Accident in China Leaves Woman with Some Extreme Flexibility in the Leg

Accident in China Leaves Woman with Some Extreme Flexibility in the Leg

A road accident in China left a woman severely injured with an open leg fracture causing her to have some amazing new flexibility in her right leg. No real info on the cause of the accident or the ultimate fate of the woman but if she got help before bleeding out, she might not ever walk right on the leg again. We actually see a woman with the victim, expressing what might be considered concern for the poor victim. Given what we’ve seen from the Chinese in their utter complacency towards others, I can only assume that this woman knows the victim in some way.

Interestingly, RGM member @theluvmuscle found an article explaining the cold, indifferent nature of the Chinese towards their countrymen. Worth a read for some added insight. Check it out here.

And mad props to RGM member, @mrspink for the video.

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53 thoughts on “Accident in China Leaves Woman with Some Extreme Flexibility in the Leg

  1. I would sure be quick to stop and help a lady that could put her leg like that. Speaking of help. Dear Administrators. Did you know that a new version of WordPress is available? WordPress 4.61, or something like that. When I logged in they said to mention it. This has been a public service announcement. 🙂

  2. Holy shit! If any of you ever find me in that kind of pain you have my permission to knock me the fuck out. Just be sure you can do it with one punch….without breaking my skull….or any teeth. 😉

  3. Unfortunately @theluvmuscle this link is a bit late lol I’ve been trying to educate retards on the other site about why people just walk around injured people in other countries. And in a country where you’re already poor, some fucktard is gonna sue you for helping him or her. Fuck that. I’ll keep walking. Maybe Shoot a video for rigoremortis. And you if can’t pay you go to jail, and we’ve seen what jails in these countries are like. So do you blame them? And they learned this mentality from the good ol’ USA! Suing doctors, practitioners and regular citizens that want to help you in time of need.
    That’s why I’m Russia a lot of cars now have dash cams so save your ass from these fucken scam artists.

    • Oh, jeez. Sorry. I’ll ask the mods if they may want to delete it then. I didn’t post it. Maybe whoever did thought that some people here might have an interest and would like to read a detailed article and posted it without knowing of your work on the other site…Lol

        • Well, if I misunderstood, I understand, but we are not here to shut other people down for posting, commenting or contributing. It felt like I was being shut down… And what is the hurt or the wrong in being too late with anything here. It is all interesting info any of us provides here and if someone finds it worthwhile to read, then so be it. I have also been to the Philippines twice, Kenya, Nicaragua and Mexico, among others. I’m not oblivious to less or more developed places.

      • Lol sorry @theluvmuscle
        I meant it sarcastically. The link might help educate others, since it’s coming from a more liked member, unlike me, they just keep scrolling down at my rants lol 😆😆😆

        • Hi @elmaspison. I must have my sarcasm detector off today, Sorry as well . But it did bring up a good point that you and I and all of the others here are hopefully helping get this place up and running with what we can contribute here. I’ve been having a fun time looking into the deep reaches of the web and trying to pull out some good stuff for RGM. I never did contribute anything to the other site. It wasn’t worth it to me. But being sort of the “Plank Owners” that we are here, I find it worthwhile. I like you… Don’t cry. 😉 I think you are liked as much as anyone else here. I like everyone here. Except for the “Unmentionable” hiding, lurker.

        • Thanks dude @theluvmuscle
          I’m glad you’ve taken the time to explore the world and see it for its true beauty and not that of the retarded humans that live in it acting wild.

          we have a been attracting the good and the bad. I hope we don’t get the same label as those other retards from the pedophile site.
          We have a lot of lurkers now lol

          • Hi @elmaspison… In what language is that? I speak some spanish, but have no grasp on what language that is.
            And, never forget, “The Dude abides”. You seem like a pretty cool ‘Dude’. That was a damned good movie for some laughs.

          • Ps. The translation you describe leaves a huge, gaping hole in understanding the meaning of the word…Or the the phrase…Anywhere from “biggest fucker” to “Largest asshole” and on to a Prostitute. Maybe something like “Puta / Puto” en espanol? Or, ‘Pinche Cabron”? 😉

          • @theluvmuscle it’s like slang. Pisar is stepping, and depending on how you use it. It could be interpreted as stepping over bitches to fuck them, so I’m an asshole for that. Stepping over other guys to fuck their bitches and so on. It’s a male whore description. “That guy is the biggest slut I know” “ese loco es el más pison que yo conozco”

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