you Der) we would definitely appreciate it.

As usual, props go to @mrspink for showing us in this world, there are a Brazilian ways to die.

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  1. A little similar to 3 guys one hammer, minus the hammer ? Just more camp…

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    Turn it up side down

    What do you call a gay dentist
    A tooth fairy

    What’s the difference between a fridge and a gay bloke
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    How do you make a gay man scream twice
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  2. Holy shit that’s a lot of hatred right there! But I love the look on the face of the poor soul when they flip him over. ..”Who was tickling my neck with their daughter’s kindergartner scissors? That all you got? You fucking pussies!”
    Really? Those little scissors were the most gangster weapon they could get their hands on? Times must be hard.

  3. Alright, challenge accepted… 😆 Even though it would be better for a brazilian to translate, i dont understand some of the expressions they use.

    -“Look here, the bastard… (dunno what he said)… no simpathy… No simpathy, taking each stab (…)” (The next expression he uses i think it can translate to “Katiara (a gang), you disgrace!” several times, they then start speaking some random crap i couldnt understand.)
    -“No sympathy! …this looks like some sort of massage…”
    -“Im gonna take him(…)”
    -“Turn him, turn him over. Turn his face over!”
    -“Hes alive…”
    -“Katiara, you disgrace! Katiara, fish! (…dont ask… 😆 They do say “fish” though…) Katiara! You see how we get you without simpathy, you disgrace? Without simpathy, you fish! Its linked, you disgrace, you see how this is?”
    -“Oh you there, you’re going to hell.” *Trows stone*
    -“Go tie him down. Take that you faggot… take it, suck it.”
    -(some guy in the background) “Only massages being made here…”
    -“Katiara, you disgrace! Nothing goes by with simpathy.”
    (some guys talk in the background random stuff)
    -“No simpathy, you see, faggot? You (devil?… dunno what he said), (…) …in your face, you son of a whore! (A large boulder gets trown in his face) Take that! You saw that (…dunno what “jotaca” is… a nickname maybe?), its just like that…”
    (some guys in the background whispering “no no…”)
    -“You had a vision, Jotaca?”…

    Meh… nothing relevant really. 😐

  4. Now this is what I call immigration reform.
    At the end he looked like a fish out of water. I really enjoyed the two boulder bashes to the beak. I could almost hear his cheek bone fracture. The stabbing was cool too. Fucking killer video. I’d love to do this to the pieces of shit that stole my car last year.

  5. Man – that guy doing the stabbing is just stone cold (no insult meant Mr. Austin). Just keeps stabbing away while carrying on a conversation, as if stabbing the shit out of somebody is a normal, everyday occurrence. Oh. Wait! This is Brazil. It IS an everyday occurrence. At least twice, & 3 times on Sunday.

    • @synlover 😂 Mr Austin. Wrestling fan I’m assuming? I’m not a fan per se but do like the characters real personalities off of the mat.

      Totally off topic….off topic of the already off topic comment I made

      I hate repetitive commercials…the annoying ones that air on every single commercial break sometimes on a double loop

      • @trainwreck. Used to sometimes watch a show with my little bro, may he RIP, but not so much of a fan for years. Waaay too hokey. “Back in the old days” lol the wrestlers were artists, if you will, and did everything in their power to make it appear real. No gimmicks. No hokey shit. And if the “story” they were putting out had them mad at John Doe, they portrayed that outside the ring as well, whenever in sight of the viewing/paying public, just to make it more believable. Nowadays, the’re likely to travel to the arena together, and drive off into the sunset in the same
        car, on their way for a beer @ the strip joint.

        I just finished reading yesterday, as a matter of fact, “Hitman Bret Hart: MyReal Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling” which is Bret Hart’s autobiography (I found it amongst my bro’s books when I was packing his things up after he passed away in Jan.) The Hart family are from Calgary, Aberta, and were once synonymous with wrestling in western Canada. Bret’s dad was Stu Hart -a wrestler turned wrestler/promoter, then strictly promoter, and the owner of Stampede Wrestling. Vince McMahon of WWE bought him out. Both Bret & his younger bro Owen (& several other immediate fam members & in-laws) went to work for Vince, and Owen was killed in a wrestling stunt gone wrong in Kansas
        City in 1999.

        And now that I’ve written yet ANOTHER book on site…

          • @trainwreck Thanks sweetie. Appreciate it.
            @fightingirish16. He died of we’re not quite sure what @ that moment, but he had been diagnosed with terminal liver cancer not quite 3 weeks before. They think possibly heart failure , as they only did fluid testing to rule out suicide by (most likely) an overdose. Full autopsy not done in Alberta if in hospital &/or under continuing care of Dr for serious medical issues, and they were aware he wss terminal. Once all the toxicology tests were done at the beginning of May they issued a final death cert that said hearrt failure with secondary cause terminal liver cancer

          • sorry man, i no what its like to loose a brother,my older bother got killed in a car crash with his best friend so i no what your family is dealing with,things get better,its my mother and father that are suffering the most,like yours too.

          • I can definitely relate… Both my parents are different people after my brother was hit by a car and killed. We were only a year apart and I lost my best friend. But loosing a child is something I never want to go through. My parents are shadows of their selfs and everyday I see how it effects them. Not only are the severely depressed but over protective to the point of being crazy. Just sad. I feel like I not only lost my brother and best friend but my parents in a way also. I’m sorry for your loss.

          • Hey @fightingirish16 – sorry for delay – have been offline. My condolences on the loss of your bro & his friend. It sure is tough – he was my last immediate family member, and am not close to any of the relatives

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  7. Never say never @staciejaxx. You said you’re the Queen of the Memelords and also said you think Ice Cube is so dreamy and you’re a cook that goes by ‘Kay’. You’re syntax is a dead give away to someone that can read between the lines.
    Either that, or you’re a super gay feminine guy. If that’s the case, (in Big Gay Al’s voice)
    “You’re so silly!”

  8. He was unconscious, or nearly dead, it seems. Those were just nerve impulses. I doubt he felt much of that after a certain point. Still, apart from the Southern parts, Brazil is a savagery like you’ll never see in your life. Only the Africans rival it (but most Brazilians have negroid blood to some degree, so that explains their behavior). If you ever visit, don’t visit the touristic places. Go to the heart of the city jungle. You’ll hear shootings, you’ll see people getting robbed in front of you, you’ll see fights at every corner, almost on a daily basis (I have many Brazilian friends who confirm this).

  9. i want to say sorry if i offended anyone tonight,it was all in jest,i think ye are all sound so im open to a slag back at any time,trust me ill laugh at it.

  10. Scientists have proven that the brain still functions after the heart has stopped working..3min .. so it still takes in what sound & movement that happens around it..I’ve always wondered ehat goes thru a brain that’s being murdered brutally…
    I wonder if it remembers the taste of blood for its last sensation…I also wonder if the person doing the assult realizes ot could be them next agonal breathing one day..pity they let the body go to waste..

  11. If for some reason yall turn on me, and decide to murder me, please do a better job then the idiots in this video. I dont even mind dying in brazil so long as its in the jungle and not some dirty ass street. But after all of the gore thats been witnessed amongst us, we ought to be godam professionals by now!

  12. Fucking Brutal man. Part of the gang life in the land of plenty Jails & assassins on motorbikes..
    The beauty of good old gang life Boys & Girls, so don,t do it
    Who wants to join me on a trip to this beautiful land of Flip-Flops,,,
    Da-Silvas, Cheap Women, & Lotsa Drugs ??? NOBODY, i hope!!!

          • @ladywicked666 4 lbs is nothing atleast in my world.

            I’m not going to go into my mom’s stuff because well….you get it but she had a long road. I took after my father so I’ve not gone through that struggle but I empathize with those who have (had) greatly.

          • @ladywicked666 I’ve been bored as fuck all day that’s how I am. Preparing to go help a friend who runs a cat rescue. She’s going to be gone, her dad got hurt and now it’s up to me. She conveniently told me one of the cats has super contagious ringworm.Super. So I’m gearing up gonna wear a lot of plastic covering, long ass gloves and bringing some antifungal spray lol.

          • I LOVE KITTIES!!..Not worms of any sort so much…I’m sorry, you’re a GREAT friend! Many kudos to YOU. .ALL HAILS @trainwreck !
            I ran away from home about two hours ago…I’m 31,that’s sad huh!!.. FMMFL…Have a nice night love!. ❤

          • @ladywicked666 I think that’s hysterical. And I do what’s needed of me. Even if I don’t like someone and they truly truly needed me I’ll be there, reluctantly. Theyd have to be in serious dire straits though. I’m all done with the cats. Took me two hours…I’m really tired and I don’t want to clean anymore litter boxes. 🙁 Sadly there’s a cat by the name of Dimitri who had been adopted but the elderly lady couldn’t keep him any longer and had to come back. He’s too large of a cat ( 20lbs thereabout) and her skin is so thin that when Dmitri was kneading he accidentally scratched her and she started bleeding pretty good. So this gigantic is back.

          • Omg! @trainwreck not trying be creeper or some shit,but what area of the world are you?.. imma inspiring cat woman, and demitri? Sounds godly!.. we have a BLACK CAT NAMED FATASS OR FATBOY.. HES sorry caps,my apologies,tiz hard to text through tears..fat boy is like 25pounds huge cat.. ❤ him!
            Also love. .me too…I’ve put my dick in the dirt for SO FUCKING MANY. ..Nd yet here I AM. ..ALONE, CRYING TO FACELESS STRANGERS ON THE sorry. ..

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