Man Attacked by Jealous Ex-Lover of Partner

Man Attacked by Jealous Ex-Lover of Partner

I told my fiance that if chicks come and hit on him hard, that will be the night bitches die but I don’t want to be arrested again in this lifetime so I would have to keep that level of jealousy in check. No one should be homicidally jealous and seriously, I can’t think of a good thing worth going to jail for. It definitely isn’t a nice place to be. I understand sometimes feelings of jealousy can overwhelm people sometimes and a result of which is what I am to present today.

The incident occurred in August 15 where a man named Rui Barbosa Macedo, 33 years old, was attacked and injured in the face by a man named alias ‘Shrimp’ because Rui’s current partner is the former lover of ‘Shrimp’. Macedo took several machete blows from ‘Shrimp’ while screaming that Macedo will die. The victim was taken to a hospital in Breves, Brazil and no longer in danger.

Exes are like snakes hiding in a bush, they wait for the perfect time to bite you in the ass at some point. But if your ex suddenly decides to throw machete blows at your partner’s face then I don’t think there’s much of a choice left than to kill the fucker, right? Seriously though. That’s too much, don’t you think? It no longer is Shrimp’s business on whatever his ex does but some people really just find it hard to let go.

Maybe Rui has healed up good now and has a nasty scar on his face that chicks might really dig. But I really think he was attacked with a machete for his terrible hairstyle. Good for you for having great taste, Shrimp.

Truckloads of props to @mrspink for hooking us up with a lot of content.

41 thoughts on “Man Attacked by Jealous Ex-Lover of Partner

  1. I dont understand why people still blames the exes for reacting to wounds that their shitty ex-partners left in them… If you see it in their eyes how much it twisted them inside, why should one accept the fact that they were used by them? When the feelings were too great to let go, its not a matter of weakness anymore… Weak are those that never felt shit for their partner, it makes you no less good than a fucking animal on heat. Love corrupts completelly, and ends up being only a matter of self-destruction, or destroy others, and usually one chose to destroy others and make their exes pay… Thats how the fucking disease called “love” works in its background that no one dares to see or think about. Its not as pretty as one think it is…

  2. Omfg!.. That’s fucking TERRIBLE!!!!.THIS is WHY I stay single….I mean I have my ONE..but imma free spirit baby!!..FUCK being tied down, unless literally! Then tiz AWESOME! Unless you’re losing HALF your fucking face,to a machete….THEN TIZ AWFUL!… Great article @staciejaxx!
    Many thanks yous to @mrspink for the bitchin photos!.. YOU GUYS ROCK!! 😍❤❤

  3. Holy hell, that guy’s face is going to be paralyzed on that side. Severed the nerve where it feeds into the cheek. But, I think that’s the least of his troubles if there isn’t enough blood supply to the tissue. Then you add in the country he’s in and I’d say he’ll need a rag to capture the spit as it leaks out. (Obscure Kill Bill 2 reference)

  4. i myself got into many fights over my 1st wife it took some time to realize she was the one who wanted a taste of new meat. i think it was like 17 guys over 9 years but my dad said your stupid you cant win them all. your wife is your problem, if she didnt put it out there you wouldnt have the issue. he was correct i got a divorce i kept the kids she wanted to find herself. it took some time but soon after i felt free relaxed etc. if i would of caught her with another dude i would of got into serious trouble, no man or woman is worth any of that. i realized a good woman will take care of those who get to fresh with her.

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