Motorcycle Accident Leaves Two Dead

Motorcycle Accident Leaves Two Dead

What’s up boys and gores? Getting a late start today but lets do this thing.

A couple on a motorcycle were killed when they collided head-on with a truck. According to information received but not yet confirmed, the couple the couple would be residents of the San Francisco district of the Southern Cross. Neither survived the impact and died of their injuries at the scene.

Thanks to RGM member, @elmaspison, for the images and story.

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42 thoughts on “Motorcycle Accident Leaves Two Dead

  1. Man when I die I hope I don’t look anything like the things I look at on this site. I dont want my body mangled but if it ever happens everyone I know how as strict instructions: take pictures of me and send it to I will go off my meds and make it gory when it’s my time.

      • @3rdirotten, I wouldn’t mind because I’m sure this site is gonna up for years so who knows I might be 60 and just wanna go. You are absolutely right about the not caring cuz your dead part lol might as well contribute to the site. But if I ever get posted up I’d want people to tell the dirtiest, raunchiest, filthiest jokes ever. I love to laugh and even if I’m dead I’d wanna be laughing.

  2. Nothing left of the bike. Even the rear rim has collapsed. I’d expect them to be dead with that amount of car hood deformity. Helmets can’t save ribs lodging into the heart or a break in the cervical spine at C1 or C2. God what a mess…

  3. Well it’s no wonder the girl died!!!! Some asshole put a bag over her head. It’s obvious she suffocated to death. Or maybe she was just really ugly. Either way, it’s kind of nice that they died together. They’ll never have to mourn the loss of the other. RIP.

  4. Ok, I think I figured this out….I think the husband had grown tired of the old “bag’s” cheating ways so that morning before heading to the market, he offered to let her drive (?) the bike while he sat behind her. Then while speeding down the highway, he pulled out the plastic bag and put it over her head to suffocate her but instead he caused her to lose control and crash into the truck! I don’t think he meant to kill himself in the process, but he obviously didn’t think that one all the way through. Either that or this was a rather elaborate murder/ suicide. Just a thought 😉

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