Self Mutilation Aggravated by Depression and Alcholism

Self Mutilation Aggravated by Depression and Alcholism

Stacie here with my recent first day on period pics. Hahaha just kidding, guys. Lol. Anyway…

Our exclusive content today is from our user, @blayvier. He has shared with us a personal gallery of his friend who went through self-mutilation, alcoholism and depression. Fortunately for @blayvier’s friend, he got the chance to sober up and is presently doing all right.

Alcohol is great for you. Nah, just kidding. Long term, heavy consumption leads to dire consequences later in life. I get that it has it perks but I can say that it has more cons than it has pros. Liver damage, cognitive malfunctioning, substance-abuse related disorders are some of the things I can think of that Mr. Booze can bring. Not to mention that you end up affecting people’s lives negatively aside from yours.

Alcohol is depression’s best friend. My first bout with alcohol was when I was a teenager. It did spiral out of control for me until I became an alcoholic at 13. I have to be honest that half of it were the best times of my life because no great story begins with drinking milk and half of it were bad because I had problems in school, behavior and well, the law. I wouldn’t go into great detail but I’ve been 93% sober for two years and life is not any better when sober. It’s hard to adult. Anyway, I still am glad I fished myself out of something bad rather than ending my existence like what happened to Bon Scott, lead singer of the Aussie rock band, AC/DC. I do kind of miss it sometimes but I don’t think there’s much of a choice for me because if I have to pick between my family, friends and loved one over alcohol, you can bet your right ass cheek that I’d pick them over anything (including a marriage proposal from Ice Cube) any day.

So before you chug that liter of vodka, think about going to class or work with a terrible hangover. It’s a pain in the ass and definitely not worth it.

‘Moderation is the key to success.’ – Manly Palmer Hall

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37 thoughts on “Self Mutilation Aggravated by Depression and Alcholism

  1. Alcohol is and isn’t my best friend…I get the struggle!!.. Tiz daily here as well!.. ✊STAY STRONG!✊

    Nice pics! Thank you for sharing!! It’s not easy exposingsoneself here, or anywhere ..many kudos!!..Whoever stitched them up,is a pro btw!!.❤

  2. In my second attempt, I tried the Bon Scott way, but I just ended up in the hospital with vomit in my lungs and alcohol poisoning.
    Also as a parting gift, I won a trip to a shrink that could do nothing for me. Except let me know I’m a sociopath with suicidal tendencies.
    Really? No shit, bitch.

  3. Great Post, @staciejaxx! And thanks for sharing these images @blayvier, I hope your friend gets better. I was an alcoholic and did something similar. Earned me a two week stay in the psych ward. Been sober over 8 years now and I’ll tell you, I don’t regret it at all. I’ve battled that monster called addiction and won. Some days it tries to come back to me, I’ll freely admit it, but I wont ever let it out of “the basement” again.

  4. Thank you for sharing. I’ve been dealing with alcohol addiction for quite a few years now. I’ll quit for a few months here and there and then my drinking will start up again. I also suffer from PTSD and depression, so they kind of feed off each other and make things worse with the drinking. I recently fell off the wagon after almost a year clean and sober, and I’ve really been trying not to beat myself up too much over it. It’s tough to go all that time clean just to have to start all over again, ya know? I’m sad that I fell, which makes me want to start hitting the bottle even more. It’s a vicious cycle, and it sucks! Anyhoo, I’m done ranting now. I miss not having these kinds of posts anymore “over there”…

  5. Alchohal is a bitch. Addiction has destroyed my family and freinds multiple times. I hope your freind pulls through. Many people dont/cant comprehend or understand what addiction is like. The way it undermines and destroys is a poisen like no other. I was never much of a drinker, in case yall havnt noticed.

  6. Congrats to everyone who has been able to stay sober!!! There are so many different type of addiction but all of them can kill and hurt the ones you love. Even when you beat it, it’s always there…waiting, but that’s when you gotta be strong for yourself and for family and friends.

  7. “no great story begins with drinking milk”

    That’s a lie and I’m afraid I’m going to have to call you out on it, Stacie! How else can you make your friend laugh such that milk shoots out of his or her nose without drinking it first? 😛

  8. Thank you everyone for your kind words! ^^^ He is currently still sober and we got him a place, outta his environment to get his head straight. He was to the point that without booze, he wasn’t or couldn’t function normally. He truly went from a strong, intelligent man; to a broken down recluse, over the years. It was so sad to see him in such a dark place, and wouldn’t except help or treatment. A lot more to the story anyhow, He won’t comment, however, I sent him a link to the post earlier and he truly appreciates the support..

    Thanks for doing a post on this @staciejaxx! It was very well written!! I know the gore was mild at best, but it opened up the opportunity for people to share their story’s. That’s important, especially among friends!

    ^^^Everyone fighting addiction, take it one day at a time!! If you ever need someone to talk to, on a bad day or whenever shoot me a message, I’d gladly give you my number so we can talk it out together! 😃😃

  9. Wow, this is some really fucked up shit right here. You come to a website to see death, gore and human suffering only to have your eyes opened by more genuine compassion in the virtual world than you can ever find in the real world.

    You find broken, abused and people with more baggage than the Hilton’s coming together trying to help their fellow riGOREmorticians through their personal hell. All the while putting their own problems aside. You have @blayvier, a complete stranger, (to myself and others), offer his phone number and an ear without wanting, or expecting anything in return. That’s an astounding concept for me to grasp.

    I’m not an emotional or sensitive person and it’s difficult for me to express these things, but Thank You and I appreciate it. The same goes for me, if anybody wants to chat, I’m a straight to the point type of person. I won’t bullshit you, or sugar coat anything, because really,who wants that. I’m emotionless and unbiased. We all know the truth hurts and anything less is insincere. I’ll listen and try to help also. I’m sorry, I’ve never been a phone person, but we can chat in private.

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