Stillborn Child Dumped by Mother in Venezuela

Stillborn Child Dumped by Mother in Venezuela

People are so unbelievable at times, aren’t they? I couldn’t even dump my dead, sick kitten like this and more so I couldn’t imagine doing this to a human baby. But, then again, people fall into spectrums and some are just worse than the rest. It’s a bit too hard for me to fathom the notion of not burying your own dead but I guess by this time we all have our cherries popped about the undeniable truth that babies which don’t make it alive are discarded like its household waste.

We unfortunately haven’t gathered much information other than what the title states. Apparently, a 25-year-old mother dumped her stillborn child somewhere in Venezuela. You can even see the umbilical cord and even the placenta attached. I may have tiny, slanted eyes but I can clearly see that there is a ridiculous amount of blood involved. Would that be from the baby or the mother? I wouldn’t pretend like I know medical stuff so I’d be requiring some assistance from our residents with medical expertise.

I’m curious what you guys think, by the way. Suppose you were bestowed a stillborn child, how would you take care of the body?

Am I gonna forget it? Of course not! Huge props to @mrspink.

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37 thoughts on “Stillborn Child Dumped by Mother in Venezuela

  1. I’m thinking all the blood is from the placenta partially abrupted which would cause excessive bleeding and death of the baby if not delivered by c-section. I had a placenta abruption with my first child, but it didn’t fully detach. I was on bed rest from at my 14-18th week. The placenta grew so that the quarter-sized abruption wasn’t all that big.

    Either that, or she had problems after the birth from the placenta not detaching all the way.

  2. Fuck i hate these whores, and their Evil ways! If your child was still borne, then take the time to dig a little hole, and bury the poor little thing in the backyard, if you cannot afford a proper & expensive burial plot. You build it a small wooden casket, or just a plain box, and give your child the respect of disposing the body in a clean & safe way. Don,t just dump it like a spoiled smelly piece of left over roast beef! FUCK,,, this angers me!!! 🙁

  3. I would bury the baby. I couldn’t leave the baby out like that. People can be very cruel and heartless so I this baby was better off never knowing what a cunt it’s “mother” is.

    After my son was born I remember bleeding but not that much. I guess I’m just hoping this chick bleeds out.

  4. I remember I discarded my dog’s pup like a piece of trash in the garbage can. But, I thought it was dead. It wasn’t moving or breathing and I thought really long what I should do.. but then I got really tired and just threw it away because it’s just one pup, out of four!

  5. Here’s how I look at it. That child did went through an ordeal, even if brief, but would that child have suffered more in life, than in her untimely death? Probably she got spared of the miserable, slave-like existence most of us have. Why does our Western culture undermine mental anguish, while only giving significance to physical pains? Lets not portray life as something magnificent and worthy of admiration, because in actuality, the negative aspects far outweigh the few positive ones. So maybe that child’s death, even if unfortunately painful, was positive, in a way. Why do we value life so much to the point of lamenting death, while being scared of it? Is life that sacred to us? Are you that happy with life, even after you visit websites like this, and become acquainted with the true evilness humanity harbors? At this very moment, hundreds if not thousands of Chinese are boiling or skinning cats and dogs alive to make our precious fur or to use as aphrodisiacs, someone is being buried in a backyard, a man is raping a child, a woman is mentally killing a man with her nagging, someone is preparing his/her suicide, a man is about to kill his boss or coworker, hundreds of women are aborting, others are fucking (an abortion to come), babies are being circumcised, hyenas are eating a buffalo while he still breathes; how can one bear all of this wonderfulness? It truly is parade for the ignorants, while it is a torment for the wise.

    That child at least got speared from witnessing the horrors we have become accustomed to. To take part in a false, lying, hypocritical, promiscuous, lethal, degenerate society. She shouldn’t have suffered, but in the end, her momentary suffering palled in comparison to the pain that life had in store for her.

  6. to see stuff like this makes me sad,mad, plain uneasy feelings, what un humam would do this? these places need serious laws with real jail time. if you dont like children dont have any, take birth control if you cant afford it dont have sex, if you dont know or understand the cruel sadistic crimes of babies or how it would feel to lay out on cold cement do the world a favor and end your sorry existance or to be plain shoot yourself and call it your one good deed as only you know your inner self.

  7. Is birthing a child supposed to be this bloody or did something go wrong?

    I hope the”mom” endured unbearable agony and died during childbirth. That bitch doesn’t deserve to live and fuck again because we all know she’s just going to do this over and over again.

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