Brazilian Woman Hangs Herself, Gives Everyone “The Raspberry”

Brazilian Woman Hangs Herself, Gives Everyone

RGM member @mrspink contributed this single image from Brazil of another woman who had hanged herself to escape Brazil (can you blame her?). No info on the woman or the circumstances of the suicide but this seems to be a trend with women there more so than males. She defies us all by sticking her tongue out as if saying, “Fuck y’all!”

I just want to take this time to say thank you to all of our contributors and members. You guys have really helped this site grow over the last few weeks and we here at RGM give credit where credit is due. You guys are awesome and a major part of what makes this site what it is. So a big FUCK YEAH to all of you.

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  1. Ive been in that dark place before…where I was tired of living with the pain, but i can’t say that i ever seriously tried to kill myself, although at the time i really didn’t care if i lived or died. I guess you can say I encouraged death with reckless behavior and alcohol and medication abuse, but I don’t know if I ever would’ve gotten to the point of deliberately causing my death like this poor woman. I don’t understand that kind of desperation, and I hope I never do. RIP.

  2. So this is what you guys have been up to… When someone posted in their activity feed back on BG that all the members who left where over here… I did NOT expect to come across a whole new site. I’m extremely tired so I don’t have time to read all the latest posts right now but some of you may or may not already know that Acneska is gone and Mark is running BG again. Apologies if that’s old news but I felt that I had to say something just incase. It’s good to see you all again.

  3. Yeah, it also looks to me like she has ligature marks on her left wrist and had blood flow interuption in her right hand.

    I suspect treachery is afoot. Besides, who is going to hang their self while wearing a shirt with a cartoon character hugging itself.

    Also look at the knot, it’s in the center of the back of her head. If she was right handed, the knot would be off to the right side of her head and the same applies to the left hand scenario.

    Plus the noose is made from a rope around her neck attached to the clothes line string. Also if she rocked the bucket to drop herself, wouldn’t it have shot out from under her feet? Another out of place object is the taller upside down blue garbage can behind her bucket. It’s obviously for the guy that hoisted her ass up there.

    Why have two different buckets and ropes? Because my fellow riGOREmorticians, she was murdered. It also looks like her bucket was kicked to the right, from the bottom. Well, the open part of it.

        • Damn @havohej i enjoyed the hell outta that! And I had a similar scenario in mind but i only got as far as the bruising on her wrists. Probably had her wrists tied behind her back, then released postmortem to appear as a suicide. I can’t wait to read some more of your investigative narration in the posts to come!

        • @gorycory, @eyez2die4, @hunter1031 & @theluvmuscle– If you look closely, you can see she was interrupted doing laundry, the murder’s blue garbage can is on the victim’s bathrobe belt. (The robe is under the red shirt on the chair closest to the wall.) If she committed suicide, both of her blue flip flops would be beneath her body, but not only one of them off to the left, (our right), with the middle chair’s back leg on it. If someone is going to “opt-out”, they probably wouldn’t start their daily chores to begin with. Would they? I know I wouldn’t, what’s the point? I might be able to tell you more, but I need different pictures with different angles.

          Maybe Mr. Wilson did pop his nose over the wall and seen the killer and he got rid of him too, but somewhere else.

        • I need a mother’s expert opinion for my next hypothesis of the why.
          I don’t know, but the photo and circumstances keep fucking with my mind. Something’s definitely wrong here.

          Is it just me, or does she look like she’s in the early stages of being pregnant to the moms here? It looks to me that she has swollen feet, ankles, calves and breasts with milk. Her stomach is extended down to her pubic region, the way I’ve seen on early pregnant women I’ve known. If you look below the stretchy pants waist line, her stomach has the pregnant characteristic. I mean the shape of it.
          So, if this is true, then she was murdered for being pregnant and wanting to keep the baby. By my line of reasoning, the killer is the father that is already married to another woman. Or, he was married to the victim and didn’t want to pay child support. It looks to me like she has a band on her finger from where the wedding ring was. What do you moms think?

          • @havohej, hey Hun I took another look at the photo. She does have a lil pouch going on so she could be pregnant but if she already had a baby she would still have some baby weight to her. Some women when pregnant get spot of discoloration on their face, it’s hard for me to tell if she has that. It is hard to say if she is or not due to the fact that women with Spanish decent have a lil weight to then naturally. She does have swelling in her hands and feet so it might be from the hanging but it doesn’t look like she was up there long. If we had a time line of when the last time someone spoke to her and when she was found we would be able to piece together more info. It is one of three things
            1# she was pregnant
            #2 she had a baby already
            #3 she was naturally a bit chunk
            That is some great investigation on your part. Your our very own detective.

  4. Fucking Jews. This was one of their cloning experiments gone wrong, me thinks! This Woman was cross breaded, and cloned with a Dog. A Chow Chow, to be precise. Just look at that Purple Tongue, and that says it all! Oh,,, and i think that her nickname was “” Lady”” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Every village has an idiot, and I do believe ours has finally arrived. Though he was welcomed into our home and a place was set for him at our table, he spits the food that we prepared for him back in our faces and continues to mock our hospitality. And worst of all, he repeatedly disrespects the rest of our guests and family.
    I think this post has inspired him. He is intent on meeting his own demise at the end of a rope. A rope he has placed around his OWN neck. I predict that our village idiot too will end up hanging himself. With every repugnant word that spews from his mouth the proverbial noose tightens. He built his own gallows and his OWN hand is on the lever. Yes, by his own hands will he be hanged. His blatant insolence will not be tolerated much longer. The luck of this irish will soon run out. Mark my words.

    @obli @yournextexgirl @littlefoot @staciejaxx @deadohiosky

    “The village idiot in strict terms is a person locally known for ignorance or stupidity,[1]”

    If the shoe fits…

  6. its sad to see another who felt depressed, trapped in a punishing sea of sad emotion drowning in self pitty yet the world stood behind a door ready to offer comfort joy and understanding like hey my sister why are you so hard on yourself we all fall before we can step or walk before we run yet society doesnt grab your pain as depression is anger turned inward but far to many people could careless i care yet you ended the road we could of met on to share our pains and things we each held on to yet tragicly you stopped growing in the pool called life sad am i to not know your story, love that was to demanding or self hate but know you my sister i shall wheep a moment on the blood stained pages of time if only will be the words of your family i to say if only another said some word for you my sister in life to understand you are or were important and special, farewell may the gods welcome you in the realm of death, find you peace.

  7. i did see rope like bruising on 1 hand but there isnt enough proof from 1 pic i wish i knew for shire but people swell not long after death gas inside intestines but its possible she was hung against her will? but they would man handle her a bit there should be some bruising other places i dont see.

  8. How the hell did I do this? I deleted the first post for the second. Damn it. I hate when I double and now triple post. It looks so fucking pretentious and narcissistic. Those are two things I loath and am not. I’m a bookworm. I’m just technologically challenged. I’m sorry.

  9. @trainwreck & @eyez2die4, Thank you for helping. Train, it’s cool, I’m not in a hurry, I’m keeping my mind busy on another site that specifically deal with these cases. I just read about you having a son, so I know how busy you are.
    Eyez, damn, I didn’t consider that she could have already gave birth, that helps too. Awesomeness, girl. I’ve thought about her being naturally being chubby, that’s how I noticed the pregnant look. I looked up the physical changes after pregnancy and found a page about 11 changes that happen. That’s when the pregnancy theory came into play.
    I have the timeline worked out.
    Based on the peach colored towel and blue jeans, along with the humidity and temperatures down by the equator. The bottom of the towel looks dry compared to the part draped over the wall that still looks damp and the jean’s cuff looks damp still too. I think she was hanging there for approximately 50-90 minutes before being found, (possibly by a neighbor returning from work, or store), that’s how I ruled out “death bloat”.
    Plus, it looks like it’s past noon by the sun’s position. That could be due to the photo’s angle when snapped, but my intuition tells me otherwise.
    The spots you referred to, look to me, to be on her legs. I think she was strangled and dead before being hanged, there isn’t any urine puddling under her body. When somebody dies, their muscles relax, so the bladder and bowels void themselves. Another way I came to the conclusion this isn’t a suicide.
    It seems there was a struggle, because of the flip flop under the middle chair’s back leg and they’re facing different directions. I’ve looked at pictures before of people hanging theirselves and the footwear is under the body, or one still on the foot. But they are under the person.

      • @eyez2die4, You would have one hell of a trip if you could.
        I think I sometimes go into too much detail and that can be a burden, not just for me, but the readers as well. I even left out four more details I noticed in this photo. The the post would have been longer if I added them.
        Like my posts on the wheelchair scum page, when looking at them after I post I see how long they are and I think to myself, shit, that’s almost a fucking short story.
        Now this one is snowballing into a short story too.

      • @eyez2die4, Another reason I think it’s a problem for me going into too much detail is my my mind gets ahead of my typing pace with all the information that flooded in like a deluge.
        I don’t like making the mistakes and can’t properly edit them within 5 minutes on an iPhone, especially with how long the posts get.

        • @havohej please give more details. I’m interested to know what you think. I can’t speak for anyone else but I enjoy it. It makes me think and my brain could use a good work out. I find crime scene photos pretty damn cool cuz you can see how the person is and how much anger was involved. You can see details in the background that gives clues on how the person lived. So please do give more details. You brought up stuff that wouldn’t have crossed my mind. I don’t know if this will help you or not but I’m very forgetful at times so what I do is I go back in my mind to the last thing I remember like retracing my steps and go from there. Maybe that will help you get the info out and will be easier to remember. Worth a shot Hun.

  10. @eyez2die4 & @trainwreck, I’ve finally realized why this is bugging me so much. This woman reminds me of my cousin, (who is of Blackfoot ancestry), that’s in a shitty relationship and if this was her, I’d want to know if she committed suicide, or was murdered.
    And the fact I can’t share my hypotheses with this woman’s family. I’m sure they’d want to know too. Because there’s a murderer walking around free, while her parents are crushed, thinking their daughter took her own life, since most of the people down there are still, (for some reason), christian/catholic, they are worried she is going to burn in hell forever for committing suicide. Since it is a mortal sin.

  11. @eyez2die4, The floor along the wall is wet, it looks to me like it quit raining within a couple hours of this photo being taken. If you look over her left shoulder above the wall (where the blue jeans and the peach towel form a v), you can see a satellite dish in the leaves of the tree.
    If you look past the dish and the leaves, you can see some blue sky in the cloud break. That and the high clouds show the signs a rainstorm passed over. With the tropical temperatures being high, there is evaporation of water on the floor, but not against the wall since the sun and heat wouldn’t get to evaporate it completely in that 90 degree angle. So the floor is still a bit wet from the rain blowing over the wall. The dampness runs along the floor to just passed the killer’s blue trash can and chair with the red shirt and light blue bathrobe.
    Another detail is the white pillowcase on the other side of the peach towel is dry as a bone. It looks like it could flutter in a good breeze.
    Also her hair, if she tied the rope with the clothes line string tied to it around her neck, she would have pulled her hair out of the noose once she had it around her neck. Maybe even put it in a ponytail so it doesn’t get pulled or caught up in the rope as she hangs. That is a subconscious reflex for people with long hair, like when you pull a shirt over your head, or tie a scarf around your neck, you automatically pull your hair through too. Getting your hair pulled out at the roots doesn’t feel great, even if you’re about to kick the bucket. No pun intended. I know, I’ve had long hair most of my life.
    And finally lividity, if she was hanging there for more than a few hours, gravity would make her blood pool in her feet, leaving them them dark and bruised looking. She couldn’t have been there that long based on the still drying jeans and partially dried towel.
    I’m sorry it took so long to reply, I was soaking in the crime scene of the two rape victims.

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