Another Brutal Death Brought to You by Electricity

Another Brutal Death Brought to You by Electricity

Hey, remember this guy? Well, we found his brother. Man here was burnt to a crisp after being electrocuted. Face burnt beyond recognition. No other info but another brutal reminder of the power of electricity.

Mad props once again to @theluvmuscle

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51 thoughts on “Another Brutal Death Brought to You by Electricity

        • Ha-ha! “Electricity shall pass through your body until you are dead.” said the executioner. I wikied electric power transmission and there was all kinds of crap that made my eyes glaze over, like algebraic equations to calculate how much power drops over a distance. I’m glad I’m not a ‘lectical engineer. I thought the step down on lines running through the ‘hood was from 2,200v but is actually 13,800v, damn! But then a spark plug is way above that as I have felt.

          • Well i studied both electronics for 3 years and 1 year of industrial electricity, so i can still remember some stuff from that. I remembered that we had to calculate one section of a powerline core to measure its impedance and throught that measuring the attenuation of electricity over distance to apply repetitors to avoid power loss without considering the dissipation by air… πŸ˜† Just measuring how much a transistor would bare on its collector “leg” it would take a couple of sheets and a graphic to calculate… ugh… i dont miss those days… I might post a pic of my books to prove that im not bullshitting you on that… πŸ˜†

            Aaaaaanyways… From what i can tell on the image he seems to be on top of a (reduction) substation (dunno the exact names in english) that reduces and distributes electricity for neighborhood powerlines for home use (usually 380V for RST Phase line configuration before being delivered with a neutral line for homes (120-220V)). Now it depends on which side he was standing… before the substation lines… or after… πŸ˜›

    • High voltage electricity, without an insulator will ark out at you. I know a guy working on 3 phase stuff, that got his elbow blown out, because his work space wasn’t properly grounded. Path of least resistance and all that. With high line electric, you need more than some rubber gloves and a prayer.

      • Yeah but thats if you work before the insulator connection, the circuit after the insulator is perfectly safe under nominal safety standards. If he dares to touch the lower circuit and approach with his hand on the top part of the insulator, the electricity will see it as a way of lesser resistence and arc straight through his arms.

      • There was a news van crew a few years ago that raised the satellite dish mast while not realizing they were under some power lines. Well the reporter-ette stepped out of the van and lost her arm and her leg. That’s the power.

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