Man’s Head Crushed Between Huge Rocks

Man's Head Crushed Between Huge Rocks

Do you know that sound when you crack a nut (the nuts that you chew on, not the ones that dangle) and there’s just this cracking sound that goes crrrrrrrrraaaack! I really think that’s what happened here.

He kinda looks Asian, doesn’t he? Well, I’m pretty much just left about what I think happened because we ain’t got no back story or other info on this folks other than this happened earlier this year. How early? I can pull something outta my ass and say oh this happened somewhere in February but I don’t exactly make bullshit happen. I’m confident, however, in the theory that the rocks have something against this man which led to his demise. I don’t blame the rocks. When I sometimes am pissed at some people, especially those who continually ignore me, I often think of the best and dumbest way they can die, just like that game Dumb Ways to Die.

Oh shit, we’re one day away from Friday! Yaaaay! Friday reminds me of Ice Cube. He’s so dreamy isn’t he? Ok. I’m gonna stop now.

@mrspink has been sending us a lot of shit. She deserves a huge round of applause!

Looks like someone is not getting an open casket funeral which really takes the ‘fun’ out of funerals.

P.S. This came with a second picture. I’m sorry about that.

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85 thoughts on “Man’s Head Crushed Between Huge Rocks

  1. *grabs nearest bottle of aspirin* what? This is for me not him! That kinda looks like a concrete slab that’s sometimes seen on the side of roads when there is a park butting up to the road. With the clothes he’s wearing the theory I’m pulling out of thin air is he could have been jogging along side and either maintenance neglect or a vehicle bumping it knocked it over? Like I said out of thin air on this one…..

  2. So he was rock climbing and one fell over and crushed him. It fell at the right angle to be propped up like that. So many questions still…was he just chilling taking pics with friends and one was on top of the huge rock and made it slip from its spot? Was he pushing on the rock just playing around then crunch?
    Thank you @mrspink for all the gore. Some of it really makes you think.

      • Didn’t he get a defective parachute from ACME once? Or he just used it wrong? You know, when he was falling into the mile deep canyon?
        I had a real Roadrunner living near my backyard when I was a kid. Looked just like the one in the cartoon. Not so many around any longer.

      • Sad thing is, most doggies are still loving and loyal even when the owner isn’t nice to them. That’s what makes it so fucked up when you see cruelty to animals. I used to swear that if I ever saw someone lighting a dog or cat on fire or using firecrackers on them that I would do the same thing to them…However long or hard it was to get it done.

        • My dog of 14 years with my family died recently. Shit cut my wife deeply. I sat with her (my dog) for hours till the, what is it? Agnal breathing started? The dying breath. I woke up my wife so she could be with her. I think the old girl new it cause she kinda tried to lift her head when I said my wife’s name. Really sad.

          • It really fucking sucks how fast they age. I’ve been lost without Brandi. My niece named her. I would like to go back to those days. She was spoiled, but she was my guardian. She had a “personallity” like no other dog I’ve been around. She’s going to be missed for as long as I live.

          • Yes..hate loosing a boy was 14yrs & he couldnt breath I have vet check him & out come not good..I didn’t want to let him go so got vet to give me something to keep him going for a boys & I were so sad that he needed to be put to in the week before he died we gave him all the stuff he love to eat & hang the calories..we also allowed people that new my besty to come & grieve & say good bye..both my boys & myself to him to the vet for the crappist moment of all “THE NEEDLE”
            Tears & sorrow engulf us as we saw his breath stop & his bladder release..we care fully wrap him up & bought him home..we allow are other dog to smell him before we layed him to rest.. he was my everything 😢

        • I know that feeling. I could kill a human to save a dog. I had a Rottweiler/ Husky mix that saved us from burning when my downstairs neighbor caught their apartment on fire. She had to bite me to wake me up. I was a deep sleeper before back then. She loved Wendy’s hamburgers. Then she tried to bite the cootchie of a girl a guy I knew tried to fix me up with. I sent her down the street. The bitch got pissed because I let Brandi, (my dog), chase her off. The cunt was NASTY, I found out later she had some fucked up STD. I think she saved my life twice from a shitty death.
          I don’t care about dying, but those are two way I could do without.

  3. im guessing from his clothes he was taking a jog and saw* some walls he thought would be cool to go by..or maybe he was one of those people that jump off shit and leap in the air and scale building and shit you know that free running shit you seen in that one modona music video.

    • @deathoverdue
      It is not as easy to get uncensored stuff from Thailand now because earlier this year the Thai government banned the sharing of these type of images. The banned only applies to the government run rescue group (Po-tech-teng) but it is the largest rescue group in Thailand. All the images now are from small organizations. More places are censoring their images, even Mexico is censoring that’s why most of the contents are from Brazil.

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