Brazilian Music Video of Teen Drug Trafficker Being Beheaded

Brazilian Music Video of Teen Drug Trafficker Being Beheaded

a 16-year-old drug trafficker identified as Israel Melo Junior (aka Juninho Nézo) was abducted and beheaded by rivals and his head was left in a shopping bag in the Jardim Paraíso neighborhood of North Joinville, state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. As per usual, the killers have difficulty in severing the head from the rest of the body. They also uploaded the video on social media while setting it to the tune of some very shitty music. Autopsy has determined Israel was subjected to much torture before being killed.

Props to Mrs. Motherfucking Pink!

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62 thoughts on “Brazilian Music Video of Teen Drug Trafficker Being Beheaded

  1. I’ll never understand the point of chopping the head off a corpse….I can’t imagine there’s any thrill in it, and it certainly doesn’t cause any fear. Why would I be afraid of getting my head removed AFTER I’m dead 😆

  2. Ladies and Gentleman, @mrspink presents… the Brazilian ISIS wannabes! 😆

    Hell, i wouldnt never hire that guy to even chop wood if he cant even strike a still neck infront of him… 😐 But putting that asside, i believe that the greatest insult was not the beheading of that waste of oxygen anyways… was the fact that they placed his head inside a fucking pink bag… 😆

  3. Why is it when someone is going to do a beheading they get the dullest damn axe or knife. Anyone with common sense would be like, “hey imma cut this dudes head off, let me sharpen this”. Oh how I love the hard asses who don’t care about law and not afraid to kill someone yet won’t show their faces. Maybe it’s just me but if imma go all out and murder people and just plain don’t give a fuck anymore, then I want people to see my face. Know my face, know what I’m capable of. I also want someone to make a creepy nursery rhyme about me. Nightmare worthy.

    • @eyez2die4, How does this sound?
      She took her little axe and chopped off some guy’s limbs and head
      You could see the joy in her smile because she was covered all in red
      She sliced open his torso and let his intestines fall on to the floor
      She she giggled with delight as she imagined she was letting his spirit soar
      She cut out his heart and
      squeezed every drop of blood in her hand
      She wrote on the wall that she will spread her madness across the land
      With her eyes to die for she’s always looking
      another new friend
      Her beauty is the lure and she will bring you to a
      violent and gruesome end.

        • @eyez2die4, I wrote it to the tune of Alice Cooper’s song Gail. I know that’s not very original, but my lyrics are. Listen to it on YouTube, then keep the song in your head and read it again for maximum creep factor. That’s why I love the Harpsichord. Then let me know if it’s creepier. And sweet nightmares tonight.

          • @havohej I put the lyrics to the song and damn…..just damn that was amazing!!!! Imma see if I can have someone put the 2 together I absolutely loved it so much. Thank you so much. I seriously can’t thank you enough. Imma learn the lyrics so I can sing it all day and night. This is nightmare worthy. I’m still in shock and amazement at how creepy it sounded together. Alice Cooper is awesome too I love that song just on its own. Lol when I was younger I had no clue what the meaning of the song was lol.

          • @eyez2die4, If you write it down, there are two edits that need to be made: 1. It’s supposed to be, “She giggled with delight” For some reason I didn’t notice the two shes. And 2. after “With her eyes to die for, she’s always looking for another new friend.” I don’t know how I missed the for in that mistake either. I guess it’s because this is my first time writing something like this in a public forum. Also my first time writing for someone I don’t know. By the way, you can name it, since it’s yours.

  4. @grimcompanion, Fucking A, man! It’s a badass song. I mean what’s not to like about it with lyrics like
    “The sky rained fire and the seas turned red with blood.” And “Nail them to the cross, witness earth become hell.”
    I wish my car was out of the shop, I would put the top down and crank it up in this fucking Christian/Jew neighborhood, just to piss them off. Not only is it the music that I like, but the lyrics reach me on the darkest of levels.

    • @grimcompanion, If you want to see a glimpse of how twisted I am and why I can dig the lyrics, you should go to the other site and look up “Moroccan Father Films Himself Brutally Abusing His Sons In Multiple Ways”. In response to Pappardello’s stupid coment. Now it’s at the bottom of the first page. I would love to make my threat come true.

      • Brutal. I can’t say Pappardello doesn’t deserve it. It’s funny when bad things happen to stupid people.

        If you like Infant Annihilator, check out Black Tongue. BT has several of the same members as IA, and they’re the musical equivalent of being slowly crushed to death in a deep, dark pit 😀

          • @grimcompanion, Have you ever listened to Premature Burial? My favorite is an oldie, but a goodie, “Electrocution”. I seen them perform live with in a bar down in Parkersburg, Wv. in 2007. Another band I listen to is Grave. They made a cover of “Them Bones” by Alice In Chains. I’m not much for covers, but it’s on my favorite list too.

          • @havohej Never heard of them, but I’ll check all that out when I can. Now that we’re headed towards fall and winter, I want darker and darker music.

            I should mention Agalloch. They weren’t as brutal and heavy as IA or BT, but still very dark and my favorite band of all time. The song “In the Shadow of Our Pale Companion” was what inspired my username.

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