Ex-Con Murdered in Caruaru

Ex-Con Murdered in Caruaru

An ex-con identified as Merison dos Santos Silva was found shot to death outside his home in the São João da Escócia neighborhood of Caruaru, state of Pernambuco, Brazil. The murder occurred early in the morning on Sunday, September 4th, 2016.

Merison was shot in the hand and the base of the skull with a .38. The hand wound was defensive and as he tried to run, he was shot at the base of the skull. He had a prior for illegal possession of firearms.

No suspects in custody.

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35 thoughts on “Ex-Con Murdered in Caruaru

  1. I find death more fascinating than life itself for the simple fact that it is an unavoidable fate that comes in all sorts of ways. You can either have a sudden heart attack and almost painlessly fall to the side, or fall into a pit as you casually walk in a small village and starve to death while you scream in the darkness for help that never comes. Arthur Schopenhauer said that the purpose of life is death, but before it reaches us, we have the compulsory urge to leave behind other copies of ourselves, destined to the same end. Life is just an interruption that death gives us, one filled with disappointment, pain, misery and slavery disguised as freedom, and being a gnostic myself, I believe that that is an ongoing process that repeats itself endlessly (I do believe in reincarnation), one that can only be broken through asceticism, the abnegation of the physical world. A slow but necessary process.

    • I had some great philosophical conversations with Empty. We both had a similar, pessimistic outlook on life. From such pessimism, however, comes the greatest reflections, for they force us to see humanity’s vile, instinctual nature from an impartial viewpoint, thus enhancing our immunity to such negative influences. I believe that optimistic views only manage to retain ignorance, for they paint a world that doesn’t correspond to reality. People become defenseless against the viciousness of others, for they imagine in them qualities that hardly exist in a collective form. A few individuals can be altruistic, society as a whole can not, for it functions in a herd-like mentality that only seeks self-preservation. Some people are able to transcend such innate animalistic defects, most can’t, and proof of that are websites like this. We don’t need to go that far (extreme violence), we just have to look around us to see how egotistic people are. From our so called friends, to family, to partners, to co-workers; they surround us like zombies and sometimes seem unavoidable, sucking every bit of energy from us. Wonder why many people resort to alcohol or pot or any other drug? Well, because they have to deal with others, and that in itself is unbearable enough. Why do we, however, immerse ourselves in relationships we know, deep down, to be fake? To ease the pain of life, whilst obfuscating our clarity with false hopes and dreams that will only be frustrated? Accepting the harsh reality is the best thing one can do. We will never be negatively surprised if we accept the human condition, for we will be prepared for anything that comes.

      Hope you’re doing alright, Empty. You should make a return to the dark side.

  2. I have to say, the close up of him (2nd picture) is a awesome shot. The color of the blood and the clarity… Good picture. Well, it’s a bad picture… But good for the ones fascinated with this stuff… Whoever those sick fucks might be.. Hmmm lol.

  3. Hey we don’t know about you but we’re not fascinated… we are all lightworkers who are simply trying to know the darkness so as to be able to battle it because Darkness cannot exist in the presence of even one little light and of course we’re all interested and flip flop fashion at its finest

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