Huge Head Crack Leaves Brain on Road

Huge Head Crack Leaves Brain on Road

Brutal head crack courtesy of a motorcycle crash left a man with his head cracked down the middle and his brain out on the road in pieces. No real info on this one other than the obvious. Talk about a splitting headache!

Props to RGM member @theluvmuscle for the image.

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66 thoughts on “Huge Head Crack Leaves Brain on Road

  1. You know, there was a story behind this picture, but, for whatever reason, this guy forgot all about it. Now it’s like a story book that got all shredded up and scrambled. Bacon would go well with this dish.

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      • It would make a good stir fry. Never heard of Marmite, but have heard of the Aussie Vegemite… A mostly yeasty concoction that makes a spread. But, I prefer Humus, the ground up Garbanzo beans with spices and especially with a good, spicy Salsa. I’ve been wondering how well a sort of Pesto and Humus concoction would go over. Like a Basil, Garlic and Garbanzo bean dip, with a little olive oil and a little Balsamic vinegar…Maybe throw in a little Bleu cheese for some tang and funk. Parmesan cheese too…Maybe.

        • It’s like vegemite but better, and what’s with the humus and garbanzo dip, we don’t eat stuff like that in little old England, it’s Yorkshire puddings and cups of tea my friend, your a little Gordon ramsey on the quiet really ha! Must be why you look good (for a senior gentleman like yourself) !!!

    • Yeah, arterial blood and veinous blood, with some Cerebral Spinal Fluid. It gets lumpy when the blood begins to coagulate with its clotting factors and begins to look like it is puddling up in layers atop one another. Amazing how much blood some people produce from their head injuries, like the heart keeps pumping it out. Makes me think about how the descriptions of battles with swords, axes and other cutting instruments in historical times were described as “rivers and pools of blood on the battlefield” and “turning rivers red” is more true than I ever imagined before viewing some of the stuff here.

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          • I started in on another rant but stopped myself this time. It happens when I’m on here. I’m really an ok person. What you see is exactly what you get. Btw I’m watching a show called ZNation it’s really stupid. Really really stupid

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