Man Destroyed in Road Accident

Man Destroyed in Road Accident

No info availble but it appears to be from a South East Asian country. A man was involved in an accident which reduced him to a mangled, shredded mess on the road. Good old fashioned street pizza, come on up and get it while it’s hot.

Props to @elmaspison for the video.

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          • @trainwreck, I don’t want to seem like a “know-it-all”, but the small intestines are used as the casing, usually a sheep’s.
            In this case, we have 23 feet of human’s small intestine to work with. But, we could use his skin as the packaging. If you have some Scottish blood in you, we could make some Human Haggis with the left overs.

          • @havohej Oh no seriously it’s ok. I totally spaced that’s what they use for casing. Be a know it all I’m cool with that. I’m good on the haggis though. The one thing I could never stomach was intestinal meals. Although I do still love chicken gizzards..fried so fucking yummy. But liver, heart, intestines etc no, especially liver.

            I sometimes get so preoccupied with everything happening around me and I feel silly for forgetting that. I am still one of the smartest airheads I know 😂

          • @trainwreck, That’s interesting, I work with a Lithuanian guy, he’s nice on a good day and a dick on bad ones. (That’s why we get along so well.) But an all around good guy. I say it’s interesting because he likes to call people a train wreck when they do something stupid, or without thinking. I’m a mutt, Austrian, German, and Blackfoot on my mom’s side. And the other side is English, Irish, and Dutch.

          • @trainwreck, And a nut too. I do know what that’s like, my sperm donor always called me a mental midget. I don’t know why, I was alway mentally superior to him. I have hyperlexia and I’ve had a college reading level and understanding since the 4th grade. I guess it’s because I have an elementary school math comprehension level.

          • @havohej Baby, there are far more people than not that excel in English but are horrible at math and visa versa. And then of course there are people who excel at everything. Sometimes being isolated from your peers by choice, or by mental and social disability can be beneficial to your reading level because reading becomes your everything. Doesn’t help with math or science.

            Some people just can’t seem to get over their anger before adulthood arrives. Then they have children and that cycle continues. They just aren’t strong enough to become better. It’s never the child’s fault but they grow up thinking it was anyway. Such a selfish thing to do to a child.

          • @trainwreck, Books were my escape from reality. When shit would hit the fan, I would shut down a go deep in my mind and put myself in one of my favorite storys to not feel what was going on “outside”. When he found out I have dyscalculia, he would act like the little bastards I went to school with and ask me math equations that he knew I would never be able to answer. So then I would act stupid and ask what the definition of a word was I knew he didn’t know, boy did he get enraged and tell me to look it up. That’s when I’d tell him I didn’t need to and I already knew the answer. He would have to get a dictionary, (which he didn’t really know how to use) to make sure I was right. It might seem like I was instigating him, but I always knew when the hell was going to happen anyway.
            I’m glad I can’t have kids. I mean, I know I wouldn’t do the same things, but there’s always the fear in my mind that I could do something else. When I was a kid I would think, “I don’t want any children if this is how you’re supposed treat your kids as a parent.” So, like I said, I’m glad I can’t have any. It’s a shitty world too, I wouldn’t want them to deal with how cruel other kids are.

          • @havohej I usually rotate my device when that happens. Usually with any problem like that that’s what i do to correct it

            Let’s take this conversation into private or even public message

  1. That guy has my dream job. I would love to scrape and mop up mangled bloody messes like this. As long as I got to work alone.
    I loath working with other people, except the corpses, of course. But then, they’re not people to me anymore.
    Just inanimate objects. Also they can’t fucking talk all day long. There’s nothing more irksome than having to listen to someone’s face hole spewing noise pollution at me.

      • We’re still alive and kicking hun, so there’s that. The new lawn (gold glove bermudagrass grown from seed this spring) is thriving and should survive winter dormancy, so there’s that, too. We harvested about 200 super San Marzano tomatoes and $120 USD worth of Italian oregano and the sauces are in the freezer but for the quart we already ate. All in all, I can’t complain and am rather grateful for the health of everything during this unusually hot, dry summer, as well as for this wonderful place, reuniting with my long lost friends. I’m very glad this place was created and that I found it! 😉

        • Me too my friend!… mmm…id kill for some good homemade marinara right now!!… I haven’t tried eating yet….That would probably fuck me up right now anyways…..I’m glad alls well!!.. it’s been FOREVERsince I’ve gotten a chance to read something from you my friend!.. I’ve missed you! ❤

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