78 Year Old Construction Worker Flattened by Excavator in China

78 Year Old Construction Worker Flattened by Excavator in China

A 78-year-old construction worker was killed by a coworker after a dispute over a job back on June 26th, 2016 in Chetianwan village, Zhongfeng town, in Ziyuan county, China. The victim, identified as Wang Qingbo was observed arguing with Cheng Yuhong who works for a different construction company. The two companies both claimed to have a contract for work on the site and this lead to a heated argument. Wang’s son drove his own excavator to the site in an attempt to beat out the other company by getting their equipment on site first which resulted in Cheng jumping into the excavator and backing it up with the intent of moving it off the site. Wang stood defiantly in an attempt to stop him from moving. But Cheng continued to back up, rolling over Wang. Cheng fled the scene but later turned himself in to authorities.

Looks like Cheng didn’t have his morning pancakes, so decided to make his own at work.

Props to @theluvmuscle.

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65 thoughts on “78 Year Old Construction Worker Flattened by Excavator in China

  1. Omg funny👏…@harumph..well scripture says we came from the dirt..well guess he was reenacting the rise & squash of man kind..oh were where the flip flops man.
    Or was it KIMJUNGFUCKNUTS..or how ever you spell it firing ballistic missile that went astray & flattened this dude.

  2. 78 and on a building site,whats the motivation at that age,he should of been at home living the good life,eating,shitting,pissing in the bed and getting others to clean it up,i cant waite for that,im going to eat extra smelly food and drink more.

  3. I wonder if its the company’s intention to see who would dedicate the most about that contract… 😆 Hell, we cant have good old duels like back in the day, so now we have “disputes” for a fucking contract… I just wonder where was the company’s Caesar sitting to give the winner a thumbs up or down after the “dispute”.

  4. I wonder at what point Wang realized Cheng wasn’t fucking around…..Man, that took a whole lotta guts to stand in front of that excavator like that! I really thought the effects would be a little more like “the man destroyed in the road accident”….I figured there’d be a lot more ejaculated intestines for a man with so much “guts”… see what i did there 😉

  5. The way his legs and feet are positioned tells me, he was standing in front of the thing, his foot got caught from the guy inching up. Clearly he was trying to get away. I can just picture the driver listening to his screams saying, “snatch the fucks outta my hand, young grasshopper”! Straight savage!!

  6. Wow, it’s Tiananmen Square all over again. I mean, if Chinese people are supposed to be so fucking smart, then why in the hell do they keep standing in front of huge machines with tracks on them? The babbling old fart probably forgot what happened back in 1989. Alzheimer’s is a bitch.
    Humans are ignorant, they keep repeating history over and over again. I’m suprised we, as a species have made it this far without going extinct.
    “Doomed! Doomed! We are all doomed I tell you.”

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