Brazilian Pedophile Taken Out by Vigilantes, Death Uploaded on Social Media

Brazilian Pedophile Taken Out by Vigilantes, Death Uploaded on Social Media

On the night of Thursday, September 8th, 2016, An alleged pedophile by the name of Eduardo Santos Silva, age 42, was shot point blank in the face by vigilantes after a cell phone was found in the street containing pictures and video of Eduardo engaged in explicit sexual acts with girls under the age of 12. The wheelchair-bound Eduardo was killed in his apartment in Simões Filho, in the metropolitan area of Salvador, state of Bahia, Brazil.

None of the men responsible for the death of this rolling piece of shit have been identified or apprehended but honestly, they should be given fucking medals for ridding the streets of that child raping motherfucker. You know, I said “alleged pedophile” at the beginning of this post but for fuck’s sake there were images and video on his phone showing him in the act of molesting and according to reports, forcing a girl under 12 to give him a blowjob. So can we really say “alleged” at this point? How about good fucking riddance?

Bad ass props to @mrspink for the hookup.

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187 thoughts on “Brazilian Pedophile Taken Out by Vigilantes, Death Uploaded on Social Media

  1. Wouldn’t have given that fuck a CHANCE to speak…fuck him,and the horse shit that may have escaped his fucking shit eating lips….piece of fucking shit!…UGH!..People like him have a special place in my kingdom! I cannot WAIT to finally own hell one glorious day! I WILL MAKE THIS AND THOSE LIKE THIS POS SUFFER FOR ALL ETERNITY!!… ❤😈❤😈❤

    Thank you for the great article @obli
    And many thank yous @mrspink!

  2. Loved it loved it loved thing for rock spiders. A HOLE ..he could of got a proper deep throat from a whore or a tranny..obviously he failed at sexializing with people his own age..I hope in hell his torment is giving blow jobs to dirty fucks with galloping knob rot.

  3. a nice steady flow of people joining the site,nice to see,ill always go for the underdog,one thing i notice,some bestgore members are joining with a different name,why?

  4. If he is disabled, how did his pecker work?
    I get that he could still get the gratification and all.. But still.. More importantly, why didn’t the little girl just run away?? He is in a wheelchair afterall. Either way good riddance.

    • why didnt the little girl run away?because he was an adult that told her what to do,she is a child ffs,that cripple leg cunt probably got them drunk or whatever,or someone brought them there to that filty bastard,he got what was coming to him thank GOD.

    • Lol…just cause ya legs don’t move doesn’t mean you cant get a boner..
      I’ve worked with a few paraplegics & people with Cerebral Palsy & they can get a mad hard stiffy with no prob..gr8 fun when you tryn to confine in an Adult Nappy..!

  5. I would love to play with this lowlife thing in my basement for a few days, the longer it takes, the better it is for me. I would set up my camera and then start off with some good old dehumanization,mental anguish and starvation followed by a severe beating with a thorn bush switch for a few hours.
    Then make a several gallons of lemonade with salt and slowly pour it all over it’s body. Then I would drown it with said salt lemonade and resuscitate it, then electrocute it only to revive it and finally strangle it with my bare hands to resurrect it again for my grand performance.
    I would hang a mirror on the ceiling then slice off it’s eye lids so it can’t close them and watch everything I do. It would pray to God for mercy and for it all to end, but I would not answer. Then I’d strap it to my work bench and start sawing it’s feet of with a dull hacksaw, cauterize the bloody stumps with a torch and feed them to it.
    Then I’d wait a day, cut of it’s legs at the knees and force feed them to it after more cauterizing and repeat the slow process until I can’t cut anymore without killing it yet.
    Finally, I would come back after a few more days with an old rusty spike and slowly push it through it’s skin and into all it’s organs, one by one, except the heart, until it dies of internal bleeding.
    I would dispose of what’s left in a 55 gallon drum filled with concrete and dump it in the lake.

        • @eyez2die4, By the way, I hope you’re not offended by blasphemy. I have nothing but contempt for all religions and their gods. I refuse to cower down to, or give power and respect to something that I could do a better job than. If it did exist, then why do people like this thing exist to begin with and get to do these thing to children? And I don’t buy the “free will” bullshit, because these things take the free will from kids not to be molested and, or tortured. I mean look at my username.

          • @havohej nope I’m not offended one bit. Some people believe in God’s, others don’t. The only time I get angry about religion is when it’s almost shoved down your throat. I can’t stand people who do that and think it’s ok. I also hate the fact that in the USA pedos have a right to fair trial when they should just be shot. They also segregate them from other inmates so they don’t get hurt. That’s actually protecting these slimy ass fuckers. Anyone who hurts a child like this should be automatically killed. The worse things imaginable done to them. So speak your mind hun, there should be no judgement against you.

          • @eyez2die4, I know, they all treat their fairytale books like a bag of trail mix. They pick and choose which parts they like and ignore the rest. i hate how the protect their child rapists too. They are just as guilty as if they rape kids themselves. I see it as guilt by association. They need the same punishments as the offenders. That’s why I say they can all drop dead. They are all the same weak minded fools v

      • Too bad you don’t know me well enough to make that assessment. I’m not going to sit here acting like a badass, nor will I brag about what I have already gotten away with long ago. Although here is some advice I’ve taken since I was kid, it goes along with the saying: “Revenge is a dish best served cold.” So for me, (and the advice was), there’s alway a proper time to make your move and it’s when people have forgotten about you. And it’s not that time yet. When you treat those people like chess pieces, they will actually help you in achieving your goal. Paying attention to the smallest of details will help you go far with your plans. I wouldn’t and truely don’t care if I got caught, I’m not afraid of the consequences of my actions. What’s the worst anybody could do to me? Put me in prison and execute me?

        • So true @havojhej…revenge is best served dam cold….my step-brother raped me from the age of 6 thru to when I started high mother caught him sodamizing me ( I can still see the bit of poo on the end of his dick when he pulled out as my mum came into the room). My mother only said ” curiosity will kill the cat ” & never told my father & it was easier for her to just keep “An eye on him”..I hated my Step brother with a passion..& when he couldn’t sodomize me he would hit me out of rage & frustration..years later he was getting married & my mother begged me to go to wedding for HER…so I did…but I told her I’ve never forgotten the abuse…as if ya would! So it came to the wedding waltz & all the females of my family had danced with him..I thought fuck it & I approached him & said ” shall we dance”..he looked very pleased with him we danced I whispered into his ear..” I remember everything you did to me you fuck!” He went white & said ” get over it”..I replied ” your fucked”… because I confronted him he went into a downward spiral into alcohol..he was drinking & shooting with him mate no long after the wedding & he went to drive from the soft shoulder of the road to the road…his car some how lost traction & he didn’t have seat belt on & he was thrown out window & kill with having his head crushed in accident..I set him on the road to his death by confronting him…then ” I said to my mother…”good he’s dead” & I told her how I confronted him at the wedding…& dont expect me to mourn him…because I’m rejoicing that KARMA took care of him for me…from the day I left home to the day I went to his wedding we hadn’t seen each other in 10yrs…he also had a hole in his heart …I had been practicing the one inch punch for I could take him by surprise & hit him in the heart region so I could put his heart into shock & fuck him up…never got to use it!

          • Wow @devileena – sorry you had to go through that, and for so long. Perhaps not my place to say it – but someone should have, at the very least, bitch slapped your mother. Was it easier for her to just turn a blind eye & ear to what was happening, rather than risk losing her spouse &meal ticket? That’s just so fricking WRONG – on so many levels. And you’re right. Lady Karma is a bitch, and she got him…better late than never. Too bad you couldn’t go to your (step?) dad or a trusted adult – but of course, WHO do you trust if your own mother brushes it off? This makes me sad. Hope all is well in your life now. You deserve good things after that

        • come on think about it some more. the methods you laid out are a shit ton more work than that actually needs to be done. And there is no pleasure you get from it, there is no ‘satisfaction’, the more you keep doing it, it just becomes a compulsive need. it’s work, and if you already know what type and putting yourself on the line, then you would still be doing it. where would you get the tools, the equipment necessary to lift a “55 gallon drum barrel filled with concrete”? not doubting you, but all of which you have described not even Jeffery Dahmer would do. your morality will play as your biggest downfall when you see people killing strictly because it’s business. when you go into a place like Brazil where you don’t know who’s a possible homicidal sociopath, how could you tell who will turn on you with any possible means to kill and when? when you go into a prison surrounded by hundreds of other inmates looking for respect having done the same but worse, tell me then would you be so reluctant to kill any of those child molesters, rapists and serial killers – all of which could be in gangs? reality isn’t as easy going, and if your ‘forgotten’ or people just plainly don’t care about you, yeah you can get away with shit, but that just make you an even bigger target for those that want to kill. because you know, no one will come looking for you. will you hide, fight, run – those are the basic responses that humans will turn towards when cornered. i can go into detail like you can, but that wouldn’t prove anything now would it?

  6. @toecutter, Yes, that kind of scenario has occurred to me, not specifically that one, but yeah, that’s very true. I try to cover every possible direction my actions could take me before I do it. Will I succeed with this person, or are they more fucked in the head than I am? And what do I think they are capable of? Will I let my anger get the best of me, or will I remain level headed?
    I think about something and imagine every way it could, or would go off track. Then I back up to a certain place that seems I would have complete control again and go a different direction and so on and so forth.
    To me it’s like Stephen Hawkings time and space theory, you need three points in an area of something and connect them together to come up with the right ending destination. That’s not the full theory, but it’s the basis of it.

      • @eyez2die4, Thank you. Since I was a kid I’ve alway seen things differently than others. My maternal grandfather would have German sayings and idioms like, “You have tomatoes on your eyes.” (you are so oblivious to the real world), “Leave the church in the village.” (don’t get carried away), “Look before you leap.” and my favorite, “The devil is in the details.” He had sayings for every situation. They stuck with me all my life.

  7. @devileena, I know how you feel. For me it was my sperm donor. But my mom wasn’t around to know, (and never will). They separated when I was 7. He made sure she wasn’t there to stop him and had to have supervised visits. That’s another long story though. My “I would have” post was my plan for his faggot ass. Unfortunately, for me he died a few months ago from diabetes, so it will remain a fantasy.
    On the bright side, he lost a leg, went blind and died a slow death. After he went blind, he couldn’t drive and had no way to the store, he lived in the middle of nowhere and his neighbors would take him when he’d ask, but he was one of those proud people who didn’t ask unless absolutely necessary and was a bastard to them, so they eventually quit.
    His diabetic complications got worse from not eating the properly, he would have to eat rotten food, garbage and slowly starved. Hahaha. I would have liked to watched.
    The most pleasure I got was from being told by his neighbor that found him living in filth just before he died, that he was crying for me on his deathbed and how he wished he could’ve changed things. Awe, poor fucking baby. I love knowing my not being there made his death more sad and miserable.

    • @havojhej put a smile on my dial..I so hope his eternity of his soul is spent hearing how pathetic his tears were. Even in his death it was about his fuck he thought just because he was scared shitless & knew he was crossing over as a whore to Lucifers legions…he will feel every pain he provided you with.
      His orifices will but impaled regularly with what every seems fitting..each thrust will make him bleed thru his blinded eyes & his guts will churn & start STRANGLING them selves out of pain as the faces of his rapists are purposely introduced to him before the onslaught…& the FACE IS YOURS.
      he will never ever ever escape his choice.

  8. @necropheliacspatt, Like I told @devileena, that was my plan for my sperm donor. Everything in my plan was to inflict as much suffering as possible on him to make up for what he done to my family and I.
    Yes, it would have been purely for my pleasure. The satisfaction would have come from it’s screams of physical and mental anguish. Also from it’s pleading and begging for mercy, much like I used to when I was a kid. All of this needed to be done to it.
    I don’t argue about it becoming a compulsion, it would have been my compulsion to make it suffer as much as humanly possible.
    The only people I want to repay are the ones who hurt my family and I. They each have their own special punishment layed out in my mind and the retribution specifically fits each crime.
    I have all the tools I mentioned, (in both posts I put on RGM and bg. I broke up what I wanted to do to it into two different posts. Originally, they were one in the same plan. Like I said, the punishment must fit the crime.) including the 55 gallon drum.
    I got some of these toys just for the plan. Like my pontoon boat out in the boathouse, I would just put the empty drum on it, put what’s left of it’s corpse inside and fill it up with concrete. Then leave it on the boat in the boathouse until it cures and then go for a cruise on the lake. All I would have to do, is just roll it off the side.
    As for my morality, it’s part of my morals to hurt those who hurt others just because they’re bigger and stronger than their victim. My only downfall would be if I didn’t clearly think it through, from every possible angle and let my rage get the best of me. Like the old adage says, “If fail to plan, you plan to fail.”
    I have no plans to go to Brazil, or any other country for that matter.
    As for prison, thanks to the American judicial system, I would be in solitary confinement, 23 hours a day on death row with 3 hots and a cot. They wouldn’t put someone like me in general population with the “gangsta’s” and wannabes. They are the prison system’s bread and butter, they are worth approximately $32,000 a year per inmate in to the penitentiary. So, the prison system puts people like me in solitary confinement partially for this reason. They don’t want to lose all that money.
    Every time we step out our doors, we are all target for a psychopathic murderer that just wants to kill indiscriminately, everyday of our lives. And if you’re like me, you look at everybody as your enemy and try to be prepared for the unseen dangers that lurk around every corner of our lives. Besides, I’m one of those people who don’t go anywhere, except work, the stores and the library. Yes, I know there could be a killer out there to get me, but everybody else on this planet have the same threat. I do it without fear. I have no qualms about dying, when it’s my time, it’s just my time to escape this wretched hell called life.

  9. Dear all..
    Im touched that you guys can see when wrong has been done..
    I think I’m well adjusted..
    Im not a whore..
    Im not a drug/alcohol fucked bit of flesh.
    I don’t do friends.
    Have a fuck buddy but no partner.
    I have raised to fab boys.
    I work in child & youth services.
    I care for kids that have been neglected,abused & removed from their parents.
    I must say I’m a cold person for adults..but kids I live for..
    My best mate is my dog..
    But THANKS for the mention peeps.?

  10. Wtf is wrong with you people, I so believe if a molester and child killer is taken out by citizens that should be a pat on the back and let go with NO punishment at all, the way I look at it is cleaning up the trash and making a better world to live in, but that will never happen that would be a fairy tale called “The world is a perfect beautiful place” nope, the only thing that would be true in that tale is, “THE END”, we do have that.

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