Hair Dresser Found Dead in His Apartment

Hair Dresser Found Dead in His Apartment

Good morning gore fiends! How’d you like to wake up next to this guy? A man identified as 45-year-old Ailton José da Silva was found dead in his apartment in the city of Aliança, state of Pernambuco, Brazil, on the morning of Saturday, September 3rd. Police were called to the residence by neighbors where they discovered the body, which was face down and naked with a cord wrapped around it’s neck.

Looks a tad suspicious, doesn’t it? Well, maybe he just had some shitty luck and got stuck trying to untangle it? I know I hate when I get cords tangled. Especially around my neck…when I’m naked…on my bed…

Props to @mrspink for the hookup.

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71 thoughts on “Hair Dresser Found Dead in His Apartment

  1. Necklace broke, drawers look rummaged, wallet, as @der mentioned the core in his mouth, wounds on the neck under the cord, all kind of point to this not being an accident. Oh and he’s a Da Silva can’t forget that 😉

          • @eyez2die4 haha alright time to come clean…believe it or not I don’t drink or smoke pot, nothing. You’d think by all of my airheaded weird ass comments that I must be high 24/7 😂 but nope I’m sober. I certainly don’t need any additional help on interfering with my brain activity. I do have to take narcotic pain medication for a disability I have. Also I just took something called triazolam. It’s taken me almost 5 minutes just to write this. So looped right now.😙

          • @trainwreck, no worries Hun iv got pain killers too!!! Alright new plan, we take the pain killers and get loopy, then we go into a crime scene and how ever long it takes us to find the body on the bed then so be it lol

          • @eyez2die4 Omg i love you that was fucking funny.

            I got up too late today. Last night I think I tried being on here, cleaned I think, but thankfully woke up on my bed instead of outside on my patio.

          • @trainwreck lol, hey we have all woken up in strange places before lol. So definitely no judgement there lol I love how you ‘think’ you cleaned and tried to type loopy lol. Do you ever get that floating feeling when your meds kick in? I love that feeling it helps me get shit done around the house and school work with my son isn’t as bad lol .

          • @eyez2die4 I do love that feeling. My meds are long acting so it’s great to have it. But I’ve been on it for such a long time that I’ve have had to work through the exhaustion it can leave you with. Pros and cons. My son gets alighting irritated with me when I first take at and the first hour or so because I’m so stuck on stupid that he just ends up talking to himself

          • @trainwreck, my son tries to be sneaky and get me to sleep. I’m his homeschool teacher so if I’m sleeping he doesn’t have to do school work. He has free roam to do as he pleases and play video games. He does help me though when I’m having a spams so I can’t get to mad at him. Besides we were all kids once and hated school lol. Your absolutely right there are pros and cons to taking medication. Unfortunately not much we can do about it.

  2. Lolz…ACTUALLY OBLI!?!…I hate when my cords get tangled, while I’m naked on my bed!! Tiz hella annoying, especially right when your there,and that happens…You must think,breathe&fix this shit, or bust, breathe and fix this shit, or bust…smfh…..Though maybe this guy’s night, ISN’T AS exciting as my many nights??… You never know though….He’s a De Silva,Da Silva, wtfever the prefix to the Silva part may be, if you got Silva in your name somewhere,you’re probably going to die a horrifically GOREGEOUS death, that WE all would like to see!…

    Thank you @[email protected] for the great post! ❤

  3. homosexuals are discusting critters.always up to some freaky shit,i nearly got fucked in the ass by one before, i hit him a punch in the jaw,just because your giving me head dont mean shit,taking libertys the degenerate was,tryed to slip me the dick he did,i was having none of that shit,so i blew my load and got the fuck out of there.

  4. @trainwreck & @eyez2die4– My current hypothesis is that he wasn’t alone….or was he?
    But, we can all see that da Silva was the Catcher and the Catcher needs a Pitcher, especially on a Team that swing their bats the wrong way. Unless the Catcher slid in and stole the Pitcher’s position on the mound, then Pitcher became the Catcher, then the Pitcher must have been ejected from the game. Nobody knows what’s really going on here. You need a scorecard for these situations.
    Fucking shit! I just realized we don’t even know if any Juan is on first, maybe he hit a home run and made it all the way home.

  5. My theory is that he brought a trick home who saw his cash tips. The trick then told this ugly dude to get naked, close his eyes and open his mouth wide for a *big* surprise. Then trick strangled that dude with the nearest thing he could find – the cord. He did it so fast that fugly still had his mouth wide open, hence the cord around his jaw. Then trick thought to himself, well he’s dead anyway, let me see what else there is to take, hence the messy ass place. OR fugly was just really bad at autoerotic asphyxiation.

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