Man Crashes Motorcycle and Gets Impaled on Rebar

Man Crashes Motorcycle and Gets Impaled on Rebar

Good morning, sociopaths. Just dropping in quick to share this little bit of pain with you. Man crashed his motorcycle… nothing new there, right? But this dude decided to go above and beyond and impaled himself on rebar. His hand and legs getting the worst of it and it looks like his helmet might have actually saved his life, preventing the rebar from going through his head. He also lost his footwear, at least he wasn’t riding in flip flops.

Props to @theluvmuscle. Be careful on that morning commute, boys and gores.

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58 thoughts on “Man Crashes Motorcycle and Gets Impaled on Rebar

  1. As far as street bikes go, (crotch rockets), a 600cc bike is PLENTY, the guy in the above pic is on a Yamaha R1 (1000 cc bike). Also he looks to be at least within the town limits, so
    A. He lives in a populated area
    B. He commutes to work in a populated area on an over sized bike.
    So what is the point?
    I myself used to own a bigger bike like this, I live in the outskirts of a really small town, the country if you will. It was a waste, not saying this led to his demise, just making a point.

  2. This fucker is limp and dead with a lot of blood loss.
    He has at least 6 pieces impaling him.
    One piece of rebar pierced the left side of his ribs and protruding out the right of his back above the waist line, (hence the blood dripping down his left hand), the second coming out just above his pelvis, next to the bloody hand, (see how the back of his jeans looks like a tent?), a third just past his head, (going into his chest, possibly into his right lung), forth and fifth in his leg, (the jeans are twisted around his leg), and the sixth through his right hand. Maybe one more above his left shoulder, (the jacket looks like there’s one holding it off his body).

    Good job Vlad the Self Impaler.
    Your helmet was completely useless. You should’ve spent some money on the chest protector too.

  3. This is like a death you’d roll your eyes at in one of those shitty low budget “horror” movies. I just imagine him losing control of his motorcycle as he tries to escape the purricane (a hurricane made of cats – someone call Syfy!) Or maybe it was during an earthquack (earthquake caused by giant mutant ducks – don’t call Syfy about that one.)

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